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Patrik Antonius shares Tips for Coronavirus Self Isolation

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Posted on 26 March 2020 by "T".

If you're living in a rooftop apartment nestled in the Principality of Monaco like Patrik Antonius, then isolating yourself in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic is just a piece of cake.

He posted in his Instagram account what he calls "Advice of the week: turn tough situation into a positive opportunity."

"During this tough period of quarantine due to the fast spread of the coronavirus, I wanna share with you my advice about how you can turn this situation into a good opportunity to improve yourself and listen to your body. Keep up everyone, and lock down!"

The Finnish poker pro also suggests checking out the Wim Hof method. Wim Hof is the person who believes ice baths will boost your immune system instantly.

He spends his "lockdown" time doing yoga, working out, meditating, and getting cold showers. The last two he suggests that we all start doing.

What do you do at home during the lockdown?

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23 comments on "Patrik Antonius shares Tips for Coronavirus Self Isolation"

 dule-vu26/03/2020 14:38:42 GMT
this sentence says everything:
If you're living in a rooftop apartment nestled in the Principality of Monaco like Patrik Antonius, then isolating yourself in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic is just a piece of cake.

when you live on such a place as monaco is and you have so much money,you can say whatever you want as he does!
 maragatero26/03/2020 20:30:32 GMT
This advices are really useful..."If you're living in a rooftop apartment nestled in the Principality of Monaco...", and you are in the starting spring, and if you have less than 30 years. I can´t se to mine 65 years taking cold bath (he said ICE bath!) in my Autum. It maybe good to boost my inmunity system...but I can´t think in it. But he tried to do something good to all of us, so he win my applause!
 CALICUL26/03/2020 22:52:22 GMT
I won't take cold showers because i don't like them. Exercises are good and yoga is not practical for me, but for others is very nice of course. The immune system can be stimulated by several methods. Anyway, sex is good too, so you can get to work. Smile
 Mardibg27/03/2020 02:13:31 GMT
One of my favorite players. 5-17hrs are allowed in my country. so mostly i work, my immunity should be good i didn't go to the doctor for 20 years, now i am 33 but i can't be sure covid will avoid me if i have contact with him. in isolation, I'm mostly on poker or learning how to fix a game. I have a daughter 5 and a son 1 year, but I work during the week so I see them on the weekends, then I play with them a little ... stay alive and well
 antonis32127/03/2020 02:53:48 GMT
Cold baths strengthen the immunity system ?? I have heard this in the past , but I wouldn't make a cold bath in fear of getting a cold after it . Only in not cold or hot/very hot days of the year Smile
Joga , meditation , exercising/workout are good tips and pieces of advice .

 dule-vu27/03/2020 16:09:25 GMT
when you have money are you dont live in country or city that lot of problems with corona,you can talk like him and you can stay at home without any problems!even to go out and live normal,its not same like in italy or spain!so you can play poker from home,you can make orders of food and everything and its easy to say,people stay at home!
 maragatero28/03/2020 00:32:03 GMT
Yes, I´m agree with that! The only thing that you can do at this moment is avoid the virus with isolation. How you stay in your home, will depends of where you lives, how many money you have, and what level of education you got. But the matter is stay at home..alive! As I said, anyway, his actitud is better than the pro that was discussing about the money or their vanities!
 antonis32128/03/2020 02:50:58 GMT
Good piece of advice , the cold bath as I said before I wouldn't do it now . Today it was raining heavily and it was a cold day here . I couldn't go for a walk . Sad for this . I see now how much I need outdoor exercise , walks . It's not the same indoor and outdoor exercise . I hope they don't ban and forbid us the daily walks or exercise . I think I heard in Turkey they did forbid them recently . Then again Turkey delayed to take measures for this virus , now they behave like crazy with exaggerations , maybe only for the poor , as always ......
 maragatero29/03/2020 00:56:15 GMT
Well antoni321 it depends of what are doing your goverment. Here, in my country, isolation is understanding in strict terms. Isolation is not walk on the street without a health proposit: buy food, go to a hospital or to the pharmacy. No more than it. We, here, have to get used to the indoor experience. One of this days, probably, I will start to do something of that...hahaha
 CALICUL29/03/2020 01:00:35 GMT
Exercises are the best if you don't have a treadmill. A few weeks of staying in the house it is not good because man needs movement. There are plenty of solutions on the internet and they can help you to do the right thing. It's not too hard.
 antonis32129/03/2020 02:55:39 GMT
maragatero , I agree , it has to do with how strict the government is in imposing measures durimg this crisis . The more strict the harder the measures will be , leading to home isolation for very long or all day .

Personally , I cannot stand not to go for a walk for one day , or go outdoors daily .
I can find excuses , even if they forbid completely body exercise or walks . I can say , for ex , that I go to a supermarket and walk around my apartment square block a lot before I go there (or simply return home ) . I can pretend doing sth that it is allowed , but actually I will be doing sth else , (such as visiting a friend ) . If they forbid all outdoor not necessary presence , I could go to friend very close to my home , or for walks in an isolated beach very close to where I live , the odds to be caught by policemen are too low . Ofcourse not at night , you will stand out like fly in the milk . with all these empty streets then (nowadays at night more are the patrolling caps than normal citizens in my neighbuhood Big Smile) .

