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Rescheduled: May 10th Party Poker WSOP Freeroll

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Posted on 11 May 2010 by "K".

Party PokerDue to a human error at Party Poker, our WSOP freeroll for May 10th didn't go as planned. Unfortunately, mistakes sometimes happen, so there's nothing else to do than to reschedule and give it another go.

We intend to reschedule the May 10th freeroll for Thursday May 13th instead. It's possible that the tournament will start 5-15 minutes later than usual, since we will be having two WSOP freerolls on Thursday (the normal one, and the one from May 10th).

As usual, all Mob members who will be playing any given night, will receive an e-mail reminder from us a few hours before.

If for some reason you are not able to make it for Thursday, and you were supposed to play May 10th, then all you have to do, is not show up. Instead, send an e-mail to wsop (at) and we will find another date for you. Of course we cannot offer you a second chance if you happen to actually play in the tournament on Thursday and not qualify, so only send us an e-mail and ask for a new date, in case you cannot play on Thursday.

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8 comments on "Rescheduled: May 10th Party Poker WSOP Freeroll"

 mazas12/05/2010 07:44:05 GMT
good decision for all who want to try his luck hope all will play and enjoy this free promo

good luck all
 Kristan12/05/2010 08:27:32 GMT
I will have to send the email then, I didnt got time to play it even yesterday lol. But good it can be rescheduled. Thanks BRM Blink
 DaMessiah66612/05/2010 14:13:18 GMT
Great! I was very shocked because i came back home a little late (like always) and tournament didn't started. I thought it was my fault but i can see i was wrong. Thanks for the rescheduling Smile
See you there. By the way, mazas you played yesterday as well, didn't you??
 dlkiv12/05/2010 14:18:05 GMT
Thats great news to all who did not get to play Smile Good luck kiddies Cool
 schwabo12/05/2010 16:29:01 GMT
Hi.I am also late that day and didn't find tournament,I was thinking that tourney is over but great news is rescheduling Thumbs Up Worship Worship Dollar Worship Worship
 Germoney8012/05/2010 21:07:51 GMT
i also was confused, thats a good solution. thank you!
 Fakiry13/05/2010 15:55:42 GMT
If there was a problem i think you do well in reorganize it again, that way no one can say anything, it the same chance to everybody.
 SuperNoob04/06/2010 05:19:30 GMT
thts very nice of brm to reschedule and then inform players of the change too. mistakes do occur but its more important to clear the mess lol

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