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EPT Deauville: Jake Cody takes home his first ever EPT tournament

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Posted on 26 January 2010 by "T".

The final table of EPT Deauville only included 1 really big name, Peter Eastgate, the Danish PokerStars Pro. Peter Eastgate was quite shortstacked when the final table kicked off yesterday and unfortunately he had to leave the final table already 1 hour into the tournament. Almost an hour later it was time for the next knockout. This time it was Michael Fratty who had to leave the tournament after that his pair of queens were beaten by Jake Cody's pocket kings. After this, it didn't take long before Jake Cody took out another player. This time it was the shortstacked player Stephane Albertini who had to leave the tournament as he ran into Cody's pocket aces with his K9.

Just a few hands after this, Mike "Timex" McDonald picked up KK and Claudius Secara had JJ. Another all in situation was a fact. McDonald's kings made it all the way to the river and Secara had to leave the tournament in 5th place. Now the action calmed down for a while, and it would take a while before next player was about to leave the tournament. With the blinds at 60,000/120,000, Craig Bergeron made his first big mistake, or should we say "wrong step" in the tournament. He opened the pot with a 1,000,0000 bet. Cody had picked up A7 and could feel some kind of weakness in Bergeron's play, so he decided to go all in, which forced Bergeron to call since he now was pot committed. The flop contained an ace, and the turn card left the American drawing dead.

Now, more than 23 million chips were in play and the 3 remaining player, Jake Cody, Mike McDonald & Teodor Caraba, were separated by just over a half million chips, or about 5 big blinds. About one hour after the dinner break was over, McDonald found JJ and decided to call Caraba's all-in. Caraba flipped over A10 and his Romanian fans were praying for an ace. Their prayers were heard straight away as an ace landed on the flop. Turn and river was to no help to McDonald who had to exit in 3rd place. This left Jake Cody with twice the stack of his final opponent, Teodor Caraba. At this time, everyone probably thought that it would be Teodor Caraba who was going to take home the tournament. But, Jake Cody had other plans as he switched to the second gear and started playing his very best poker. It didn't take long before he had taken almost all chips from a chocked and frustrated Teodor Caraba. Teodor Caraba started fighting back and managed to take back some of what he had lost. At this time, both players were even in chips again. Anyhow, it didn't take long before the final hand was about to be played.

Caraba opened to 800,000 and Cody raised to 1,76 million. The Romanian had no plans what so ever to lay down his hand as he announced an all in. Cody called.

Teodor Caraba: ADiamondKHeart
Jake Cody: KClubKDiamond

Board ran out 10Spade7Spade10Club4DiamondQDiamond

Jake Cody's fans rushed the stage to congratulate the newest WPT Winner. This was Cody's first EPT tournament, but probably not the last one since he has another €847,00 in his bankroll after this great win.


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11 comments on "EPT Deauville: Jake Cody takes home his first ever EPT tournament"

 mazas26/01/2010 14:37:41 GMT
good job and welcome to the pro world Smile
1 -st win hope not the last big one Smile
but really both play very well at the last hand and just AK is really strong card also if u play at the table with 8 or 9 opponents but 1 on 1 is the reall strongest card and u must push all in but in over opponents got KK and he is really lucky because 1- st EPT title

good luck all
 xxxbchxxx26/01/2010 17:05:38 GMT
Great final hands...dont see that very often!
and WOW thats a nice payday dont you think!
 MANUEDO26/01/2010 22:41:33 GMT
Another young unknown winner; this is what PS hopes everytime an EPT event begins: don't give up dreams. Congratulations
 doomdy26/01/2010 22:48:45 GMT
Runner up Teodor Caraba is PKR ''Goldeneyhed'', he plays HU/short-ring NL5000 at PKR, this was 1 off his first live events, this guy is hated by the whole pkr community horrible manners but this kid have great skills and will deffo succeed being a well known pro.

Well Done Mr Caraba Thumbs Up
 duck_199127/01/2010 00:23:26 GMT
Claudiu Secara , not Claudius Smile anyway nice tournament for romanian players ...
 FenoMeno27/01/2010 00:43:23 GMT
I just read now the first 4 player was 21 year old or even younger Smile They were younger than me Big Smile I will be sad a little bit, when I'm thinking about that Big Smile Worship
 ZmxPowah27/01/2010 03:29:47 GMT
Nice cash... 847k euro... maybe someday maybe someday.... Tongue
Anyway nice gr8 win... another name to remember....
Damn so much names in school there was less to learn Tongue
 paulparadiis27/01/2010 10:52:30 GMT
Damn, i started watching it when there was 6 players left, and when they showed the finel table chips, and P. Eastgate was on 8th place, and the money he won was next to his name, i was really pissed. Would have liked to see him play. My respect for him is growing with every year, he really must be good!!!
 GabeKaplan27/01/2010 11:21:14 GMT
anyone ever hear of Jake cody before now, all the youngsters are coming out of the wood work, what about the old players are they giving up or hiding out now a days
 dule-vu27/01/2010 11:52:11 GMT
congratulation to Jake Cody!nice money for him!
 SuperNoob29/01/2010 15:22:54 GMT
well done, another amateur wins a big event.
nice to know for other wannabes that they can also go and beat the pros.
kinda sad for Eastgate, had to leave early

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