They can restrict your daily outdoor presence , but cannot forbid it at all . Cause then , you will have no option than to break the law . The fine here is 150 euros , neither low nor very high sometimes to be caught don't really care . If it was very high or couldn't afford it at all , then I would have to prioritise what is most important in my life , not to break the law and get punished or the need to keep on living on this planet healthy and in one piece ...........
 dule-vu29/03/2020 18:01:21 GMT
thats why is problem when you live in apartmanets and you dont have front yard to go out,to do something or just to walk!even with this police our in some countries,you could be out,but when you are in building you cant do much!but when you have money like patrik,you can bring party in your apartment and do lot of stuffs!
 maragatero30/03/2020 01:18:33 GMT
But, there is always a but, you have to understand one thing antoni321, only one thing: this is not a matter of "they" against "me", this is an issue of you, me, they and all of the human race against the covid19. Have no sense be thinking about what cheating you can make to avoid the isolation. You have to think that the only vaccine that the society has is isolation...stay home my friend!
 antonis32130/03/2020 20:38:19 GMT
If you have money like Patrick , ofcourse things will be much easier , or not problems at all , these times of crisis . If you have a luxurious penthhouse , a very big house , or at least a big yard , some things are way far better for you in home isolation sircumstaces .

maragatero ,I am not taliking about cheating , I just say what I , and imo every sensible person , would try to do if things got worse , a lot worse , in a time of crisis , either it's a health crisis , or an economical crisis , or a wartime , or whatever other hard times ......
I am talking about the need to IMPROVISE by ALL MEANS necessary , in order to survive .............

Someone would try to find ways to make his living , his everyday life , his situation better . Make the right decisions to help himself and the ones he loves most .Sometimes braking the law is on the schedule .

Cause in these times of crisis , you can see exagerations , lack of true social care and solidarity , the solidarity is a matter of how much money you have , what job you have and how many $$$$ there are still in the national treasury . Every next month during this crisis , things get worse and worse for national wealth , your wealth , the odds to receive help by the ones you know or the state .

Wealthy men like Patrick , more rich , multimillionaires or billionaires have solved their problems , more or less . In times of crises , like thiswe have now , they are prepared to deal with it , they have money , they have power . For example now , these wealthy people don't worry about the rediculously low fines for not compliance with the isolation measures , they have many big properties and villas to stay at in home isolation , have parties everyday there with bi****s and friends , live like kings . Also they have their food supplies or farms or they have invested in small industries/craftsmanships or stocks in warehouses or big industries etc , they don't care if food shops close someday .

But people like me have to care about these very little things in life , food , medics , bills , taxes , insurance .
And in such crazy times like the ones we live now , even for the need to go outside , alone or with friends to have some fun ....... Poor people are victimised in these times ... Police and judge system discrimination for law imposement , totalitarian exaggerations ... We have to find a way to deal with crazy restrictions , like the ones regarding total (not just legulated Blink) forbiddance of outdoor activity or presence !!!!

The will to survive must be stronger than any fear !!!!!!!!!!!

 maragatero31/03/2020 01:40:36 GMT
You started the threads few days ago, thinking that the covid19 was a joke. Now you think that it isn´t a joke, but the measure are crazy restrictions. In a few days you might think that the treatment or the vaccine is taking too long to arrive because the authorities do everything wrong. Each of us live the duel in its own way and with its times, but you stayed on the first step: denial! Be safe bro!
 antonis32131/03/2020 14:22:43 GMT
Posted by maragatero:
You started the threads few days ago, thinking that the covid19 was a joke. Now you think that it isn't a joke, but the measure are crazy restrictions. In a few days you might think that the treatment or the vaccine is taking too long to arrive because the authorities do everything wrong. Each of us live the duel in its own way and with its times, but you stayed on the first step: denial! Be safe bro!

Maragatero ..... No I didn't say sth like that . Never said it is a joke . I talked about the exaggerations , and the lack of willing by the governments to deal with this virus (so it makes you think , is it so dangerous virus or not?? Because thei powerfull ones' decision don't show actual fear for this situation...) , these are the ''jokes'' , not the virus or the deaths !!!!. Also the fake social solidarity these days , their selective memory , as well as the fake caring of the healthcare system for the poor , even in these times .

