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Full Tilt signs Anette Obrestad

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Posted on 04 May 2010 by "T".

Anette Obrestad, the Norwegian poker pro, has just signed a sponsorship contract with Full Tilt Poker and is now part of its team. Anette started playing poker already at the age of 15, but back then she played for fun and usually only for play money - just in order to learn the game. She probably didn't have a clue what a successful poker player she would become a few years later.

Today, she's a millionaire and one of the world's best poker players thanks to many great results online and live. Not long ago Anette turned 21-years-old, so this year she can finally take part in the WSOP. It will be very interesting to see how she does there! I have a feeling that she will do very well! 

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17 comments on "Full Tilt signs Anette Obrestad"

 mazas04/05/2010 14:39:15 GMT
good decision because she really play gooid and clever poker Smile

good luck all
 Aggro66604/05/2010 17:47:48 GMT
small ugly luck girl ...
 B1gfoot04/05/2010 18:16:03 GMT
Posted by Aggro666:
small ugly luck girl ...

Small yer, ugly...well not the best lookin, lucky LMAO.
Congrats to her, nice move FT.
 DAGOR04/05/2010 18:55:30 GMT
Hello everybody!
This girl has very bad character, I think! But attention to his hyper-aggressive poker!
See you soon for new posts lol!
 ZmxPowah04/05/2010 20:40:09 GMT
If she got milions dolar of poker i wouldn't think she is only lucky...
But anyway when i saw the heads up playing of her was weird....
Maybe i am really wrong in some parts ;p
 Flippedchips04/05/2010 20:51:09 GMT
I think shes a great player Thumbs Up
 psycokiller05/05/2010 02:40:15 GMT
How many more "PROS" does FTP need? I think they've started watering down the significance of being a contracted pro by signing anyone with a hint of success.
 mlesevic05/05/2010 03:01:30 GMT
i like her agression because not so many girls can play like that
 xxxbchxxx05/05/2010 03:56:02 GMT
any new pros are always welcomed on FTP and im sure she will be no
 matt678105/05/2010 04:58:12 GMT
know of anyone else to ever won a 360 sng blind? if so let me know lol
shes an outstanding player
 shokaku05/05/2010 05:02:02 GMT
Posted by Aggro666:
small ugly luck girl ...

One can't be lucky over so many hands/tourneys. But yes, she will not win a beauty contest. Cool
 pokerface1505/05/2010 08:25:53 GMT
Posted by mazas:
good decision because she really play gooid and clever poker Smile

good luck all

 paulparadiis05/05/2010 10:55:43 GMT
Posted by mlesevic:
i like her agression because not so many girls can play like that

Yeah, that's about the only part i like about her!
At the WSOPE she had some very-very lucky situations. Club
 SuzyEdz06/05/2010 14:25:00 GMT
She is my absolute favourite player. I love her aggression & her fearlessness. She is a star!
 NetFlAsH06/05/2010 20:32:38 GMT
Love her style and she's a Norwegian as well Big Smile Big Smile

A great player with a great future ! Worship Worship Worship Worship
 dozn0109/05/2010 11:35:29 GMT
not bad for a 21 year old women, respect to her , acheived more than me,

10 years playing poker and still not a millionaire Smile
 SuperNoob19/05/2010 14:10:02 GMT
well done getting sponsorship at 21 yrs old for a girl, but with so many pros already at fulltilt its not the same thing. but still hope theres more to come from her

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