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PCA - 173 players left: Chris Moneymaker in 5th place

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Posted on 11 January 2011 by "T".

The 2010 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure is now down to a 173-player field and we're now waiting for the 3rd day to start. Chip leader is Adam Geyer with 909,000. Folling him are Ilan Rouah with 795,000 and Chris Oliver with 792,500. Unfortunately many of PokerStars biggest names fell out of the field during 2 of the tournament, Liv Boeree, Joe Cada, Dario Minieri, Viktor Blom etc.

Well, Chris Moneymaker, Dave Sands, Dwyte Pilgrim and Faraz Jaka still have plenty of chips left and they can still make their sponsor, PokerStars, proud. Personally, I hope for Chris Moneymaker who's in 5th place at the moment, but I'm sure the other 3 can make it deep into the money as well.

TOP 10 players
1. Adam Geyer - 909,000
2. Ilan Rouha - 795,000
3. Chris Oliver - 792,500
4. Harry Kaczka - 687,000
5. Chris Moneymaker - 650,500
6. Eric Buchman - 648,500
7. Oleg Perepletchikov - 641,500
8. David Sands - 617,000
9. Josh Bergman - 610,000
10. Bahbak Oboodi - 596,500


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8 comments on "PCA - 173 players left: Chris Moneymaker in 5th place"

 jovicakralj11/01/2011 12:51:11 GMT
What? Great Isuldur1 busted??? What a surprise Big Smile
 ZmxPowah11/01/2011 13:02:58 GMT
I don't like Chris dunno even why... maybe i heared to many times that he's kinda bad and just luckboxed once ^^.
Anyway Isildur out... didn't except that...
 host8511/01/2011 15:56:47 GMT
Isildur is not so good in MTT , so for him is just a - , he is used to play against one player...the little big fish ....and i think that for moneymaker will be a great year , i hope to win this tournament ,,,,hope so
 MANUEDO11/01/2011 19:22:45 GMT
By the way, still 4 italian players left. GL all Blink
 dule-vu12/01/2011 00:35:23 GMT
too bad that we cant watch live this tourney!as I know only at 14,15,16 we can watch live on poker stars tv,so if anyone know some other way where we can watch,tell!lots of anonymous players at first 10 (or I am wrong)?!
 Aggro66612/01/2011 01:03:16 GMT
Isildur out, of course... once this is a MTT his style is not good for that.. and even his cash style is not always good for him Big Smile
 Lionmart12/01/2011 05:21:06 GMT
Chris Moneymaker is the first player that i know who win a millonary amount in a world series poker!!!!

congratulations Chris, if my memory no failed he win more than u$ 2 million in a tourney!!!

i like only a 10% of his winnings!!!
 mazas12/01/2011 12:22:21 GMT
i am glad to see also the Lithuaninan player still runing and he was on money now Big Smile
blom again was busted becouse he play really bad and he was on fire two weaks then become a star now he just loosing his game and loosing all the stars buy in payded Big Smile
good luck all

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