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Video: Nordic Poker Awards: Finland grabs three out of four awards!

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Posted on 16 February 2010 by "T".

2 days ago, PokerStars held the Nordic Poker Awards at Park nightclub in Copenhagen to honor the top players of the year from Finland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden. These were the categories and the nominees this year. 

Best Live Tournament Player: Peter Eastgate (Denmark), Ville Wahlbeck (Finland), Dag Martin Mikkelsen (Norway), Kristoffer "Sumpas" Thorsson (Sweden). 

Rookie of the Year: Mickey "Mement_Mori" Petersen (Denmark), Jens Kyllönen (Finland), Martin Gedvangen (Norway), Kristoffer "Sumpas" Thorsson (Sweden).

Best Online Player: Jesper "Kipster" Hougaard, Patrik Antonius (Finland), Spephan "stephank" Kjerstad (Norway), Krisoffer "Sumpas" Thorsson.

Best Performance: Peter Eastgate (Denmark), Ville Wahlbeck (Finland), Dag Martin Mikkelsen (Norway), Erik Sagström (Sweden).

Thanks to 2 players, Finland dominated the PokerStars Nordic Poker Awards this year. In fact, 3 out of 4 awards went to Finland! Patrik Antonius got the Best Online Player award thanks to the $9 million dollars he won online last year. His fellow countrymen, Ville Wahlbeck was, however, the big winner of the evening as he won 2 awards - Best Live Tournament Player and Best Performance. Ville had a fantastic 2009 with great results in the WSOP. He ended up among the best 13 players in 6 events!

The Swede Kristoffer ‘Sumpas' Thorsson took down both the WCOOP highroller event and the Master Classics of Poker in Amsterdam last year. Therefore he received a well deserved Rookie of the Year award.

Interview with Ville Wahlbeck.


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11 comments on "Video: Nordic Poker Awards: Finland grabs three out of four awards!"

 NanoGrinder16/02/2010 11:28:15 GMT
I think most Finns interested in poker were glad when Ville Wahlbeck performed so well at WSOP last year. Patrik Antonius winning the online poker category is not a big surprise at all.
 Kristan16/02/2010 11:37:49 GMT
Go Finland! Saw it and its great Blink!!!
 dozn0116/02/2010 12:16:43 GMT
go ENGLAND........... oh sorry FINLAND..... looks the same thou Blink
 911insidejob17/02/2010 01:51:26 GMT
I wish someday I could right on here go Canada...we need more great Canadian players EH??
 SuperNoob17/02/2010 04:05:45 GMT
Patrick antonius win was comng all the way along.
and Ville Wahlbeck did well winning two awards and deserved them well
hope Kristoffer ‘Sumpas' Thorsson can live upto his reputation in future
 ZmxPowah17/02/2010 08:31:56 GMT
Nordic awards... it wasn't to hard to guess who will appear...
I would like to see Europe Awards or something like that...
Are any awards like that?
 LaBaiz17/02/2010 13:07:05 GMT
Finland seems to be making some good poker players, too bad haven't seen anywhere in poker news info about my countries poker players Blink
 Davoodoo17/02/2010 18:29:26 GMT

And yet theres only ONE SINGLE casino in finland offering live poker (helsinki grand casino)... And what about the RAY pokersite ? HAHAHA biggest joke of last year.
 raducuul17/02/2010 19:21:13 GMT
poker players from finland are increseangly better and many more in every tournament at final tables...dunno how...just see them standing there at final tables and enjoying their prises :|
 xxxbchxxx18/02/2010 01:36:52 GMT
wow the guy on the left dont look at all he must be gay?
 Airas10/03/2010 12:09:40 GMT
We just are the best, FINNS rule.

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