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Full Tilt Poker vs PokerStars

Tags: daniel negreanu, elky, gus hansen, team pokerstars pro, The Professionals, tom dwan, viktor blom.
Posted on 28 February 2013 by "T".

It seems like there will be a challenge between Team PokerStars Pro and Full Tilt Poker's The Professionals at the the 2013 EPT London (March 5-16). It started last week with Gus Hansen sending a Tweet to Daniel Negreanu reminding him of a classic hand they played on High Stakes Poker in 2006.

It didn't take long before Daniel Negreanu Retweeted...

The two pros continued banter each other on Twitter over the next few days and it all ended with Daniel Negreanu challenging Gus Hansen and the rest of The Professionals (Tom 'durrr' Dwan and Viktor 'Isildur1' Blom) to play against him and another 2 from Team PokerStars Pro. Gus Hansen accepted the challenge and said that he only had to confirm with Blom and Dwan (still not confirmed).

A few hours ago Daniel revealed his picks for the match and also suggested that they should buy-in for $50k each and play a best-of-three heads-up format online at the 2013 EPT London. Check out the video below for more information.

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21 comments on "Full Tilt Poker vs PokerStars"

 Fakiry28/02/2013 15:08:22 GMT
If I would bet I would go for the Team PokerStars Pro. Ok, The Professionals are also very good (of course, or else they wouldn’t be there) but PS rules FTP so PS would always have its best pros on the main group and the others “almost as good” on their affiliate FTP.
 rafiko128/02/2013 22:51:15 GMT
Let's hope that Isildur and Durr will confirm the match and this can get interesting. I'll also put my money on Pokerstars pro, if I could.
After all Pokerstars controls Full tit, so it wouldn't be that of a surprise.
But in poker, as in poker everything can happen.
Especially when we are speaking about pro's.
Heads up I think Isildur can take them all down, although Negreanu can "read' the situations happening. We will wait and see Smile
 pochui01/03/2013 09:17:27 GMT
lol @daniel: "i was looking at your graph upside-down". back to the promotion itself- clearly stars are trying to make something happen, traffic on full tilt imo is not that good, i think stars expected to see way bigger traffic- still time to improve & knowing that there are some wise heads behind management team at stars (not to mention the funds) i think full tilt has a good chance to get back on track- i think traffic has to be around 70-80% of the usual stars traffic...
 Fakiry01/03/2013 15:50:11 GMT
I still haven’t seen any graphs about FTP traffic but it’s still soon to talk about that. We have already had some big events there, and now with FTCOOP more players are entering, but we also have to remember that USA is out of the game by now, which means for sure a big decrease everywhere.
 jarodcs01/03/2013 19:54:49 GMT
Question? about the players ... hasn't Isildur1 kicked Ike's ass on a 1M superstar showdown ... hasnt' Isildur kicked Daniel's ass on a HU match they had long time ago ... I don't know anything about Elky's HU gaming ... I think, because of Isildur and Durrr, that FTP has a natural talent handicup on this challenge ... anyway I hope Daniel Negreanu beats Gus ... and I think Isildur will win his game ... he is the toughest ... Big Smile
 ACEAGEDDON01/03/2013 20:24:39 GMT
i just wanna be able to watch it when its going!!!!
 Weenie01/03/2013 21:47:16 GMT
Is someone else in fultilt pro team besides Tom Dwan, Gus Hansen and that sick aggresive guy whos name I forgot right now? Big Smile

Anyway it will be interesting match I will watch it for sure... I will be daniels fan but I think "aggresive guy" will take it Big Smile
 Notexactly02/03/2013 11:37:49 GMT
There is too many players on pokerstars, it's full all the time. FT poker has lower amount of players i'm sure but still enough. I don't care about these... Playing for a real money, you need to get some rakeback, without that you can't do much. There is no rakeback on pokerstars...
 pochui02/03/2013 12:09:32 GMT
Posted by Notexactly:
There is no rakeback on pokerstars...

yeah, crappy Pokerstars do not offer rakeback on play money action, fcuk them Aww crap!
 leking103/03/2013 16:57:50 GMT
this well be a geat match, hobe to see galfon vs durr, isludur vs. haxton, and gus vs. daniel, this will bee great fun hope that there play stud, i would love too see gus and daniel play stud or stud hi/lo Smile
 RoninHarper03/03/2013 17:56:27 GMT
G'day mates

Well I would put my money on Daniel and the PStars team players whom he has chosen to help him take Gus and the boy money.
I might be a little biased however because Daniel is my favorite pro player and a fellow Canadian Smile

be cool

 RFIDchips04/03/2013 19:52:10 GMT
well I transferred money from PokerStars to qualify for the tickets in this event. so I will keep posted and see what you guys think who's going to win. I have an I idea but I'm always willing to hear others opinions!
 kilak28/03/2013 13:48:05 GMT
Backed all the Full tilt players.. What a joke that was. They showed no great interest in the game really.. Ekly's style totally counter acted Isi's aggression and he just picked him off at will.
 Jonas_Petkus16/09/2013 17:11:51 GMT
pokerstars is more good. for me realy
 Macubaas16/09/2013 19:04:02 GMT
Holy thread revival, not sure if you read the content of the original news/post but it's not about which of them is better as player experience.

I see you are here from mar but i did not see you too often here on he forums so i guess welcome aboard.
 Jonas_Petkus16/09/2013 19:14:26 GMT
ya i is new here- thnak you for welcome Thumbs Up Worship Smile my englisch is not good, i use google translate often
 teddybears7316/09/2013 19:49:01 GMT
hahahahaha,trust Daniel to come out with something funny Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile
that's why i like him,that and he can play poker too. Smile
 sergejcho16/09/2013 23:37:26 GMT
pokerstars is more good. for me realy @Jonas_Petkus Why?

yeah, crappy Pokerstars do not offer rakeback on play money action, fcuk them Aww crap! @pochui
pochui pokerstars are the robbers here on net , and they will beg for people Smile Worship Worship Worship
 noonlion17/09/2013 12:24:34 GMT
FTP will shit on them...seriously.

The only way PS will win is if they get very lucky with cards that is disproportionate amounts of good hands.
 pochui17/09/2013 12:31:58 GMT
what's up with the old threads?

Hey Petkus dude, u know it's not necessary to comment in threads who are 6 months old...u can earn your way to fortune by responding to recent threads as well...

@sergejcho- no one can steal money from u, if u have no money...that's my experience so far, have $0 roll everywhere and sleep calmly...
 DarkOmni18/09/2013 13:27:22 GMT
Thumbs Down Big Smile

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