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David Benyamine wins PartyPoker Premier League IV ($400,000)

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Posted on 19 February 2010 by "T".

Phil Laak started the final table with most chips meaning that he had accumulated the most points before the final table. Phil was closely followed by David Benyamine. Both of them had been in the top of the field since the first heats. However, it came to be Phil Laak who was the first player to drop out of the field. And shortly after, it was time for Roland De Wolfe to leave.

Daniel Negreanu was playing very well on the final table and also was the chip leader for a while. But unfortunately, Daniel was crippled by Luke Schwartch and then eliminated by David Benyamine. After that, it was time for Giovanni Safini, the online qualifier, to leave the tournament. He must have been quite satisfied with making $100,000 from the $120 he paid to take part in the PartyPoker Premier League IV satellite.

Giovanni Safini's elimination left the Sandwich-thief Luke Schwartz and high stakes pro David Benyamine playing heads-up for the first prize of the $400,000. When the heads-up started, Luke was in a big chip lead. However, it didn't take long before David Benyamine made a great read on his opponent and managed to double up. After that, the game took a turn in favor of Benyamine.

Not many hands after that Benyamine had doubled up through Schwartz, he won another big pot with a higher straight that his opponent. Suddenly, Luke Schwartz was far behind in chips and desperate to double up to stay in the game.

This is how the final hand was played out

Luke Schwartz raised it up to 80,000 before the flop and David Benyamine called.

The flop 5Spade3ClubQSpade was really cruel to Schwartz as he had flopped top pair with a bad kicker card against David's top pair with a better kicker.

David Benyamine was first out to act and he checked. Schwartz betted 70,000. Benyamine then raised it up to 210,000. In just a few seconds Schwartz announced that he was all in. David Benyamine was thinking for quite some time before he finally decided to make the call.

The turn card 7Heart and river card 6Heartwas to no help for Luke Schwartz who got eliminated in second place. David Benyamine is now the new PartyPoker Premier League champion and $400,000 richer!


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20 comments on "David Benyamine wins PartyPoker Premier League IV ($400,000)"

 Flippedchips19/02/2010 13:24:38 GMT
good stuff i like david hes a great player, i know its crazy hes french Blink but i really like this guy hes makes some great moves his bluffs are great seems like a nice guy to
 jporp19/02/2010 13:26:13 GMT
David is a good poker player. Solid player. Really like to watch him in High Stakes poker.
 Fackinas19/02/2010 13:53:28 GMT
What it finished so fast? I can not believe it ... Wich place took Tony G, Mmm I think I will download all sesion and watch it Smile Congrats David..
 ierons19/02/2010 14:08:49 GMT
David est une véritable vipère au poker, faut vraiiment faire attention a lui... il est redoutable et ne ressens aucune compassion !

il reste toujours de marbe ! et ne ressent rien pour ses adversaires...
 webophil19/02/2010 15:38:55 GMT
French poker players are proud!!! After P. Bruel, David is the next world champion... We hope that! Big Smile Big Smile Cool Cool Tongue
 LanceP19/02/2010 17:44:31 GMT
Yes very soilid player dave is indeed, i played a poker tournement in a casino in cardiff, finished 7th place Smile not bad for my first live tournement.
 xzilvinas19/02/2010 18:55:36 GMT
well... to win 400.000 is not easy... I wish I can win 1/10 someday that he made...
 SuperNoob20/02/2010 03:29:51 GMT
surprised to see Laak bust so early after a great start to the tournament, but congrats to david

Giovanni Safini's elimination left the Sandwich-thief Luke Schwartz

lmao n1
 marjuel20/02/2010 06:20:04 GMT
lmfao ty me2
 mazas20/02/2010 12:43:17 GMT
good job for him and good pot
 shaded20/02/2010 13:15:24 GMT
I wasnt cheering for him but he won Tongue good job for him :]] 400k is good payoff hehehe
 MANUEDO20/02/2010 13:57:21 GMT
Maybe the only french player who can fight against other pros; I like his way to stay at table: compliments Smile
 DAGOR20/02/2010 14:42:52 GMT
Hello everybody!
Many say that David Benyamine is the best poker French player and in all the variants. He proved that they had probably right. I'd like to see him play more.
See you soon for new posts! Smile
 lucky120420/02/2010 14:48:24 GMT
không biết diễn đàn có cấm viết tiếng Việt không nhưng tôi cứ viết vì tiếng Anh củatôi hơi kém mong các bạn thông cảm. Nếu ai hiểu được tiếng Việt thì pm tôi nhé hihi
 oliver08229821/02/2010 09:57:03 GMT
such a fiting ending...

Posted by Flippedchips:
good stuff i like david hes a great player, i know its crazy hes french Blink but i really like this guy hes makes some great moves his bluffs are great seems like a nice guy to

its a nice way to start a year...
 B1gfoot21/02/2010 11:08:19 GMT
This man sucked up all the poker talent france had to offer, now he has it all and they have none.
Such a great player, well deserved.
 Fakiry22/02/2010 13:47:40 GMT
A good kicker can decide the winner of a tournament, and here is the proof. Its not a very nice way to loose a tourney, we always keep thinking what could hae happened in a further hand if we had not bet it all on that. I believe Luke Schwartz is not really sad because the second prize was also ver good!!!
 xxxbchxxx22/02/2010 15:38:51 GMT
Out thats poor luck heads up.
first prize of the $400,000 thats yeah!
One day matey one day....
 LaBaiz22/02/2010 20:28:39 GMT
wow, great call by david benjamin, an all in call with just a top pair, could be pretty tough, didn't think he would get that far.
 dorinba22/02/2010 21:15:52 GMT
He seems to be a good player, I want win the same money too, but I undesrstand that is not so easy

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