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2010 WSOP runner-up risk to spend time behind bars

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Posted on 13 December 2010 by "T".

A month ago John Racener, 24, was awarded with $5.55 million dollars for his second-place finish in the the world's biggest and most important live tournament, the WSOP Main Event. Now, he's risking to spend a year behind bars. On Saturday night, John Racener was arrested for drunk driving in his hometown Tampa in Florida. He was released the following day, after paying the bail of $1,000, but is still suspected of drinking and driving and also for refusing to leave a blood test to the police.

Not the first time
This is not the first time John Racener has been caught driving under the influence of alcohol. Racener was convicted for the first time back in 2005 and a second time in 2007. He was also convicted for assault last year.


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28 comments on "2010 WSOP runner-up risk to spend time behind bars"

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» 2010 WSOP runner-up risk to spend time behind bars

 B1gfoot13/12/2010 17:05:36 GMT
When I take down the WSOP next yer, guess what...ill have loads of money for taxies.
I think he should be locked up just for being a dumb ass.
 ZmxPowah13/12/2010 18:05:46 GMT
Yes getting busted 3 times for driving while being drunk... he is just idiot for me...
He doesn't look so bad... they will like him in jail ^^.
 capinheiro13/12/2010 20:11:37 GMT
Got lucky in the Final Table... got arrested now!
Even odds i say! Big Smile
 Giant4513/12/2010 20:22:42 GMT
This is very sad to see. He seemed like a very laid back collected young man. Reguardless of the bad beat he put on with the AQ he's a very talented young player. Keep in mind it's not just about skill in the M.E. guys, you have to get lucky as well.
Let's be mature about this and understand that he obviously has flaws, possibly a drinking problem. Lets not judge before we understand we have self-issues that hold us back as well.
I wish him and his family the best of luck and hopefully the sentencing he recieves will help him think more cautiously in the future.
 Pseudo1813/12/2010 22:43:20 GMT
Should go to jail. Never mind that finished second at the WSOP. It is a normal human being and should be tried as a normal citizen. That is my opinion.
 gaupiz13/12/2010 23:24:00 GMT
Drunk driving is a big risk taking. I got hit by a car myself, not drunkdriving, but a reminder for how risky it is. And we know very well that drinking and driving makes you a bad driver! Put him in jail, no bail.
 BRADYboy13/12/2010 23:24:23 GMT
hes now been arressted for a 3rd time for drink driving,him finishing 2nd in the wsop has gone to his head i think,probably thinks hes got the money now so no need 2worry,hell get a top lawyer but its idiots like this that deserve to go to the jail for it being his 3rd time especially when he could have a chauffeur ffs,it wouldnt have been so minor if he hit s1 while drink-driving,maybe he needs a jail sentence to make sure he doesnt do it again and i dont like seeing any1 going to jail!

i just noticed that he made the final table last week in the wpt diamond classic that esfandiari won,he was probably out celebrating,lol!
 jessthehuman14/12/2010 00:15:03 GMT
LOL ! That was sooo much more boring than what I expected.
 sirmitch88814/12/2010 06:07:33 GMT
Why is driving drunk not allowed what do you want him to do. walk at his home!!! useless laws
 KoldShadow14/12/2010 06:32:29 GMT
Posted by sirmitch888:
Why is driving drunk not allowed what do you want him to do. walk at his home!!! useless laws

I knew somebody as irrational . . . or trollish (or both? o.O) would post eventually . . . I just hoped I'd beat you to it with my post. WELL DONE U CRAZY PHUCK! Worship Worship Worship
 sirmitch88814/12/2010 06:39:29 GMT
whats trollish??? please speak in english. hehehe im not a punk I just dont have anything to do, just using my spare time for points and it wont hurt if i try to bunch some ppoints maybe a year I can have some profit lol
 trinidad8014/12/2010 10:41:08 GMT
Well for me he should go to rehab. He is a good player and he has been caught drunk driving many times. he must face the law and suffer the consequences.. what a waste..
 SuperNoob14/12/2010 14:10:35 GMT
Posted by sirmitch888
Why is driving drunk not allowed what do you want him to do. walk at his home!!! useless laws

when u hav an accident just cos the guy on other side was drunk, u wouldnt be calling the laws useless.
 Loke15/12/2010 20:13:35 GMT
It's idiots like him that give poker a bad name. He should be excluded from all official poker-games for life... Only reason I could think of that he shouldn't; is that he probably ends up as a drunk. And people whith alcohol-issues are usually easy to clean out at the tables.

What a LOOSER!!
 nat18026517/12/2010 13:10:00 GMT
Drunk only by a taxi!!!
 Aggro66617/12/2010 14:08:54 GMT
oh, I think he will have a good time, with his money he can arrange for sure a good looking boyfriend there, and the rest of the time he can play strip poker Big Smile Big Smile
 Fackinas17/12/2010 15:22:22 GMT
Posted by jessthehuman:
LOL ! That was sooo much more boring than what I expected.

lol agree with you ..
 jovicakralj17/12/2010 15:36:12 GMT
It can happen to anyone. He is just very young guy with very much money...
 dule-vu17/12/2010 15:49:46 GMT
I cant believe that people can do things like this!win such a huge money,can do whatever he wont in life and he go drive car when is dronk!what a idiot you have to be,you can pay person to driving you on every place and now he deserve to go behind bars!
 SirShamp18/12/2010 12:38:47 GMT
Should throw him in jail for being a stupid cheap arse for not catching a taxi. If he got brains he would be dangerous. Three strikes give him the hammer.
 serdar09/01/2011 23:30:01 GMT
what a dodo this guy! he wins a big tournament like that and what does he do next getting drunk and snifing some coke what a loser!
 begbane27/02/2011 18:15:28 GMT
well the poker games behind bars can be interesting thay play with cigarets Smile
 elcimik02/03/2012 20:03:27 GMT
get a cab nd dont drink nd drive...unacceptable
 simon604/03/2012 14:27:13 GMT
they play for cigarettes and who becomes the next sheila
 mast3rush05/03/2012 08:51:14 GMT
drunk driving=behind bars???

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