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PokerStars introduces their own talent show

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Posted on 21 September 2009 by "T".

A new TV show called "The Poker Star" was introduced by PokerStars a while ago. The show will be quite similar to the very popular "POP IDOL" where talented and not so talented musicians get to perform in front of a jury with the chance of winning a contract with a big record label. However, PokerStars are not interested in Musicians, but instead in talented poker players. The winner of "The Poker Star" will get $100,000 in prize money and also a sponsorship contract with PokerStars which includes free buy-ins to a load of WPT events.

Around 18,000 people have applied to be in PokerStars new TV show. Among them you will find everything from old and experienced players to beginners with lots of self-confidence. The most of the people that get to be in the show will be handpicked by no one else than Joe Hachem (2005 WSOP Champ). Joe Hachem, will also be the one who trains the winner of the TV-show.

The show has premier next Saturday in Australian television.


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16 comments on "PokerStars introduces their own talent show"

 Plexo21/09/2009 21:08:16 GMT
Great idea. I think that's why PokerStars is currently the leader when we talk about online poker sites. Great support, excellent traffic and pretty nice software.

Of course there also a lot of other good poker sites (I'm starting to love Mansion too) but, at least for me, Pokerstars is doing the things better right now.
 dlkiv21/09/2009 21:19:10 GMT
Would be interested to know if any BRM members tried out for this or applied??
 CiCoro22/09/2009 00:47:57 GMT
Fun! But is going to be a normal tournament or who advances? The one that plays interesting poker or the one who wins the tournament?
 Flangel22/09/2009 04:14:05 GMT
And why the fook Joe hachem?
He donked his way into Championship and is a tool.
Pfff They could have picked a better Pokerstars crewmember.

Liv ftw Heart
 xxxbchxxx22/09/2009 04:31:18 GMT
sounds good but is it still running?
 ih8usukouts22/09/2009 05:24:51 GMT
I think it was his "Ausie" chants and the "Pass the sugar" comments that made him get this job.
 Calmplay22/09/2009 06:34:39 GMT
Posted by Flangel:
And why the fook Joe hachem?

KidPoker would have been a better choice imo Cool
 Davoodoo22/09/2009 07:22:40 GMT

DAMN this show sounds boring ...
 globen22/09/2009 07:55:05 GMT
I dont think this is a very good show . BUt good luck. But i want to see only donkeys on the show
like me =)
 Fakiry22/09/2009 15:57:58 GMT
American tv shows are almost always something for european tv owners look for buying rights in the future. Perhaps portuguese producers go after this show. It would be nice to have the oportunity of playing for real against the best amateurs in order to reach a superior level. The guy who comes out winner from here will have a lot to do in the future in terms of poker. Im sure he will be invited for a lot of tourneys.
 B1gfoot22/09/2009 20:06:23 GMT
Intresting idea, but no doubt the best player there will get donked out and the whole thing won by a lucker, but handpicked, wouldent it be better to judge them??
As good as rigged to me.
 Sonny_Black22/09/2009 21:21:01 GMT
yeah and pretty rigged,uhm nuts never survive the river and aces preflop never win i mean the bad beats are speaking 4 themsefes Big Smile but i play there too but im tired of these bad beat wave
 SuperNoob25/09/2009 22:56:25 GMT
Well it looks like a pretty good promotion by pokerstars and a nice show to watch. but don't like this handpicked method of selecting players though
 joulukinkku30/09/2009 13:00:29 GMT
Very good idea to make up that kinda TV Show but I´m not sur if this gonna be the greatest... Hope it´s good but i´m little afraid for that
 xxxbchxxx01/10/2009 00:50:23 GMT
cool idea.. it will be a big publicity stunt i think.
Putting poker stars in the headlines can only be a good thing for poker stars and poker in general. but lets face it if the person is that good in the first place it gives them a stage to show it off..

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