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WPT Cyprus - Day 1a: John Tabatabai in the lead

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Posted on 07 September 2009 by "T".

WPT (WORLD POKER TOUR) Cyprus (BUY-IN - US$10,000 + US$300) started yesterday and is now over. Only 91 players signed up for Day 1a, which are quite few players to be any starting day of a WPT event. But most probably the other starting day will make up for it. Anyhow, 63 out of 91 players made it through to Day 2 of the tournament. John Tabatabai, is the one that accumulated the most chips in Day 1a. He will bring around 170,000 chips to Day 2. But, even though John Tabatabai is the chip leader, it wasn't he who got the most attention in Day 1a.

Layne "back-to-back" Flack, had more than 120k chips in less than 90 minutes, which is quite an impressive achievement. But Flack's luck ran out after a while and he ended the day on 5th place with 112k chips. Day 1b of the tournament has a very interesting starting field. Just to mention a few of the players that will play this day, Howard Lederer, Chris Furguson, Gus Hansen, Erik Lindgren and John Juanda


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9 comments on "WPT Cyprus - Day 1a: John Tabatabai in the lead"

 Fakiry07/09/2009 17:51:47 GMT
Sometimes i wonder how does some guys come to get 7k chips or 12k chips in just a few minutes of an online tourney if you only start with 1,500 (usually) and i get to think they make crazy all in's in the start so they can get well loaded stack and only after that they will play conciously, but i guess i am wrong. It has to be two or three very good followed hands, because a good player would never put his tourney at risk. By the way, nice field to day 2. Will Gus Hansen show his value here?
 Calmplay07/09/2009 19:30:32 GMT
Ah, a WPT event in Cyprus... Cool it's something new... it's the WORLD Poker Tour so its name itself say it, it's an event all around the world... very nice will indeed follow day2 as it's gonna be interesting.
 Plexo07/09/2009 23:09:00 GMT
I'll be waiting for the 2nd day report. Hope Lederer and Juanda show their talents.
 SuperNoob08/09/2009 07:03:41 GMT
120k chips in just 90 min, surely someone must have donked. btw less players for a wpt but they got some big names coming on day1b
 ih8usukouts08/09/2009 12:01:00 GMT
I wanted to go to there for a min vacation this year but never got the time. It would be awsome to go and play too
 Flangel08/09/2009 12:07:33 GMT
Posted by SuperNoob:
120k chips in just 90 min, surely someone must have donked. btw less players for a wpt but they got some big names coming on day1b

If u get 120K chips in 90 minutes, u just ran hotter than the sun. U prolly hit every str8 flush and set .

But it's allround proven, early chipleaders are rarely first place finishers. (Let's hope i am wrong in this case then)
Handling a Bigstack is not as easy as it looks like. Since most of the players make more marginal calls
Events like WPT , EPT etc are not sprints, but marathons.

Liv ftw Heart
 PokerJosh08/09/2009 16:46:00 GMT
like Flangel said, hope he can handle that stack

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