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Tony G offers to stake Isildur1 in televised cash game

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Posted on 25 March 2010 by "T".

Tony G has been interested in staking the mysterious Swede in cash games online for a long time. However, it remains unclear if they have agreed on something. Now, Tony G is offering to stake Isildur1 in the televised cash game The PartyPoker Big Game IV. Tony G writes in his blog that he will pay for the flight, accommodation and stake him for the 48 hour cash game. Tony G has even contacted one of the tournament organizers and fixed so that Isildur1 can wear a mask or something else in order to keep his identity hidden and remain unknown.

"Isildur1 - get over to the UK for April 11-13th for the PartyPoker Big Game IV at Les Ambassadeurs in London. I will pay for your flights, I will pay for your hotel - I will even stake you totally for the 48 hour cash game. I want to experience the chance to see your brilliant online game in the live environment.
I know Eddie Hearn of Matchroom Sport has been in touch and I can truly say you will be amongst friends if you come over. If you don't want to reveal your true identity you don't have too - Eddie says you can wear a mask or whatever you choose to disguise yourself."; writes Tony G in his blog

"We will protect your anonymity at all costs if this is what you would prefer. Perhaps you can wear my Kermit the Frog outfit from the Premier League? Yes, coverage of this cash game will go out on television all over the world but if you don't show your face you have nothing to lose!
If you do agree to come I am happy to get a special Isildur1 mask made for you just for the special occasion. We know each other well and you know I love your style and I hope you come. We'll even talk to the owners of Les Ambassadeurs and get the venue renamed Les Isildur1's for the night.
Let me make one thing clear though. If I stake you I still want to crush you and make you bleed from the mask...and I will!"


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27 comments on "Tony G offers to stake Isildur1 in televised cash game"

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» Tony G offers to stake Isildur1 in televised cash game

 samsung67825/03/2010 12:51:26 GMT
tony stake me i'll crush u good an hard man

i watch u loads u got no fear,but i would hurt u
 Kristan25/03/2010 13:26:21 GMT
lol, typican Tony G trash talk in the end! Some are silent crushers, some speak with actions...In case of Tony G - Words speak louder than actions!

I think Blom will never accept this invitation. Hes good enough to stake himself and not gonna let some trash talker to ran over him,.
 Calmplay25/03/2010 14:08:41 GMT
lol, that's indeed the typical Tony G lol... I really hope the unknown Swede player accept the offer then I'll watch the show for a surely good laugh Big Smile
 Raggamann25/03/2010 15:15:50 GMT
tony g knows about marketing i would say. he owns a site where you can stake others or buy/sell shares, so guess why he tells us stuff like that. and it is a cheap way to get into the news, isildur wants to play anonymous, so he won't go to a tv-show anyway
 kisee25/03/2010 15:27:34 GMT
Posted by Flippedchips:
lol go on tony that would be good stuff

Yeah, really a great offer.
 DAGOR25/03/2010 17:34:29 GMT
Hello everybody!
this could be really interesting to see Isuldur live. Too cool itself. AND so funny by the occasion.
See you soon for new posts lol!
 B1gfoot25/03/2010 19:27:39 GMT
How can they let him wear a mask?
Cant see why Tony G wants to stake him so baddly, think this is the 4th time iv heard of him making offers.
But would be good to see.
 MarouH25/03/2010 19:46:44 GMT
thats a deal for sure!!!
go on isildur1, crush them all!!!
 GIOMi626/03/2010 02:10:09 GMT
That is very awesome beings sponsored by someone famous. I wish it was me being sponsored. Maybe in the near future. Good luck Isildur1
 psycokiller26/03/2010 02:11:27 GMT
Isidur should reveal his identity. This would be a good opportunity to do it.
 holmisjh26/03/2010 04:31:54 GMT
Would be fun to see who isildur1 really is! can bet 1euro he isnt viktor blom
 Puuuru26/03/2010 08:17:59 GMT
hope he accepts this offer..

 Fackinas26/03/2010 12:08:28 GMT
Posted by Flippedchips:
lol go on tony that would be good stuff

isildur is not good at poker just playing high stakes.
 kinogomes26/03/2010 12:58:38 GMT
Tony G and Phil Hellmuth makes a good team.when they shut up its like heaven.
 mazas26/03/2010 13:52:13 GMT
tony g now are very active at the poker world he play nor very good but he do promotion very big and really then he was at the poker table the poker game is more funny and some really good donks we easy can see Smile
 pokeras1926/03/2010 15:09:48 GMT
Hello everybody

Let me make one thing clear though. If I stake you I still want to crush you and make you bleed from the mask...and I will!"

Hehe. go go Tony G
 leroi2126/03/2010 20:31:57 GMT
lol who can refuse this come on i hope he accept the no reason to refuse offer of tony G. who refuse a free flight and be stake for a cash games Tongue
 Davoodoo26/03/2010 21:10:12 GMT
lol tony g isnt exactly accused of being a smart businessman and sniffing out good deals ... does anyone remember the T6 poker ? tony g claimed the site was legit and genuine and enqouraged people to play ther(and he also bought part in the company) but a few weeks later the owners ran away with a lot of money from a lot of differnet players HAHAHA .

I really think staking isildur1 would go the same way ... to hell

 xxxbchxxx26/03/2010 21:42:58 GMT
Cool a little bit of mystery in the poker world... so how long does this dude think he can remain a ??????? i know for sure that if he does come over a play he wont last for very long as a ??????? unknown. some one will see him going in or out, or some one will be waiting st the airport and see him come in, who ever it happens if he comes he'll lose his edge.
Being unknown is his right as a online poker player. if this wasnt true then Fulltilt must have all his details yeah!
 ierons27/03/2010 10:08:53 GMT
PEACE TONY get on ur bmx

"isildur is not good at poker just playing high stakes."

lol i don't think so...
 SuperNoob28/03/2010 14:46:18 GMT
it would be really funny if something like this happens, 1 player wearing a mask lmao
but surely will be great to see him play in a live cash game with all the other pros
but if he comes to play someone can see him and reveal his identity anytime
 Hajinnho28/03/2010 14:50:10 GMT
Posted by dozn01:
I still want to crush you and make you bleed from the mask...and I will!"

hahahaha go tony G .................bring on the russians... i mean Swede Smile

i hate Tony G ... just disgusting
 valerica12328/03/2010 15:06:06 GMT
lol man, how to play against a frog? =))
 MuradMurad28/03/2010 19:12:12 GMT
yeeah hate I just hate Fat Tony
 BBU29/03/2010 17:53:26 GMT
lol man, how to play against a frog? =))

if you kiss him you'll play a prince.

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