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High Stakes: Tom Dwan - last week's biggest winner

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Posted on 14 December 2010 by "T".

Last week the poker gods were really good to Tom "durrrr" Dwan at Full Tilt's highest tables. Well, he played lots of hands against many different opponents almost every single day - a strategy that paid off quite well as he ended up the biggest winner and almost $600k richer.

Durrrr will for sure be one 2010's biggest winners if nothing goes very wrong in the coming weeks. His biggest threat for the first place will probably be the man he's playing the durrrr challenge against, Daniel "jungleman12" Cates.

TOP 5 winners and losers of the previous week

Tom "durrrr" Dwan $582 346
Di "Urindanger" Dang $435 992
Andreas "Skjervoy" Torbjergsen $306 391
O Fortuna PLS $245 670
Neo81 $191 934

cadillac1944 -$438 528
gamblegambel -$229 623
bemyguestbud -$214 973
jama-dharma -$201 072
Scott "URnotINdanger2" Palmer -$200 314


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12 comments on "High Stakes: Tom Dwan - last week''s biggest winner"

 ZmxPowah14/12/2010 13:44:25 GMT
Again ^^. He's making nice profits out there. Anyone know what stakes he is playing atm? Because for me it was always to boring to watch how they play on FTP.
 SuperNoob14/12/2010 14:18:20 GMT
with year end coming close, many pros will be going off scene. so dnt expect much change in durrrr's winnings but anything can happen with him at those nose bleed limits.
 dule-vu14/12/2010 15:32:25 GMT
for me would be nice to win this money in one year and he won this huge money in one week Shock !really nice how pro's can win good amount in small period,but its important that they can lose and they still will play,beacuse they have "good background"!
 trinidad8015/12/2010 01:12:52 GMT
tom dwan is on the roll... he is winning big... well he is one of my favorite players online.. keep on winning tom...
 mazas15/12/2010 14:07:14 GMT
good run hope this week he dont loose to much and will be again in the leader bord off the winners Big Smile
 Kristan15/12/2010 17:22:15 GMT
I fkn love this guy. Absolute top cream of poker, always enjoyable to watch!
Dwan FTW Winner
 jovicakralj16/12/2010 05:40:04 GMT
At first I thought that dwan will end like isuldur and many others but this guy realy knows how to play!!!
 Hajinnho16/12/2010 09:12:29 GMT
yeah, i guess there are many who stillm believe he had just an mega upswing. but he knows how to keep it and runs got at the moment
 Funope16/12/2010 20:44:15 GMT
He has no fear and play almost any hand and wins with it.
 ferdemon18/12/2010 14:12:16 GMT
i want win that amount for only a week and i could be the more happy person in the world jajajajaja.............. but i only could play microstackes now i hope play in higher limet almost 1 session
 Pseudo1819/12/2010 09:43:04 GMT
I knew that Dwan will be a good finishing in this year. Daniel jungleman12 "Cates could only envy. Smile
 Impak00728/11/2012 13:32:38 GMT
this year (2010) was awesome for durrr expectly for his bankroll

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