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WPT Grand Prix Paris Day 4: Jorgensen Surges to Massive Chip Lead

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Posted on 13 May 2010 by "K".

There were 25 players who began day 4 of the World Poker Tour Grand Prix de Paris with the hopes of bagging the first prize which was worth €633,902.  The day ended with eight players in the finals with each player being guaranteed of not lower than €70,000 along with their position in the event at the first WPT which will be televised by MatchRoom Sports.  Theo Jorgensen led the way when the match had been decided during the early hours of the morning.

Jorgensen did not waver all day and had his chip stack between 700,000 to 1,100,000 in the first 6 hours at the finals table.  It was when the two tables joined that Jorgensen ensured the other players that the final bust-out of the night will not take more than 6 hours.

After getting four-bet to 500,000 during a pre-flop raising by Ilan Boujeneh, Jorgensen was resolute in putting it all in with his pocket jacks, which apparently was stronger to Boujenah’s AHeart 9Heart. Boujenah’s hand had no chance as the board had 6Spade 4Spade QSpade 4Club 2Club which eliminated the young Frenchman to the 9th spot and earned around €60,000.  Jorgensen took a huge pot and had a total of 2.7 million chips.

The play from ten to nine felt as if it took forever.  During the early afternoon, the play was mostly fast-paced in which those with huge stacks maintained their stacks all the while busting those with shorter stacks.

An interesting hand involved Arnaud Mattern and Bruno Lopes.  Lopes three-betted a preflop in which Mattern made the call.  The two players decided to check on the 8Heart 8Diamond 9Diamond flop as the 3Diamond hit the turn. Mattern decided to bet 78,000 only to have Lopes raised all in for about 200,000 plus.  Mattern was able to gather the courage to call and placed the KHeart KClub which was higher than Lopes' AHeart JDiamond hand. The river 3Spade turned out in Mattern’s favor and elevated Mattern’s chip count to be just under a million.

Antony Lellouce, Andrew Teng, Quinn Sivage, Thomas Neilson and Patrick Bruel were among those were not able to earn a spot in the finals table.

Bruel, a French celebrity as well as a poker hero in Paris had many supporters that were rooting for him at the Aviation Club.  Sadly, Bruel only managed to finish 12th place.  He was being picked on by Arnaud Mattern and Antoine Amourette.  He made his stand having a pocket tens on an eight high board when Ilan Boujenah bluffed and raised all in having AHeart 6Club hand. The 8Club was the turn and the river was a lucky ADiamond for Boujenah sending Bruel to the rail.

Here is the stack up for the final table:

Seat 1: Mickael Guenni - 538,000

Seat 2: Theo Jorgensen - 2,693,000
Seat 3: Antoine Amourette - 489,000

Seat 4: Per Linde - 584,000
Seat 5: Jimmy Ostensson - 436,000

Seat 6: Nourredine Aïtaleb - 810,000
Seat 7: Fabrice Touil - 1,183,000
Seat 8: Arnaud Mattern - 678,000

There will be an extended break for the players before the final table.  This will be held on Saturday at the Aviation Club de France at 3 p.m. where the WPT Grand Prix de Paris champion will be crowned.

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8 comments on "WPT Grand Prix Paris Day 4: Jorgensen Surges to Massive Chip Lead"

 leroi2113/05/2010 20:27:54 GMT
its very sad for patrick bruel and all is supporters going out this way is never good
maybe next years patrick Sad
 Calmplay13/05/2010 21:01:58 GMT
Posted by leroi21:
its very sad for patrick bruel and all is supporters going out this way is never good
maybe next years patrick Sad

Haha yeah, I was also following Bruel's progress during this event... he had a good amount of chips and was sitting in the average... then... Sad

Better luck next time Pat Cool
 ZmxPowah13/05/2010 21:22:04 GMT
That's really nice ammount of chips but time will show who will win.
Everything can easy change ^^ but it always feel nice to have such stack ^^.
 mazas14/05/2010 08:04:08 GMT
huge lead he have some luck some good played hands and chips count so big stack so hope he will collect more and win it

good luck all
 SonFelix14/05/2010 09:33:06 GMT
Chip lead is the greatest thing you can think of when thinking about poker tournament Tongue Heart

You can rule the table and steal those blinds Thumbs Up

So Jorgensen is now the king of those tables anad going to win this shit
 DAGOR16/05/2010 13:42:36 GMT
Hello everybody!
Will the French are relying on you guys. COME ON BOYS
See you soon for new posts lol!
 MANUEDO16/05/2010 15:33:36 GMT
Arnaud Mattern, even if is short, is really dangerous. I hoped to see some of my favourites one in this FT but it isn't so.
 leroi2116/05/2010 19:46:26 GMT
soo who win this tourney my man patrick was eliminated in 12 Sad
do Jorgensen keep to play great poker and take the first place and the big amount of money that come with it

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