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Ziigmund has gained some weight

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Posted on 14 October 2011 by "T".

Lately there have been rumors that Ilari "Ziigmund" Sahamies has gained a lot of weight during the summer. The Finnish tabloid magazine Seiska even published one of Ziigmund's Facebook profile pictures on its website a while ago, a picture which confirmed that Ziigmund indeed had gained some weight. However, according to the magazine, Ziigmund's girlfriend Elina doesn't seem too bothered with his rounded appearance.

This is what an anonymous person wrote on Seiska's website a while ago...
"Ilari knows how to make fun of himself. He calls himself ´Fat roe sack´ and is very descriptive about his unhealthy and fattening diet"


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8 comments on "Ziigmund has gained some weight "

 Fakiry14/10/2011 13:03:55 GMT
Come on? Whats the big deal? Poker players are athlets for life, but not athlets like in athletism, basket, football or whatever sport that makes people have to run and jump. This athlets only have to be strong enough not to fall asleep during an eight hour/day poker tourney. This biggest risk is to increase probability of having an heart attack because of the weight, and taking in consideration the amount of stress some plays can give... now that can be dangerous. Better he stops thinking about nosebleed tourneys for a while now.
 arsenej114/10/2011 14:44:51 GMT
wonder if he got some butter to go with those rolls? id be pretty fat too playing poker for a living. drinking beer in front of the comp or at a poker table would pack the pounds on quick.
 Jibberish14/10/2011 14:59:06 GMT
people are so nosy, who cares if he gained some weight, then the tabloids go ask his girl if she cares, that shit is ignorant
 SuperNoob14/10/2011 17:52:11 GMT
what a lame news, who cares if he gets fat or skinny.
would be good if we had some 'poker' related news instead of this mumbo jumbo.
 Macubaas14/10/2011 20:40:03 GMT
I don't think this is a really important news afterall but if you consider that so far he laughed every time of fat people made so much interest about this piece of news...

If i remember correctly he always said about skjervoy that needs to loss some weight lol

Still, his game improved lately.
 Btownd8714/10/2011 23:58:18 GMT
Maybe he just quit doing cocaine.
 B1gfoot15/10/2011 17:41:12 GMT
Found the OG image.
 Macubaas17/10/2011 21:58:13 GMT
Lol, nice find mate, i really think this was not a poker related subject in the first place...

Anyway, fat or not, he has a great time now on pokerstars, he won a lot the last days actually on the plo tabes Big Smile

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