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2010 WSOP: Brandon Steven is very disappointed with his 10th place in the Main Event

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Posted on 12 August 2010 by "T".

7,319 players signed up for the 2010 WSOP Main Event in Las Vegas. Brandon Steven, car dealer and father of 5 from Wichita, Kansas, went out on 10th place after 8 days of poker. In other words, he was very, very close of making it to the final table and being guaranteed at least $810k with the chance of winning the first place prize of almost $9 million dollars and getting the world champion title.

Even though Brandon Steven didn't make it all the way to the final table, he still received $635k and should be quite happy with his results, or? Well, according to what he said in an interview with ESPN, it doesn't seem that way. 

"It's good money, but I make a good living from other incomes already. I'm looking for challenges. I really need a big win. It's not about the money." said Brandon Steven in an interview with the TV channel ESPN.

Can't sleep at night
"Damn it, it hit my sometimes and I can't sleep at night since that day when I got knocked out of the Main Event. I was so close to $9 million and becoming a champ."


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6 comments on "2010 WSOP: Brandon Steven is very disappointed with his 10th place in the Main Event"

 Cliffem12/08/2010 11:12:53 GMT
Bubble to the final table would be annoying,but stop whining and enjoy your 600 thousand dollars !
 dozn0112/08/2010 11:47:40 GMT
carnt sleep at night........ must be all the partying, with his winning, not thinking about what could of been....... you only say close to winning 9 million if you finish 2nd or 3rd but not 10th i mean wtf... there 9 other guy in front of you.......

be happy with what you got......... this should be the drive to spur you on in other tourneys
 Supererou12/08/2010 13:33:19 GMT
Good performance.Looks like there are people with higher goals.For him only being at the final table would have been a real performance.Better luck next time!
 kinogomes12/08/2010 16:19:07 GMT
Its really funny funny, hahahahahaa. So the guy doesnt care about the money but he cant sleep thinking that he lost 9 million hahahahahaah.

Of course its about the money and not the new challenge and of course he is really frustated, BUT ITS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY.
 mazas16/08/2010 10:45:10 GMT
allways is really sad then u ll out the last off the finalle table beginiing butits just a game and u cant win all the tourneys there u play
good luck all
 AbuDhabi23/08/2010 12:11:08 GMT
it could be very disappointing to be the bubbleboy on WSOP, but saying that was very very close to 9 million is not the good one - what stack would he had if he had finished 9th? And what stack Duhamel has now? If he finished 9th, he would have been preparing for four months on his biggest carreer final and then he will push in the second hand, which vould be called with AA and Steven would go home Smile

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