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Aria's ‘Ivey Room' renamed to ‘Table 1'

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Posted on 26 February 2019 by "T".

The Ivey Room, a private poker room that poker players have known for nine years where some of the biggest nosebleed cash games occur, is no more, at least in name.

The Ivey Room, a high-stakes poker room in Aria named after legendary yet controversial Phil Ivey that opened in May 2010, has now been renamed to simply "Table 1". This comes amidst his recent legal battle after Atlantic City's Borgata casino was given the go signal by a federal court to chase after him and take the $10.1 million he owed them for the edge-sorting case.

Last week, the Aria casino removed a plaque on its wall that says "The Ivey Room" and replaced it with a new one that simply says "Table 1." For poker vlogger Joey Ingram, this name change is somewhat uninspiring.

The Ivey Room
At the time the room was first opened in May 2010, Phil Ivey was aged 33 and deemed by many as one of the best poker players worldwide. The high-stakes private poker room was born just after a few months when posh Aria resort and casino opened its doors, and it came with a million-dollar freeroll for VIP casino gamblers.

Ivey was flattered and pleased when ARIA president and COO Bill McBeath asked him if he could lend his name to one of their exclusive high roller poker rooms, "I am honored that Bill and the entire team at ARIA have decided to place my name on their one-table high-limit room. With its recent opening in December, ARIA has established itself as a leader in the gaming industry and I look forward to playing at ARIA's Poker Room soon."

This move of Aria to have Phil Ivey's name in one of their poker rooms is an attempt to directly compete with the "The Big Game" in Bobby's Room at the Bellagio. While The Big Game has always moved throughout years (the Mirage, the Horseshoe, Sam's Town, and the Four Queens), it finally settled at the Bellagio when it opened in 1998. Named after 1978 WSOP Main Event winner and former MGM executive Bobby Baldwin, Bobby's Room opened in 2004 after the expansion of the Bellagio poker room. High-stakes cash games worth hundreds of millions of dollars have been played inside its walls, with Phil Ivey landing some sweet pots in there as he worked his way from a cash game grinder to a living poker legend.

The Ivey Room provided high rollers a direct access to the cashier's cage, a 42-inch flat-screen TV for sportsbetting wagers on the side while they play cards, and 24-hour table-side dining perks. The cage has 480 safe deposit boxes so your bankroll and wins will always be safe and secure.
For a span of nine years, the place has been witness to some of the most expensive cash games in town.

It was also a place where one big poker controversy happened - the drunken poker game that resulted to a $3-million court case between King's Casino owner Leon Tsoukernik and poker pro Matt Kirk.

While his style of play and prowess at the tables still hold true, his name however has been tainted with scandal following his legal feud with two casinos, Crockfords casino in London (which he lost) and Borgata casino in Atlantic City (the judge ordered Borgata casino to docket $10.1 million they lost from him), concerning his edge-sorting tactic with the help of his colleague Cheung Yin Sun.

The Ivey Room was also a popular place for high profile poker players to hang out, especially during the World Series of Poker season.

Time to Burn a Bridge?
Thanks to the years-long legal battle concerning Ivey's edge-sorting scheme, perhaps the only way MGM could move on was to burn bridges between them.

Even though Phil Ivey was an impressive high-stakes customer who frequented their doors, MGM took out his name and just renamed it with a generic number, a move that they really mean business.

Aria is semi-owned by MGM Resorts, which owns the Borgata casino. Is MGM therefore sending Phil Ivey a subtle message by removing his name from said poker room? From the looks of it, it's a resounding yes.



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12 comments on "Aria''s ‘Ivey Room'' renamed to ‘Table 1''"

 CALICUL26/02/2019 08:31:22 GMT
An interesting case with a despicable decision. This casino was not supposed to do this, but he allied with Borgata and made that decision. That name written in that poker room it was not related with the millions of dollars which Phil Ivey owes to the Borgata casino.
 doubletop77726/02/2019 08:38:15 GMT
I do not understand why they have done this but they must have valid reasons for doing so. I do not think that the name of the room will bother the players' playing in it and the mega gambling will still go on
 rogan1100026/02/2019 12:09:18 GMT
well it seems they made a deal.
 bowie198426/02/2019 19:43:45 GMT
I was pretty much expecting from the getgo in relation his ongoing legal battle with Borgata. I am not saying he will be shunned completely or blacklisted but there is a certain frozen air which surrounds him right now - even spectators like me could feel from all the articles written about the case, good or bad.
 pajalnick26/02/2019 20:14:22 GMT
I understand those who renamed this table with his name ... Well, of course it is unfair ... It seems to me that Phil Ivey is right about this casino ... But if the court made such a decision that he is wrong .... you need follow the decision of the court and there is nothing to change ... very sorry
 Gerimantas27/02/2019 07:33:42 GMT
Yes it is very normal business situation when know that casino where ivey won money they say illegal is owners same like this ivey room in different casino. Of course something strange thst for do long this name not change, because court is now going long time
 Mober27/02/2019 10:10:32 GMT
That is just a small impact when you do things like ivey did.
I believe it was the right decision to make, and his name must removed from
every establishment, that had him honored that way.
This of course wont change a thing, regarding the return of the money.
Lets see what will happen with this...
 bowie198427/02/2019 21:39:52 GMT
Posted by Gerimantas:
Yes it is very normal business situation when know that casino where ivey won money they say illegal is owners same like this ivey room in different casino. Of course something strange thst for do long this name not change, because court is now going long time

They just don't want be associated no more with his name. I can understand it, it just a bad outlook right now.
 Mober28/02/2019 10:35:15 GMT
Regardless of the court rulings,you can make your own mind, by knowing the facts.
There are many people around the world, that didnt wait for the court, in order to
decide if he was right or wrong. Some things are as clear as it gets.

And of course, casino's didnt like this at all in the first place Smile
 CALICUL01/03/2019 08:50:51 GMT
Casinos are united when players use certain tricks to earn money and this it's a way to help between them. In this way players which is cheating do not use the same methods in other casinos. In these cases, they forget about the competition and allies against the cheaters. Even so i think Phil Ivey must remain the name of that room but this can happen if he pay 10 millions of dollars.
 Mober01/03/2019 11:31:03 GMT
The name should stay removed, either he gives the money back or not.
And i dont thing that this is something that matters for ivey himself.
Its all about money for him right now, and not about fame any more Smile

I had seen in a movie, but i dont know if this is true, that casino's share information
between them, about their player base.
 CALICUL02/03/2019 09:16:23 GMT
Of course this is not important, but that does not mean it like that poker room, he can not come back with Phil Ivey's name on it. I do not know what to say about casinos change details about players base but i think this is not normal without the players' consent. I think it's illegal but casinos do not always follow the rules. Instead they claim to be the players to respect rules. This is ironic.

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