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High Stakes: The Ivey Room

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Posted on 25 May 2010 by "T".

The Ivey Room, a new poker room for high stakes poker games, opened up at Aria Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas last weekend. As you probably already have figure out the poker room has borrowed the name of the world's most successful poker player, Phil Ivey. The Ivey Room celebrated its opening by having a $1,000,000 VIP tournament where the player who knocked out Phil Ivey got $100,000. The winner of the tournament got the chance to play a heads-up against Phil Ivey for $250,000.

Chino Reem was the one who knocked out Phil Ivey from the tournament, and Larry Litton won the tournament and got to play against Phil Ivey. However, he didn't manage to beat Phil Ivey heads up. We will probably hear a lot more about The Ivey Room during the 2010 WSOP.


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20 comments on "High Stakes: The Ivey Room"

 DAGOR25/05/2010 13:33:34 GMT
Hello everybody!
Ah This Phil. Undiminished. Really too impressive with his eyes rolling.

See you soon for new posts lol!
 Cliffem25/05/2010 13:59:52 GMT
25 Bucks get me a seat? Blink
 shokaku25/05/2010 15:04:58 GMT
Posted by Cliffem:
25 Bucks get me a seat? Blink

I doubt it. Blink
 crackfinder25/05/2010 19:47:27 GMT
I wonder how much Ivey got out of this...
 jakamura25/05/2010 20:06:10 GMT
One buyin for HSP. Big Smile
 NaziPal26/05/2010 00:44:22 GMT
I guess this would be inevitable. I mean Phil Ivey, c'mon, what more could you ask for. They couldn't have given the room a better name in my opinion. I hope this room gets to be as prestigious as the person it got its name from.

 leroi2126/05/2010 01:08:10 GMT
imagine how many $$$$$ they give to phil ivey to name a room with is name i guest at leat a million or 2 waht your guest??
 kazman26/05/2010 06:54:17 GMT
Time to change poker room Smile
 xxxbchxxx26/05/2010 07:06:16 GMT
IVEY room... OK so wheres my room...? The BCH suite..... now thats progress.
Havent FTP got an ivey room? (there high stakes bit?)
Still good luck to him... PI that is.
I'm sure the Ivey Room will get its share of action from the high rollers that roll through Vegas.
But i do think the Ivey thing is running a little shallow now.
I mean he hasnt done much over the last few seasons has he....!
Dont get me twisted he's a hell of a player but just (as i see it ) not firing on all cylinders this year.
 lokipoker26/05/2010 07:29:40 GMT
He has cashed in almost 12 mill. in tournaments, and probably 10 times that on the tables so I dont think it is running shallow Smile

But one thing that annoys me incredibly much about him, is that he reminds me on Tiger Woods, could be his little brother or something Tongue
 mazas26/05/2010 11:56:08 GMT
yes good pot try to beat the ivey u must have huge moneys so we never do that only pros poker can play here against him and try to win

good luck all

 MANUEDO26/05/2010 13:44:40 GMT
Any scratchcard game to win a seat in it ? Are 100 posts enough to play a freeroll with a Phil Ivey room buy in as prize ? Blink
 magatt96627/05/2010 08:19:23 GMT
Posted by lokipoker:

But one thing that annoys me incredibly much about him, is that he reminds me on Tiger Woods, could be his little brother or something Tongue true
 dorinba27/05/2010 11:44:13 GMT
Why you think that they pay only 1 instant money, I think is more probably that they will give him some % money from profit all the time. But who knows, may be Im wrong.
 jporp27/05/2010 13:43:11 GMT
Posted by kazman:
Time to change poker room Smile

 Mudadzija29/05/2010 18:51:56 GMT
Phil Ivey is by far the most commercialized player on the planet. So this is nothing unusual.
 teteban30/05/2010 22:47:24 GMT
I'd love to know how much money Ivey gets just for allowing the use of his name in this room...or does he get huge comps from the casino?
 SuperNoob10/06/2010 09:03:08 GMT
wow , great to have a poker room in a casino named after you, but you gotta be pretty successful for that. he must have made nice cash for letting them use his name.
 Hajinnho10/06/2010 20:05:21 GMT
Posted by Cliffem:
25 Bucks get me a seat? Blink

25 bucks will get you a drink Big Smile A medium one of course. So no one says it would be too expensive
 youngbaboon10/06/2010 21:10:03 GMT
Nice. That would be sweet to play Ivey live in a heads up.

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