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Full Tilt introduces Rush Poker Tournaments

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Posted on 23 April 2010 by "T".

Rush Poker has been a huge success since it was introduced at Full Tilt Poker a couple of months ago. Now, Full Tilt Poker has taken Rush Poker a step further as it is now available in tournament mode as well. The Rush Poker tournaments can at the moment be played in the games Holdem and Omaha and up to 136 players can take part in single tournament. However, the buy-in is quite low for the tournaments that are available at the moment. 

The Rush Poker tournaments are similar to a Rush Poker ring games. You can fold/quick fold and you will be moved to a new table in the blink of an eye. When less than 30 players are left in a Rush Poker tournament, the remaining tables will become short-handed. And when the tournament is down to the final table, it will be played like any other final table. In other words, more time to act and get to know your opponents. 


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39 comments on "Full Tilt introduces Rush Poker Tournaments"

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» Full Tilt introduces Rush Poker Tournaments

 LADYJOKER88823/04/2010 19:20:45 GMT
WELL,me myslef ladyjoker888 i kind of like it. It takes skills and knowing when to fold playing this game so if you have a bad hand u have options to fold and try again. its your choice you have to make the right disscission
 Funope23/04/2010 20:33:58 GMT
I like fast games and when you use extra software u can see what kind of opponents they are.
 DAGOR23/04/2010 20:52:31 GMT
Hello everybody!
It's paradise donk. Lol No, actually, is a paradise for sharks. In your opinion?
See you soon for new posts lol!
 Kristan23/04/2010 20:56:05 GMT
Posted by jporp:
Posted by Kristan:
LMAO - this is not poker anymore.

Thats a way to make more money. Don't like Rush Sad

It is indeed, you are right Thumbs Up .

People play tourneys for a reason, and that reason is to have a good quality play to some good Dollar ! When it comes to rush tourneys now and as it is low buy ins ONLY - then I dont see either of them - NO quality, NO money.
 Pitiless23/04/2010 22:47:04 GMT
poker doesnt need to keep the same way forever
congratulations full tilt for making it evolve or expanding it into new horizons
 psycokiller24/04/2010 01:05:59 GMT
If you don't like rush poker, then this is not for u
 ibarra24/04/2010 05:05:32 GMT

I tired it once and lose at the beginning of the game. But eventually regain and win some at the end. One tip I can give is to play tight and play only monster hands.
 geckolux24/04/2010 14:38:02 GMT
rfuh poker is really cool, fater, u can play tight, aggresive,... Its the new way of poker
 IslandJack24/04/2010 15:36:15 GMT
I like all the new Full Tilt ideas.
Like everyone says, if you don't want to play...don't... Smile

Rush really helped me make my points furing Take 2.
Cash wise I came out even. Confused
Staying away from it now because you can lose money real fast if you're noT paying attention.

Curious about the tourney idea. Will probably give it a go to see how it plays.I mean definitely give it a go.

Full Tilt is going nuts right now! I like the Steps, but haven't had a chance yet as I'm clearing bonuses on Party now. I will definitely lay those!! Blink

Canj anyone tell me where to find these Rush tourneys?

I've updated the software, but can't locate them in the menus. Confused

Found it!
Nevermind the question.
 leroi2124/04/2010 17:53:13 GMT
the tournament that it pure bingo at fulltilt is a rush poker knockout bounty and super turbo you have 300 that what i call bingo !!
 Hajinnho24/04/2010 22:15:55 GMT
Posted by Kristan:
LMAO - this is not poker anymore.

but its a really funny thing to do Big Smile
 ierons24/04/2010 22:32:24 GMT
Posted by Pitiless:
poker doesnt need to keep the same way forever
congratulations full tilt for making it evolve or expanding it into new horizons

OMG !! How can you said that Confused Confused Confused

Rush Poker is a hell of a drug ! Angry
 GabeKaplan25/04/2010 08:20:45 GMT
Posted by Kristan:
LMAO - this is not poker anymore.

not even, i do not like rush, I just stick to original game which is called "BEER"
 erik197025/04/2010 10:26:45 GMT
it seems that now a days they all play BINGO Blink
i always get beat latly by the worst f hand posible Big Smile
 CiCoro25/04/2010 14:35:38 GMT
I love it! Always hated the minute you wait when you fold a hand and playing a couple of table in ring-game never worked for me..
 doomdy25/04/2010 15:50:05 GMT
argh this sounds so bad ''rush mtt poker'' Sad
 goliathfirst25/04/2010 16:50:01 GMT
anyone tried one of thsee tournaments, i think i might try and low buy in one just to see what its like...
 leroi2125/04/2010 19:21:10 GMT
lol but i think that im gonna try a 4$ 135 players just for fun and maybe be a little bit lucky and expand my bankroll
 Mast3rKush26/04/2010 02:27:36 GMT
Anybody having any luck shipping one of these? Its a donkfest/nitfest at the same time.... one table you'll get 3bet by Q8o, next table you get 3bet thinking its another fish being an idiot.. get it in only to find your JJ is crushed by AA lol.
i played about 25 so far in the last few days,... just got a 3rd 5 mins ago (my KTs gets pow'd by aggro monkeys K7o.. he hit trip 7s... LDO. Also had two 5th place, one 7th and prob about 3 or 4 barely cashed in like 13th/14th and the rest got donked out early on no cash.
The question is... are they long term profitable? Doubt it cuz i cant really multitable more than 2 unlike the 90 or 180 mans... or pick up any reads on anyone for that matter.
Nonetheless. prob still guna faff with it for a couple days until the novelty of reaching a final table in 45 mins wears off lol Cool
 Bjorntjee26/04/2010 09:22:03 GMT
Well, I liked the Rush poker ring games.. because you don't have a big wait Smile
But the rush poker MTT are big donkfest & it's a waste
 Hajinnho26/04/2010 13:08:51 GMT
the text says micro stakes?! But the lobby shows them for 44$ if i am right......... 44$ are micros?! wow...
 xxxbchxxx26/04/2010 13:16:07 GMT
Sounds odd.
But i'll defo give it a go. I'm not sure if it will play that well as if you are quick folding then surly you will see more hands than others??? could be a good advantage and a pit full?
Final table in 45 min... sounds good.
 andres606126/04/2010 18:17:03 GMT
This poker is a lottery, I do not like
 B1gfoot26/04/2010 18:54:58 GMT
i like times..not when iv AQs and some donk cant let PP44 go to hit on the river when he is all in on the flop wiht AQ7...
Also 1 task to compleat for academy, 1344 hands and no pp >88 or AQ AK in EP...sheesh.
 SuperNoob01/05/2010 06:45:44 GMT
i think fulltilt are going too ahead with this idea of theirs,
but ill definitely give it a try once to see how it goes, but i think i might not like this bingo style of poker

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