Denial ?? About what exactly ???
No , whatever you say is not true at all . I first said in a thread that we should care about this virus , and that some poker players who take some protection measures are justified , and that everyone who says he doesnt care at all he's lying probable , because even for a common cold we take precautions . . I also said at the beginning that I didn't think this is a manmade virus , also from the beginning I didn't like all these totalitarian kind of measures , foe the sheep kind of sitizen . Next days , seeing the ecsalation of all the exaggerations , I became more aggressive towards the very scared (without obvious reason) people , the panicked people/sheep . and the government propaganda . Also I changed my mind , I started thinking that this might be a man made virus , because I read some thing about the first version of this COVVID-19 virus , also appeared in China , their laboratories , the accusations of US officials , the chinese controversial behavior , I read some things about virus kind of laboratories , chemical and nuclear arsenal , MAD dogma , etc, etc , etc . Also it is normal states or people to seek ultimate power , use every mean necessary to prevail , even viruses , after gasses and nuclear weapons .

I used to see only old women and psychopaths in the streets with extreme precautions , now unfortunatelly I see so many people , even young people . Do these younge fellows know anything about who is getting more or at the most infected by this virus ?? Either not or they are stupid , simply as that .

I never dienied the existence of this virus , the victims it has cause , never said anything about victims , dead or just infected . I only said where this virus is more dangerour or not , when they should have taken measures and why they didn't , why they drive us crazy with this virus (as if it's the first time a pandemia takes place , or there aren't other illnesses with extreme kill/fdeath rates . To these illnesses and infections , the 39.000 deaths by coronavirus cannot be compared....... ) .

I decided not to keep on talking about this controversial social or governemnt behavior (in Greece and similar kind of countries , but also at a certain grade in other countries ) , cause people don't hear or see or read anything different that the propaganda that the government feeds them . Also they misread what you say , I cannot explain 1.000.000 times the same things again and again . Either you understand what I mean or you don't (because you cannot or you don't want to listen in reality ) .

That's the truth about what I have said . Please maragatero , don't change and alter deliberately the meaning of what I have said . Angry
 dule-vu31/03/2020 18:50:10 GMT
cant remember of that post where he did say that,but we all know who did write something like that and that this virus is joke and lie and everything else!you maragatero know what I am talking about and who is that member!
no matter how rich you are,we can still make small things that all of this stop soon!
 maragatero01/04/2020 01:58:10 GMT
Oh, you want to talk about our little Trump partner! But he is unique, is out of any comparison with other mobster´s saying. I think (really I hope) that he is telling that brutal things (like: all is a lie!) because he found one prolific mode of making a chat. I hope he is doing all that he needs to be safe! And that is what I was telling about this situation. We have to assume that this is it, and we are not scientistic to discussing the measures...
 CALICUL01/04/2020 12:25:02 GMT
I am bored since i stay at home and i would like to go outside faster. In the house i do not like to make exercises but outside is more beautiful. This war between Trump and the globalists is provoking this ugly thing and coronavirus is a joke. Most people die of cancer, diabetes, kidney problems, heart or flu.
 dule-vu01/04/2020 19:25:08 GMT
maragatero I hope that this spam about corona in every thread will stop or that admin will stop this!in every thread we read fake news from one member,how this is big lie,how this isnt anythig big and so on!somebody will think that this is truth,which isnt!I also think that people have big panic about it,but ofcourse that every person need to be careful about it!
 maragatero03/04/2020 03:57:55 GMT
Yes dule-vu, you surely knows the theory of Elisabeth Kübler Ross abouts the five stages of the duel: denial, anger, negotiation, depression, acceptance. And those are not a linear and rigid process, but one jumps of one to another stage hast to come to the final acceptance. I think that many mobsters here are running this process, and some day all will be in the final (and safe) acceptance.
 antonis32103/04/2020 05:17:40 GMT
dule-vu . Admin can do whatever he justifies and thinks as right , to protect this forum , the Mobsters or forum visitors from fake news or exaggaretions , his decisions are always respected . But , in my humble opinion , I do not believe members have spammed all threads with the corona virus related beliefs or news or facts . Only the threads where the subject is clearly about this virus and its consequences (in poker generally , or live games , or what poker player think or do these coronavirus days , the impact on sports or athletic events , etc ) . There it is allowed imo , to talk about this virus .

Everyone in the world talks about it , all news 24/7 talk about it , if anytime it happens to talk about sth else , that would be the REAL NEWS Tongue

So , if we stopped talkng about it , ti would be as we try to live in our fantasy , unrealistic , fake world , utturly out of reality .

Ofcourse I would prefer if they talked less about it in the news , everywhere . But no talking about it at all ??? , when governments take so strict decisions for isolation restricting our freedom , when more and more people become hysterical about protection , when so many businesses or businessmen deal with so many problems , losses , damages , or even weakness to keep on going and earn their living , when everything is postponed , cancelled , more and more things , day by day , be restricted or prohibited ???? ... That would be far worse than spamming , if this spam actually takes place , even if it's being done on a large scale Smile

 roeish308/05/2020 21:35:52 GMT
My mother started with this Wim Hof ice bathes. Looked into it and read all the science research on the subject. Turns out his brother that don't do all that ice bathes and breathing had the same pulse like Wim. It's probably something genetic more than anything else.
But since scientists didn't find any has done by his methods I didn't start fighting about it with my mother

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