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Negreanu's attack on Phil Hellmuth's way of playing poker

Tags: attack, bracelets, daniel negreanu, Phil Hellmuth, poker hall of fame, wsop.
Posted on 04 March 2010 by "T".

Phil Hellmuth, 45, has won millions of dollars and 11 WSOP bracelets through his career so far. He was inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame back in 2007 which confirms what a successful player he is. However, in the past few years - things have not gone Phil's way at the poker table, and every time we hear about him lately - it's usually about him crying out load after a "bad beat". According to Daniel Negreunu, Phil must wake up and realize that poker has changed and that one must adjust to how its being played these days.

"The big difference between Phil and me, is that I can see how the game has changed and that I have to adjust my game as well to be able to continue playing. Phil thinks that its enough to brush his teeth, do some yoga and eat healthy food in order to continue being a winning player. He really believes that its enough with a possitive attitude. Instead one should learn to play better poker." says Daniel Negreanu in an interview.

he continues..

"All strategies have their weaknesses. I look at all those weaknesses and check how they affect me. This will open up many new opportunities for me, which I can use against my opponents."


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45 comments for "Negreanu''s attack on Phil Hellmuth''s way of playing poker"

 Skedenj04/03/2010 10:10:05 GMT
Phil Hellmuth is still very good player... you should be scared if you seat at same table Big Smile
 jevo04/03/2010 10:12:44 GMT
Phil Hellmuth is an arsehole.
 shokaku04/03/2010 10:18:19 GMT
Daniel "I stack off with a weak overpair on a dangerous board" Negreanu attacks other players style of poker? Nice one.
 Flippedchips04/03/2010 11:11:41 GMT
 xxxbchxxx04/03/2010 11:28:55 GMT
Daniel is a great player and defo knows his stuff! Phil should listern to what he's being told and improve his game no end.
Phil is just a poker playing mouth and always has been its just that there wasnt as many people to listern to him back then...when he won all his bracelets..lol
Dan rules Phil sucks....same old same.
Its hard for pro's to take advice but Phil needs all the help he can get so taking advice is the first step to helping yourself.
 dozn0104/03/2010 12:16:47 GMT
wow daniels letting rip here with this statement, think hellmuth should take the hint
 Hajinnho04/03/2010 12:57:48 GMT
Hellmuth is really kind of "old-fashioned". I think he would be able to manage that, that he knows how to play is no question at all. But he has to stop blaming other people for busting out of a tournament and be more responsible himself
 Davoodoo04/03/2010 13:42:25 GMT
Hell mouth ...
 smds04/03/2010 15:03:33 GMT
Hellmuth is just ignorant towards the way poker recently developed. He might have been good once... but since the online pokerboom, he just can't cope anymore.
 GIOMi604/03/2010 15:07:00 GMT
Hellmuth is a veteran if he plays old style. He must acknowledge that poker nowadays has progressed. He must not sit still,but learn to play new style Poker.
 DaMessiah66604/03/2010 15:18:52 GMT
Negreanu is a very charming guy, of course, but I don't believe that he is always studying how poker is evolving ... reading books, watching tournaments, ... I think he's using a psichological strategy to sink Hellmuth down
 jporp04/03/2010 16:11:39 GMT
Hellmut is a good tournament player. Playing cash games he always lose. I´m not a fan of hellmuth´s poker skills.
 fcumred04/03/2010 16:16:11 GMT
when Negreanu has won the number of WSOP holdem bracelets that Hellmuth has won then he can talk..

Until then he should shut his mouth
 doomdy04/03/2010 16:36:09 GMT
Phil Hellmuth is one off the biggest icons in poker, luv or hate him.
11 bracelets is unreal, if he can win a 12th one isnt important he will still allways be the man.

Anyway i understand wot Negreanu is saying, Phil made fun off himself during many hgih stakes poker, did some terrible play and also against Negreanu, allthought its great for television Hellmuth shudnt whine so much thought its part off his presence and great to watch.

Anyway, I luv Phil, i cant stop laughing with vids like:
''Honey this guy called my raise preflop with QTo'' and
''I am poker, you cant even spell poker!!!"

So in my opinion Negreanu has to look at his own game and dont have to trashtalk icons like Phil Hellmuth. I kinda hate trashtalk anyway between great poker players so this is just an example.

