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Party Poker $500 freeroll for top 200 leaderboard finishers

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Posted on 24 November 2011 by "K".

Party Poker leaderboard freerollQuick update to let you know about the $500 freeroll for top 200 finishers in our leaderboard from October 18th till November 18th at Party Poker.

The $500 freeroll will be played on Sunday November 27th at 19:00 GMT (20:00 CET). 

All eligible players WILL HAVE TO REGISTER THEMSELVES. Party Poker only included the 200 players on a "allowed to register" list, but if you want to play, you need to make sure you register. 

Prize money to all top 30 finishers were paid on November 22nd.

In order to play in our next $500 freeroll, you need to finish in top 200 in our current Party Poker leaderboard - it's free to register and participate and play in as many of our four daily freerolls as you like.

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22 comments on "Party Poker $500 freeroll for top 200 leaderboard finishers"

 Fakiry24/11/2011 11:33:42 GMT
I just want to which good luck to all of those who will have the chance to play this, it sure is a nice freeroll. I am registered in the leaderboard but, till now, I think I have only made points one time, the only I had a chance to play. I can’t have dedicate the time I would like to the game, so I will keep dreaming with it. In December I will have some vacation days, maybe I will dedicate a bit more to this practice.
 MIGO1424/11/2011 12:57:38 GMT
Ahh, good to know, thanks for the information.
I am qualified for this freeroll.
Hopefully I have the time to play it.
 hpart8124/11/2011 13:43:14 GMT
Yeah .... yeahooo
 SuperNoob24/11/2011 13:58:54 GMT
500$ freeroll for 200 players is good, but lot of hard work qualifying for that.
gl to everyone playing that and dont forget to post here if u win.
 Macubaas24/11/2011 17:18:14 GMT
It's pretty good actually but it was a very hard road to get into that first 200 members...

I guess a lot of luck was also needed along the way Smile
 GIOMi625/11/2011 07:46:04 GMT
Good luck to all 200 poker players who made it to the Leaderboard and can play in the $500 Freeroll, May the flop be with you.
 IslandJack26/11/2011 14:56:36 GMT
I´m in ! Big Smile

Didn´t really play much to "squeeze" into the leaderboard.
(just play SUPER tight and hope for the best with a monster against a bunch of Donk all-ins is my advice)

Did the same beginning of the year´s Party promo by playing only a few times and getting some points.

...and then I won the Leaderboard Freeroll for $275 Big Smile

Sooooo...good luck to everyone, and if I can play out cause I will try this again,

lol Tongue
 Macubaas26/11/2011 19:28:30 GMT
Jack, keep us posted on your result on this specific freeroll, i think a solid game can mean itm on a 200 people mtt Big Smile

From what i know on this type of competitions the players usually play a lot more tighter.
 hpart8127/11/2011 13:34:07 GMT
Guys ... anyone can see this FR on PP? I couldnt find it anywhere at 14:00 EST (19 GMT) Sad

GL to all Smile
 mikic12327/11/2011 15:45:35 GMT
party poker special 21 00 Central european time BMR freeroll gl all
 OneBourbon27/11/2011 16:03:49 GMT
time changed...3pm est...good luck all!
 fathandsslei27/11/2011 18:55:37 GMT
good luck to everyone in this but most of all to me Big Smile
 MIGO1427/11/2011 22:40:43 GMT
still in it.
Currently chip leader, lol
59k chips, 23 players left. So FT is possible, if I don´t donk the chips away.
 IslandJack27/11/2011 22:50:50 GMT
Posted by Macubaas:
Jack, keep us posted on your result on this specific freeroll, i think a solid game can mean itm on a 200 people mtt Big Smile

From what i know on this type of competitions the players usually play a lot more tighter.

Well, I´m out just before the Bubble.
140 runners and the Poker was pretty ok.

Played pretty badly near the end, having to fold to huge re-raises or all-ins. Sad
Basically card dead the last 3-4 orbits.

MIGO is way up there in 1st place, I hope he takes it away. Blink
Would be nice to have a reg win this one.

 MIGO1427/11/2011 22:53:49 GMT
well, currently in second place, getting no hands, hopefully this changes again...
13 players left, we will see...
Unfortunately you went out near the bubble...
 samitheman9927/11/2011 22:56:25 GMT
out 18th , good game
 MIGO1427/11/2011 23:11:03 GMT
FT now, currently 3rd

getting no hands
7 out of 7 now, lol

recovered a bit, now second from 5, but there is one big stack who dominates the table,

okay, out in 4th place with QJ suited against AJ.
But was a nice tourney and experience and a lot of fun.
Also for me a nice winning for 39,5 $
CU all.
 MilenkoK28/11/2011 00:20:21 GMT
Hi guys!
Just finished freeroll and won Smile
Iwould like to thank to BRM for the triple chance to get cash on these freeroll(daily,lederboard and freeroll),never heard that anyone else offer something like that,so thx again.
Freeroll was great and relaxing coz it was cleared of donk players,and these things were at minimum so I think everybody enjoyed freeroll.
Sorry for the fact that this is my first post here,but I really like this forum and everything.
 samitheman9928/11/2011 00:40:50 GMT
cheers m8 , good cash win 1-milenkok 2- ......... 3- fitsums 4- migo14

next time i will take it down Thumbs Up for now 18th will do


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