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Swede takes home EPT Copenhagen

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Posted on 22 February 2010 by "T".

After 5 days of play, it finally came to be poker pro Anton Wigg, 22, from Stockholm, Sweden, who took down EPT Copenhagen and the first place prize of 3,675,000 DKK (about $670,000). Wigg played very well on the final table and it looked like nothing could stop him for a while. However, when the final table was down to heads-up, Wigg had a really hard time against his final opponent Francesco de Vivo.

Wigg was big favorite to take down many big pots against Vivo, but unfortunately the luck wasn't on his side anymore, and suddenly, he was almost out of the tournament. Then everything took a turn again and Wigg started taking down pot after pot. After that Wigg had doubled up a few times, he and his opponent had even stacks again. And after 3,5 hours of play, it all came to an end.

Anton Wigg betted 285,000 on the button. Francesco de Vivo raised to 800,000. Wigg moves all in, Vivo called the all in.

De Vivo: KDiamond 10Spade
Wigg: AHeart JDiamond

Board: QHeart 9Heart QDiamond 2Diamond 8Heart

This time the best hand held up. A very well deserved win for Anton Wigg!

Final table results
1. Anton Wigg (3,675,000 DKK)
2. Francesco de Vivo (2,275,000 DKK)
3. Morten Klein (1,400,000DKK)
4. Yorane Kerignard (1,050,000DKK)
5. Richard Loth (715,000DKK)
6. Roberto Romanello (570,000DKK)
7. Morten Guldhammer (425,000DKK)
8. Jesper Petersen (282,800DKK)
9. Magnus Borg Hansen (215,000DKK)


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9 comments on "Swede takes home EPT Copenhagen"

 Fakiry22/02/2010 13:40:28 GMT
Something is not right at the text. By the way you show last hand, the winner was De Vivo! Don't forget to arrange it before more notice it.
 SuperNoob22/02/2010 15:16:45 GMT
well done fighting back in headsup and winning the tournament, though his opponent played very well too.
it looks alright to me, maybe they hav rectified it now
 NanoGrinder22/02/2010 19:51:43 GMT
$670k sounds like a nice bankroll boost. Of course, winning a tournament like that means more than just the prize money. Some corporation, say online poker site, might be interested in offering him staking for further live tournaments in case he does not already have a sponsor. In any case, winning something like that is a merit for any tournament player.
 Fackinas22/02/2010 19:55:35 GMT
Posted by Fakiry:
Something is not right at the text. By the way you show last hand, the winner was De Vivo! Don't forget to arrange it before more notice it.

 LaBaiz22/02/2010 20:38:18 GMT
well well, i thought i would see peter eastgate or Elky at the final table, but none of them survived. Congrats to the swede that won this one. Great job.
 mazas23/02/2010 14:46:44 GMT
good win good call and strong hands have both Smile
good pot win and players who play isnt very well known some new poker players at the final table but its really good job for all off them

good luck all Smile
 raducuul23/02/2010 15:05:01 GMT
of course sweeds are playing better and better every year...

dunno how but they always end up at the final tables and in some cases like this one a sweed wins the big pot...what's the cause ? Smile
 MANUEDO23/02/2010 15:55:29 GMT
I really mind for Francesco de Vivo; it was first partecipation in an EPT tournament and he had sponsorship to pay his roll only few days before the start. It was a dream for him and I'm sure he will dream again.

Forza grandissimo Francesco Smile
 ZmxPowah24/02/2010 01:28:24 GMT
It's always nice when someone win a big prize ...
Heh really sweet one to get... for sure he will enjoy that money ^^.
p.s ofc i don't know anyone like always xD

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