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The Robin Hood of blackjack

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Posted on 04 January 2010 by "T".

"Are you buried in bills? About to lose your home? On the brink of financial ruin? If so, this could be your big break. "Robin Hood 702", a self-made man and expert Blackjack player wants to use his skills to help you"

The text above is taken from a website that belongs to a professional blackjack player with the alias "Robin Hood 702" who wants to give a helping hand to 2 families with financial problems. "Robin Hood 702" will give 2 lucky families a luxury weekend in Las Vegas and at the same time give half of his winnings to them so that they can solve their financial problems. Does it sound too good to be true?! Well, you are probably not the first person to think that thought. However, this website is not a scam, but the real deal as "Robin Hood 702" helped a family last year to pay off their loan of $35,000. After this the website got a lot of attention and also started cooperating with Fox News. Fox News are now helping "Robin Hood 702" with the promotion of his website and they will also document the event with the 2 families. 


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17 comments on "The Robin Hood of blackjack"

 B1gfoot04/01/2010 16:18:25 GMT
Cool, hope it goes to a nice family.
But if you are reading this Robin, all I want is a Mini digger or a Bobcat.
 doomdy04/01/2010 16:22:30 GMT
BlackJack is for noobs Agree
 mazas04/01/2010 16:24:36 GMT
good job
but 100 % on wining is just maybe some kind of reclam .
because if he is wining 100 % always he is the biggest fenomenal player so some las vegas casino have huge reclam and claim a lot off money off this robin hood playing in this night Smile
but anyway good luck good idea for helping )
 T3ddyKGB04/01/2010 16:44:58 GMT
quote:"BlackJack is for noobs"

errr, i wouldnt say that. its skill pure....if your a math genious lol.

 dozn0104/01/2010 16:45:01 GMT
i hate backjack but love BJ
 shokaku04/01/2010 17:12:09 GMT
Posted by doomdy:
BlackJack is for noobs Agree

Nope. It is for Robin Hoods. Big Smile
 dozn0104/01/2010 17:40:07 GMT
Posted by T3ddyKGB:
quote:"BlackJack is for noobs"

errr, i wouldnt say that. its skill pure....if your a math genious lol.

yeah like that film called 21 and rain man Smile
 Tchungpo04/01/2010 18:39:17 GMT
Hehe, thats really nice. Im just asking myself how he does to be a blackjack winning player :S i thought it wasn't possible now to be winning (since casino use 1 million cards games Tongue)

Hehe, there should be more people like him
 LaBaiz04/01/2010 19:03:32 GMT
thats great that there are some so charitable professional gamblers that are willing to dedicate the winning to families in need.
 paulparadiis04/01/2010 20:19:38 GMT
I like BlackJack more than Jack Black! Club
 leroi2105/01/2010 00:44:38 GMT
he's a cool guy but if he always win the casino must not let im go in
 Lurk3r05/01/2010 05:30:57 GMT
how does he win money?

its blackjack????

does he count cards???

why is he even allowed to play at the casino?????

 DaMessiah66605/01/2010 12:50:32 GMT
I recognize that is possible to win counting cards but in many casino after a blackjack hand, croupiers mix automatically all cards again, so it's impossible to count them.
 MANUEDO05/01/2010 13:16:02 GMT
Good job, sure. A question only: what will happen if he lose ? Will he help these families all the same ?
 paulparadiis05/01/2010 15:44:36 GMT
He will ask the family to pay for his losses! Big Smile
 SuperNoob06/01/2010 01:28:58 GMT
nice if he manages to win and help someone.
hope the help goes to the right family.
wonder how can he keep winning at blackjack, i've tried many times with free casino bonuses but fail everytime.
 xxxbchxxx07/01/2010 13:35:27 GMT
Rock on
Thats a great way to get some attention, for sure.
Blackjack is a great game but i only play it when im at the casino, I just cant get on with the internet versions....Just dont get the same buzz.But then thats the same with roulette but poker is different (strange) even thou there isnt any substitute to playing live. That rocks

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