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Man arrested in connection with Borgata chip scandal

Tags: 2014 Borgata Winter Poker Open, borgata chip scandal, Christian Lusardi, police.
Posted on 27 January 2014 by "T".

First things first (for those who don't know the story already). On January 18th the New Jersey Department of Gaming Enforcement cancelled the opening event ($2 million guarantee prizeopool) of the 2014 Borgata Winter Poker Open after concluding that someone had used a significant number of counterfeit chips in the tournament. On Friday, AP (Associated Press) reported that Christian Lusardi, 42, was arrested in Atlantic City in connection with the Borgata chip cheating scandal.

Apparently investigators found $2.7 million counterfeit chips stuck in the toilet drain pipes of his hotel room at Harrah's resort. Lusardi, who was the Day 1C chip leader and eventually cashed for $6.8k, has been taken into custody on charges of theft and rigging a public contest. The Borgata posted the following statement following the arrest last Friday.

"We are very pleased that the New Jersey State Police Casino Gaming Bureau has apprehended a suspect in connection with the counterfeit chip activity that compromised Event 1 of the Borgata Winter Poker Open. While this is a very positive development, the investigation by the DGE and the State Police is ongoing and Borgata remains under the order the DGE issued last week. Borgata will continue to work with the DGE and the State Police until this matter is concluded and a final order is issued by the DGE concerning the resolution of Event 1."


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10 comments on "Man arrested in connection with Borgata chip scandal"

 bowie198427/01/2014 12:50:52 GMT
I find it funny that many people still trying to rig the system when the system is already rigged. I dont mean this particular tourey I mean Vegas and Atlantic City of course. They listen everybody and record everything in every small corner of their casinos (im not sure they didnt have something in the rooms too), they could see if a fly is farted in high definition yet some brave idiot always try to play them out.

I liked that guy too back in a month or two who was playing with infrared sensible contact lenses.
 Heskor27/01/2014 14:39:48 GMT
Haha maybe he read too much about poker and become obsessed with it and wanted to emulate those poker legends that you can see on the internet. He wanted to get fame in a bad way. Anyway glad he got caught at least we have some hope in the police!
 Theapple27/01/2014 19:08:20 GMT
bad fame is still fame Big Smile
 ddblt197027/01/2014 19:32:01 GMT
Nice try...
But I don´t think that casinos are that stupid.

 raduiacob27/01/2014 19:54:54 GMT
bad fame man
 Jibberish27/01/2014 21:02:24 GMT
I'm glad he was caught. Looks like a total scumbag ruining an already down looked on community, if poker already didn't have bad enough of a rep in the US.
 noonlion27/01/2014 22:36:32 GMT
Haha what an idiot. The hilarious thing is that he only won 6800 buckaroos after all that effort. Presumably making the counterfeit chips took him some effort, and he then needed a plumbing video from youtube to figure out how to stick the spare chips in there. The other good thing, its another crazy story from the world of poker.

The bad side is that everyone involved in the tourney can't be safe in their winnings and they didn't win them 'correctly' as there was bogus chip amounts in play which might have effected the tourney a lot or a little, who knows. Organisers must be pissed. But then they need to do more checks more often evidently.
 doubletop77728/01/2014 09:56:50 GMT
Some people will go to any lengths just to try and get an edge and i'm glad this person has been caught. I only hope that others will be be deterred from cheating but i seriously doubt it.
 mahdrof28/01/2014 12:35:42 GMT
I think this qualifies as an EPIC FAIL
 Macubaas29/01/2014 15:49:20 GMT
This is a major public problem for live organizers and i guess it's a good point for all that fight to open the online gambling market to US players.

I already knew that Atlantic registered pretty big loses due the lack of interest and players, this is another big image problem.

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