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And the 2010 Poker Hall of Fame inductees are...

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Posted on 19 October 2010 by "T".

Mike Sexton was the only person to get inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame last year. This year, 10 players players were nominated and 2 of them were chosen by the 16 living hall of fame members and a selected group of media members based upon five criteria:


  • A player must have played poker against acknowledged top competition
  • Played for high stakes
  • Played consistently well, gaining the respect of peers
  • Stood the test of time
  • Or, for non-players, contributed to the overall growth and success of the game of poker, with indelible positive and lasting results.

Dan Harrington (left) and Erik Seidel (right) are the names of the new Hall of Fame members. Both of them started off as tournament backgammon players before getting into the poker scene. The list with tournament results and how they have contributed to poker can be made very long. It must be a great feeling for both of them to be the 2 elected players from a nominee list that included: Chris Ferguson, Tom McEvoy, Scotty Nguyen, Jennifer Harman-Traniello, Linda Johnson, Phil Ivey, Daniel Negreanu and Barry Greenstein.

"I'm very honored to be elected to the Poker Hall of Fame this year and it's an extra bonus for me to be going in with Dan Harrington," said Seidel. "We have played together and have been great friends for my entire poker career. Both of us refined our games at the Mayfair Club in New York. I have such a high regard for the many members of the Poker Hall of Fame that I have played with over the years and it's a real privilege to be able to join them."


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11 comments on "And the 2010 Poker Hall of Fame inductees are..."

 C55L19/10/2010 21:05:29 GMT
Ivey n Isuldur1 should have been nominated Big Smile
 whamboozeled19/10/2010 21:25:06 GMT
Ivey was nominated Tongue
 psycokiller20/10/2010 01:10:17 GMT
Isildur will never be nominated. I guess the inductees are worthy this year.
 parrix20/10/2010 04:43:34 GMT
Posted by psycokiller:
Isildur will never be nominated. I guess the inductees are worthy this year.

Who is he?

I never know who is Sad
 shokaku20/10/2010 05:55:27 GMT
Posted by C55L:
Ivey n Isuldur1 should have been nominated Big Smile

Ivey surely will be include somewhere down the line. But Isildur? "Stand the test of time!" That guy can barely last a month, untill he has blown off his roll.
 C55L20/10/2010 10:08:53 GMT
I meant Durrrr not Ivey. Since Durrr lost all of his bankroll/money to Isuldur1 and Isuldur1 gambled it away to others.This made lots of poker players richer n happier.So incence isuldur1 n Durrrr have made a huge donation to the popularity of online poker by playing such highstakes.
 SuperNoob21/10/2010 06:04:50 GMT
Ivey and Daniel again missed out on it but in few years Ivey will surely be there.
Congrats to Harrington and Eric Seidel, they deserved it well for their contribution to poker community.
 jpoblong01/11/2010 08:13:11 GMT
people inducted to the poker hall of fame must be very proud of themselves because poker takes only minutes to learn but a lifetime to master.. congratulations to dan harrington and erik seidel. you are now considerd as legends of poker
 lomax01/11/2010 10:04:32 GMT
Ivey is a great poker player.. Smile he will be included in the hall of fame...there is no dubt! Smile Dollar Dollar Dollar
 mahdrof01/11/2010 10:14:55 GMT
Phil Ivey will for sure make it, Daniel Negreanu probably will too. My vote right now would be for Scotty Nguyen and Barry Greenstein, two of my favorites, I hope they make it. Scotty has proven he is a winner and his flamboyant style is fun to watch. Barry impresses me with his prowess and his generosity to charity with his winnings, a true gentleman.
 oliver08229801/11/2010 10:25:24 GMT
Posted by C55L:
Ivey n Isuldur1 should have been nominated Big Smile

they will be inducted... surely, maybe not now but later, they will be. Big Smile

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