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Mob Betting: Week #1 Ended, Prizes Paid, More Odds Added

Tags: BankrollMob, Betting, Fifa, Free, World Cup
Posted on 21 June 2010 by "K".

Week #1 Leaderboard has now ended and top 15 players have been paid their prizes. Today a new week starts so it will be exciting to see if the same players can keep it going and also finish in the top on Sunday.

Remember that the Overall leaderboard covers the entire tournament, so there's no need to feel upset if you scored big yesterday but still didn't finish top 15 on the weekly leaderboard, since your points will also apply to the Overall leaderboard.

We have just added odds to a few more matches so you can now bet on the next few days as well. At this stage of the tournament, expect to come back every other day to place bets on new matches since we update on a regular basis.

If you're new to this Mob Betting promotion, don't worry, it's not too late to join. A new weekly leaderboard has just started and everybody has zero points, so it's equal for all. The later you wait to join, the harder it will be to gain a good position on the Overall leaderboard, though. But the weekly leaderboards reset every Sunday and week 2, 3 and 4 are still to be played.

Find the Mob Betting at the bottom of your Mob Account page - click here.


Mob Betting Update & More Odds Added

Tags: BankrollMob, Betting, Fifa, World Cup
Posted on 14 June 2010 by "K".

We just added more odds to our Mob Game World Cup betting game. Now all matches up until (and including) Friday June 18th will have odds so you can bet on them - it's of course still free to bet, as it will be during the entire World Cup 2010.

As for the leaderboards, Week #1 Leaderboard is still going on, and the Overall leaderboard too. Week #1 leaderboard will end on Sunday so it's not too late to get in the game now. The two top players so far are smygarn and poisson19, who managed to hit Germany's 4-0 victory over Australia, giving them odds 21. Since we consider all bets to be "100 points", odds 21 would mean each of them got 2100 points for the leaderboard, bringing them up to a total of 4435 points. As you can see, it doesn't take that many correct bets to rocket yourself to the top of the leaderboards, so better go make your bets now!

We continue to add odds a few times a week so be sure to come back every now and then to make new bets.

For more information, click here: NEW: Mob Betting - Bet on World Cup 2010 For Free & Win Prizes

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