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Vanessa Rousso wins PCA Ladies Event

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Posted on 13 January 2010 by "T".

Vanessa Rousso, 27, has just won the Ladies Event of PokerStars Caribbean Adventure in Bahamas. She made it to the final table as chip leader and then nothing could stop her from taking down the tournament and the first prize of $24,725. Even though many of the players who took part in the ladies event had qualified online at PokerStars, Vanessa had to fight hard to reach the final table as pros like Annette Obrestad and J.J Lui were in the tournament as well.

"There were a couple of pros who played. J.J. Lui was in there, Annette Obrestad. There was a bunch of good players. Obviously you have to run well in any tournament you play in. But I didn't make any mistakes that I know of, I played well and I'm happy with the way I played. Starting the year off with a victory is really cool"; Vanessa said in an interview after the victory.


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19 comments on "Vanessa Rousso wins PCA Ladies Event"

 Davoodoo13/01/2010 14:40:46 GMT

Lucky for them there wasnt a man playing among them this time ...
 Fakiry13/01/2010 14:48:48 GMT
This lady never stops. Now here is the proof of what a really professional is. She is recognized by her poker game and she gives proves that she is really good, winning tourneys and big prizes. Now, there are some guys who consider them professionals who only have won one big tourney once, and after that dedicated to small events, just to keep their high level untouchable. In my opinion, they are afraid of risking their achievement... at least Phil Ivey (another good pro, in my opinion) never gives up and have no problem in admiting things were not the best in the last WSOP.
 dozn0113/01/2010 15:04:03 GMT
shes a hot babe Evil
 fejset13/01/2010 15:06:28 GMT
Posted by Davoodoo:

Lucky for them there wasnt a man playing among them this time ...

+1 Thumbs Up
 pmgignac13/01/2010 15:33:15 GMT
she plays and look like a Queen hummmmmmmm would go all-in with here anytime
 MANUEDO13/01/2010 16:08:31 GMT
Strong, skilled and beautiful: what else? Blink And I think of lucky guy who will celebrate with her this winning there in Bahamas Cool Cool
 chiptaker13/01/2010 17:59:44 GMT
poker tallent to win so much.
 Tchungpo13/01/2010 18:10:53 GMT
The winning is not that much, but seems that she proves once again she is a pro Blink
And what a beautiful girl Smile
 BBU13/01/2010 18:57:46 GMT
Very nice Smile
 wardy3213/01/2010 20:11:46 GMT
hot and plays poker!! what more could you ask for haha is she one of the pokerstars pros??
 jevo14/01/2010 00:15:17 GMT
Fair play to her, she took a lot flack when her name came up for HSP. Winning any major donkament, same sex or not is still a worthy result.

Not just a fuckable face after all Smile
 mazas14/01/2010 09:15:12 GMT
good job one of the famuost poker women for me i like shes playing strategy Smile
and shes is really hot and pretty woman Smile
so good luck all Tongue
and be all happy
 ZmxPowah14/01/2010 10:45:11 GMT
Good there wasn't male... because i am sure they would loose with her ^^.
She is really hot Tongue i would look at her not at cards Tongue.
Anyway nice win always something.
 cyberbabel14/01/2010 13:19:04 GMT
I love Vanessa Rousso, she is a beautiful woman and a great poker player..Congratulations..
 SuperNoob15/01/2010 12:48:20 GMT
nice for her to win something in this new year, though first prize is a bit low for a big tournament. but what else can you expect from a ladies only tournament
 vr2ualFELT13/03/2011 12:29:03 GMT
she could fart into a bong and i would take the hit
 tormulainen13/03/2011 16:48:39 GMT
I really think that Vanessa Rousso is the most beautiful poker player. And also she is 1 of the best female poker players and she can compete with the guys too. I am sad because she has got a husband.
 Hajinnho13/03/2011 17:31:02 GMT
Posted by Davoodoo:

Lucky for them there wasnt a man playing among them this time ...

really? I like that. I mean let´s be honest, why wouldn´t we just accept a ladies event in a more or less male dominated sports?
 BMWman13/03/2011 17:38:30 GMT
I watched her play the WCOOP at Poker Stars a few years ago, she finished 3rd. Made a huge pile of cash, buy in then was only $2700 I think. It's way more now. But she is a great poker player and 1 of my favs. She would have won the heads up championship last year, had she made 1 key call. She is sexy, hot and a great poker player.....

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