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"ElkY" didn't stand a chance against "RaSZi"

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Posted on 23 November 2011 by "T".

Yesterday the long-awaited kickboxing match between PokerStars Pros Lex "RaSZi" Veldhuis, from Holland, and Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier, from France, took place. The 27-year-old Dutchman had a lot more experience in kickboxing and took the command straight away.

ElkY survived the first round, but a bit into the second round he got a kicked in the face and fell to the floor. He managed to get up again for a few minutes before Veldhuis kicked him down once again.

Here you can see the whole match:

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16 comments on ""ElkY" didn''t stand a chance against "RaSZi""

 mst23/11/2011 12:53:58 GMT
So how much money did Lex win? Nice KO btw.
 elfmafia23/11/2011 13:37:50 GMT
shocking display of 'dutch kick boxing' 2 out of shame guys flailing their limbs at each other with no power behind any of the shots, 10/10 for effort 0/10 everything else lol
 Jibberish23/11/2011 13:59:50 GMT
lol it was definately a good watch, better then most fight videos on youtube
 vlplastika23/11/2011 14:11:53 GMT
it would be better at poker once and it would be interesting. Grospellier certainly feel sorry and sad to get in the face of the glove. and that there was a conflict between them? because they beat each other with love.
 doomdy23/11/2011 14:36:28 GMT
OMG, i searched whole youtube yesterday for this vid lmao.
TY BRM for bringing this vid up.
Great vid, famous dutch tennisstar in the back shouting ''hij moet kapot'', which means sometin like ''he must die'' omg lmao.

TY so much for this vid +1
 Macubaas23/11/2011 15:09:28 GMT
Frankly i think the outcome of this match was pretty much known from beginning...

Still it would fun the watch at least the first round of the match Smile
 Mark23/11/2011 16:33:54 GMT
Apart from the thai's, dutch are the best at kickboxing.
Ramon Dekker, anyone?
 LoGiX23/11/2011 17:21:05 GMT
Entertaining fight but didn't they have some kind of training and sparring beforehand ? Their moves are so sloppy
 Flippedchips23/11/2011 17:40:05 GMT

that was funny when i heard elky's cheesey rock music i was thinking i hope lex comes on to some crazy Gabba music or something and haha faith in the Dutchman Smile
 Jibberish23/11/2011 17:54:45 GMT
cheesy rock music, you must be crazieeeeee that song is famooooooussss
 Flippedchips23/11/2011 19:11:05 GMT
Posted by Jibberish:
cheesy rock music, you must be crazieeeeee that song is famooooooussss

no just listened to it again thinking i was maybe being harsh but sounds like some cheesey stuff to me if i ever heard it Big Smile
 GIOMi624/11/2011 02:31:25 GMT
Wow they actually did get through this kickboxing match, I tought that it was a promotional stunt to attract attention.
 Fakiry24/11/2011 11:34:02 GMT
This will need to have a revenge at the tables. It will be nice to find this two again at the tables, as they will sure have lots of jokes about this fight in between. None of them was very fast pucher. Perhaps ElkY was afraid to hurt Raszi.
 Cliffem24/11/2011 15:55:27 GMT
Not gonna bother 2 watch it,if the vid was short enough to be a giff i may have Blink
 TheMachineQC24/11/2011 22:27:38 GMT
LMAO at elky's cardio and technique. Someone should've teached him how to punch before the fight atleast, he had no weight transfer going on!
 Funope25/11/2011 14:48:21 GMT
The best kickboxers are coming from the Netherlands!!!!!

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