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Mob Betting Update & More Odds Added

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Posted on 14 June 2010 by "K".

We just added more odds to our Mob Game World Cup betting game. Now all matches up until (and including) Friday June 18th will have odds so you can bet on them - it's of course still free to bet, as it will be during the entire World Cup 2010.

As for the leaderboards, Week #1 Leaderboard is still going on, and the Overall leaderboard too. Week #1 leaderboard will end on Sunday so it's not too late to get in the game now. The two top players so far are smygarn and poisson19, who managed to hit Germany's 4-0 victory over Australia, giving them odds 21. Since we consider all bets to be "100 points", odds 21 would mean each of them got 2100 points for the leaderboard, bringing them up to a total of 4435 points. As you can see, it doesn't take that many correct bets to rocket yourself to the top of the leaderboards, so better go make your bets now!

We continue to add odds a few times a week so be sure to come back every now and then to make new bets.

For more information, click here: NEW: Mob Betting - Bet on World Cup 2010 For Free & Win Prizes

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19 comments on "Mob Betting Update & More Odds Added"

 kinogomes14/06/2010 14:34:40 GMT
keep em going guys.

Dont forget to do the same for the next champions leauge too.

This promotion is awesome.
 ZmxPowah14/06/2010 18:37:14 GMT
When i look how much points i have and how much others i think i am really lame at that...
But because of that i get in touch with old friend who bet all the time and nearly live from it...
Maybe i will start to look around that one... it can get u nice profits... if you're into it.
 Pitiless14/06/2010 19:46:10 GMT
that's too hard for me... cmon italy? loosing to paraguay? (at this moment 0-1 to paraguay)
I give up, I wont be in the leaders board for sure
 NaziPal15/06/2010 03:01:18 GMT
Bankrollmob really has a great way of keepnig things interesting. I'm sure this would spice up all of our World Cup Season Experience.

I didnt realize tho that there were so many football fans here!

 Y2k8715/06/2010 04:43:32 GMT
yeah but thats football anyone cant beat anyone just the way it is Smile
 NaziPal15/06/2010 06:15:38 GMT
Ahh, you can always count on bankrollmob to make things interesting. Imagine, a poker site that ALREADY gives free bankroll and freerolls and AT THE SAME TIME, provides betting on sports events...

Good days...
 mazas15/06/2010 07:04:41 GMT
so my betting are out off the real so its terrible then england italy or some else good and strong team play so sick and loose or complete draw Sad

so hope in future all will be in over way

goodluck all ijust play for fun not for money Smile Tongue
 jporp15/06/2010 13:10:50 GMT
Excellent Promo.

Hope you can repeat it.

 teteban15/06/2010 13:33:50 GMT
absolutely love it! Already had a betting game going on for the WC at the office, but this one of course adds to the excitement!!!
 DAGOR15/06/2010 16:37:03 GMT
Hello everybody!
This is a super nice promo. Very cool to bet on the World Cup. I should be even more prizes lol.
See you soon for new posts lol!
 mazas17/06/2010 06:48:17 GMT
lol in 1 minute i lost 1100 points then urugvay score 3 rd goal i loose my good decision Sad
so and again i was on the low position in bet Sad

good luck all
 Pjot17/06/2010 08:22:42 GMT
I like this promo too. Not that I know that much about soccer, but pressing all those buttons sort of brings out the inner child in me. Smile
 theknight8617/06/2010 08:54:44 GMT
Good work guys. More promotions, add-on etc. better for all of us. Maybe finally I will win something Big Smile
 Fackinas17/06/2010 16:28:32 GMT
Posted by kinogomes:
keep em going guys.

Dont forget to do the same for the next champions leauge too.

This promotion is awesome.

 r3dr0cks17/06/2010 23:03:13 GMT
 katsallthat18/06/2010 14:45:21 GMT
i think u should have more
 Fackinas18/06/2010 19:27:46 GMT
Posted by kinogomes:
keep em going guys.

Dont forget to do the same for the next champions leauge too.

This promotion is awesome.

 xxxbchxxx20/06/2010 02:35:39 GMT
Wel i started ok (ish) and now its all gone rather wrong.
I just cany belive there are sooo many upsets during this world cup. I havent seen the favs going down so often since there was a massive ruck at a dog track when the dead cert fav just walked out of the traps. (that got ugly)
But the world cup betting game is a great bit of fun. Less we forget the 100,000,000 comp at partybet, did many of you get in on that? i did but didnt get any correct scores for the whole of the first week...LOL
(must stick to poer)
 D9e7J0aV8u26/06/2010 23:22:17 GMT
germany will win

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