 Fakiry04/03/2010 16:44:40 GMT
Negreanus as his reason that all strategies have their wicknesses, but that, allied to what he have already won in his poker carreer, still dont give him the right to criticize Phil, which is a much more experient player than he his. So things dont run good all the time, happens to everyone...
 teteban04/03/2010 16:51:16 GMT
I think Negreanu has a point in that he, unlike Helmuth, can adjust to the game. Helmuth is still playing his really tight game, and really does not adjust to loose players calling him with crap. But then again, many pros still play this style, the thing is they just don't explode like the Brat does...so they are no news
 psycokiller04/03/2010 23:45:08 GMT
Siince Danial and Hellmuth both played @ the Party Poker Open, and both are playing @ High Stakes Poker, Dan is very familiar with Hellmuth's style. I'd say that the advise is sound and should be acted upon. Hellmuth has been very quite since his eleventh braclet which does suggest change is in order.
 mindhacker7604/03/2010 23:52:57 GMT
This is how good Phil Helmuth is in Cash Games:
 sensao8705/03/2010 00:08:51 GMT
daniel negreanu is the best, i like when phil gets angry lol
 Flippedchips05/03/2010 01:57:21 GMT
Im just wondering when did phil win his last bracelet was it not bloody ages ago like 10 year or something? im really not sure. but u do see all the pros saying the same as dan
 KoldShadow05/03/2010 03:49:14 GMT
Haha, I don't think there is anything wrong with playing tight, but if you don't know when to loosen up, you'll get perceived as a rock and get no action. PRETENDING to be loose at exactly the right time usually pays dividends for me, of course these opportunities are seldom and changing up gears works occasionally when nothing else does. I also agree with DaMessiah666; this comment from one pro to another is more a mind trick than anything else. Nobody knows Hellmuth's style better than him, and he should do what he thinks is best, regardless of what his competition thinks/says. Just my opinion but switching up your style because someone else says so can BACKFIRE!
 lecorbu05/03/2010 04:01:16 GMT
[QUOTE]Posted by Skedenj:
Phil Hellmuth is still very good player... you should be scared if you seat at same table Big Smile [/QUOTE
 watoba05/03/2010 08:45:59 GMT
I don´t like helmuth but he is a very good tournament player but a bad cashgame player.I think that is was daniel wanted say to helmuth thats he is not a good allrounder.For me is daniel the better player
 SuperNoob05/03/2010 10:02:17 GMT
think negreanu is absolutely right, phil is a donk at cash games and should realise it soon. in all previous seasons all he's done is whine whine. but it surely is fun to watch him tilt
 mazas05/03/2010 11:50:49 GMT
phil is still good but he start strange play and sometimes like donkey he try to win and was easy beaten negreanu is on hard work now he is one off the poker leader at this time in the world but we must wait and i think he never will win so more as phil done
good luck all
 schmoyster05/03/2010 12:22:58 GMT
Here is a message from Negreanu's twitter:
Very proud of @phil_hellmuth.Just got off the phone with him and he's decided to work on his game. I'll be rooting for him.He's good 4 poker
 Miloutre05/03/2010 14:54:53 GMT
Phil's an old school donk
 LaBaiz05/03/2010 16:06:34 GMT
I think that daniel negreanu is right about hellmuth. Especially at cash tables he is pretty bad. But still he is an amazing player.
 MANUEDO05/03/2010 17:21:04 GMT
I like both of them and for sure if I broosh my teeth I won't ever score these goals; for sure game has chenged a bit ( like happens in every kind of sport ) but before retiring I think Phil Hellmuth will win for a long time more.
 GabeKaplan06/03/2010 07:47:00 GMT
phil won most of the bracelets when they were small fields, not like todays fields, I dont think phil will win another for many years, he needs to stop being a cry baby and play poker
 DAGOR06/03/2010 10:38:53 GMT
Hello everybody!
Yes Phil Helmuth probably continues to be a very good player. But compare the best current player I think he is far behind. It is just good at plucking fans now.
See you soon for new posts lol!
 catavl06/03/2010 16:58:37 GMT
Well i think that negreanu is the best poker player I seen. But I do not agree. Online poker has changed but at the table the same thing.
 ierons07/03/2010 05:57:09 GMT
"Phil Hellmuth is still very good player... you should be scared if you seat at same table'

he's a fucking idiot ya !

 Tchungpo07/03/2010 16:56:54 GMT
lol, seems that Hellmuth need to make a big cash soon to be gain respect back
 MARCEL12308/03/2010 01:02:42 GMT
all due respect, but helmuth isnt that great at all.. he always complains about how people suck out on him. if he doesnt like this, he should bet properly and stop trying to slowplay every nice hand!

negreanu with his smallball poker is, i think, the better player..
 911insidejob08/03/2010 03:43:02 GMT
Got to love Daniel a great Canadian player love it...the hell with that whinny baby Phil
 RMBKK08/03/2010 06:54:36 GMT
daniel is right, he's too old to be playing any more..
 pmgignac08/03/2010 14:22:38 GMT
i realy think dan's right
its a good advice and phil should pay attention to it
he realy have to improve is game play
cuz the way he plays dont seems to work these days
and he realy should stop blamming others for his lost
no one forced im all-in ...did by is one... so who's to blame
 smds08/03/2010 14:26:11 GMT
Posted by pmgignac:
and he realy should stop blamming others for his lost

But it is way funnier when he does blame others... even if he's wrong (which he is in a majority of the cases).

So I don't really like him and don't appreciate him as a poker player but he is still fun to watch.
 Byzza2112/03/2010 11:44:49 GMT
Daniel is a very good player and he is right....all good players from the past years have adapted to the playing requirements...we cannot compare the limit hold'em played in David Sklansky's time with the kind of limit poker played today at online tables...
 baxter0126/03/2010 07:50:11 GMT
daniel hasss nothing on hellmuth, id like to see them play against eachotehr for a long session. i think hellmuth would destroy him . daniel sounds like a little wuss that need a good hit in the head from phil. hey daniel how many bracelettes you got?
 paulparadiis26/03/2010 08:59:53 GMT
Posted by baxter01:
daniel hasss nothing on hellmuth, id like to see them play against eachotehr for a long session. i think hellmuth would destroy him . daniel sounds like a little wuss that need a good hit in the head from phil. hey daniel how many bracelettes you got?

 IslandJack26/03/2010 15:39:14 GMT
Spent some time on Youtube looking at Hellmuth.
Just type hellmuth Meltdown...
Funny stuff. He just doesn't get the agreesive type of play that comes from the Internet, I guess.
 SimpLe-SI12/05/2010 04:40:33 GMT
if i ever got to play at the WSOP and was sitting with hellmuth, i would slow roll the shit out of him if i got the opportunity just to see him whine and cry
 mazas12/05/2010 07:53:15 GMT
Phil still can win some but he plays to many cards combines and use to many bluffs so all know this style off Phil play and now he was easy knocked out Smile
so he must change his style

good luck all

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