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Tony G's €1 million challenge to Phil Hellmuth

Tags: challenge, phil hellmuth, tony g, wpt malta.
Posted on 17 November 2011 by "T".

Not fresh news but still worth checking out (if you haven't seen it before of course). During WPT Malta Tony G, dressed up in baby clothes with a beautiful lady by his side, challenged Phil Hellmuth to come and play heads-up for €1,000,000. Enjoy the video!

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12 comments for "Tony G''s €1 million challenge to Phil Hellmuth"

 Fakiry17/11/2011 11:44:26 GMT
Nice challenge. Is Tony drunk or something? That suite is just great, and that company… I don’t know if Phil is going to accept this 10 days/nights HU, but for $1 million, with his bankroll, I would go there to show Tony who’s the leader.
 B1gfoot17/11/2011 11:52:57 GMT
Id say he was plastered.
I don't think this will happen, Tony is just winding Phil up, I think WPT Malta was when Phil turns up very late to be sent home almost straight away, Tony was looking to add embarrassed.
But I would love to see the battle of egos.
 starbay17/11/2011 11:55:51 GMT
tony g better be careful has he ever heard of the saying"its like taking candy from a baby" or a "fool and his money are easily parted" Big Smile
 Cliffem17/11/2011 16:38:51 GMT
Good title for this vid 'The douche and the gold-digger' prrrf punk Tony g,Hellmuth would own him sooo hard
 Macubaas17/11/2011 20:20:43 GMT
Nice to hear more about these two guys, it has been a while since i heard about them...

From what i know Tony G is know a party poker pro but Phil didn't signed up any contract after ultimate bet...
 SuperNoob18/11/2011 07:22:59 GMT
look at the escort, shes struggling to sit there and control her laughter
anyway would be fun to see them play against each other.
 retribution18/11/2011 09:26:11 GMT
Posted by SuperNoob:
look at the escort, shes struggling to sit there and control her laughter
anyway would be fun to see them play against each other.

Yeah, I noticed that too. You can almost hear her thinking "Oh dear god, what the hell happened in my life that i'm sitting here doing this?" If you notice, she's got her hand on his arm, which is basically saying "oh my god don't touch me you creepy bastard" Still, a funny video none-the-less. I personally like Tony G. Sure he may be an absolute prick, but at least he's not a whiny brat like Hellmuth.
 vlplastika21/11/2011 14:09:37 GMT
I like how behaves and plays at the table, Tony G.
it really dull, so he decided to himself in ways to entertain.
and over who still do not like to laugh over Phil
 Prohorse321/11/2011 17:21:11 GMT
first 5-6 years of my poker i thought Hellmuth was the biggest dick in poker and that Tony G was simply a good arrogant player

HOWEVER the last year im seeing poker more brightly and Tony G has less then 0.01% odds to regain my thoughts about him being a good decent player ...
his latest outrages videos his ego his way to cheat and get tournament leaders on his side of outrages are the perfect example of how someone with less knowledge about poker can make 1 tilt in a unethical way of poker.

Phil Hellmuth however not that i look up to him is the kind of standard player he had his peak of poker he wants to relive it again and when things get to the dark side (bad beats, opponents playing with weak hands and beating him with it)
he opens his mouth of disappointment and can get very nasty with words (like all of us have had sometime probably even if it was just once) just not a great example of a winner these days

Just what i think about the 2 players so if ya asked me who i would root for it would have been tony 5 years ago, these days i hope phil can make tony cry a Mississippi Big Smile Worship
 LoGiX21/11/2011 21:34:44 GMT
Does anyone have an alternate link for the video ? I can't see the video, Youtube says that it was made private and I'm kind of interested in the way Tony G challenged Phil Hellmuth.
 Macubaas22/11/2011 08:59:22 GMT
Nope, i tried to find another copy/link of the vid but no luck...

I wonder if this is still up considering the fact that the vid was removed by making it private?

 SuperNoob22/11/2011 18:46:27 GMT

I wonder if this is still up considering the fact that the vid was removed by making it private?

found another video, this happened after that baby+escort incident

and if u read tony g's blog on party poker, half of the entries are about phil hellmuth, lol

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