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EPT Barcelona: ElkY and his girlfriend through to Day 2

Tags: Cathy Hong, elky, ept barcelona.
Posted on 24 November 2010 by "T".

Lots of pros took part in Day 1b of the EPT Barcelona Main Event and made it to a much more interesting day than the first starting day. These are a few examples on PokerStars Pros who were among the 262-player field who survived the day: Live Boeree, ElkY (ElkY's girlfriend, Cathy Hong, made it as well - she won her seat in a live satellite), Johnny Lodden and Leo Fernandez (4th place).

Day 2 will kick off in just a few hours - there are 339 players left. In total 758 players from 53 countries took part in the Main Event - creating a total prize pool of €3,790,000. First place will get €825k and 112 places are paid.


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9 comments on "EPT Barcelona: ElkY and his girlfriend through to Day 2"

 jpoblong24/11/2010 12:28:41 GMT
well a lot of pros as well are in at the second round. i bet Cathy had good tips from Elky. good luck to her and to all who joined..
 dule-vu24/11/2010 14:17:56 GMT
now poker will be a family business Big Smile !more and more wives or girlfriends start to play poker with their pro's,so its nice to see such a increasing number of womens who play poker!
 oliver08229824/11/2010 14:41:39 GMT
what a lucky guy... he's got nice asian beauty by his side... i hope they wouldn't end up at the same table in the early rounds...
 danidoyle24/11/2010 15:48:02 GMT
Hahaha id love to see one knock the other out, I'd say there'd be some words said behind the scenes anyway!!
 jessthehuman24/11/2010 23:30:42 GMT
Poker playing couples tend to be brutal at the tables (with each other). That's been my experience playing live anyway.

Good luck to them both.
 ZmxPowah25/11/2010 04:17:10 GMT
I would love to see one of them kicking out other from tournament.
Yea i am evil.
 DaMessiah66625/11/2010 09:15:11 GMT
In fact, she is out now and he is practilly dead because he is going very low of chips. We can assume he'll be out tonight.
 mazas25/11/2010 15:12:08 GMT
lets see how will they go next round elky really was good player hope his girl also learn very fast and become super poker woman Big Smile
 Aggro66617/12/2010 14:10:56 GMT
was this nice girl a prize of a game ,did he won this nice girl during his time as a pro in South corea?

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