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BankrollMob Christmas Calendar with $15,000+ in prizes

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Posted on 01 December 2011 by "K".

No christmas without the BankrollMob Christmas Calendar and tons of free gifts and prizes from all our partners. This year we have some boasting $15,000+ gift value in our daily calendar draws. This year however, there are no restrictions to enter, so EVERYONE that has an approved Mob account, have a chance of winning - every day from the 1st -> 24th December.

Thats not all. This year we give all users 5 chances every day to win some of the prizes, so thats a total of 120 chances if you get around to using them all!

This year, to keep it exciting, we will not announce all the prizes upfront, but announce the prices daily, so be sure to check in every day to grab your chance at winning. We can divulge that the prizes includes every thing from high value tournament tickets to exclusive freeroll entries, MobPoints, draws, merchandise and tons of other stuff!

There's also a bonus prize: If you manage to try your luck 100 or more times during the Christmas Calendar (remember, maximum is 120), you will be entered into an exclusive $/€ 1,000 freeroll only for those who clicked 100+ doors. 

Click here to check out the Christmas Calendar - it's in the Mob Games section of your Mob account, so it requires you to be logged in at your Mob account.

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338 comments on "BankrollMob Christmas Calendar with $15,000+ in prizes"

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» BankrollMob Christmas Calendar with $15,000+ in prizes

 cuirtom24/12/2011 14:36:14 GMT
i won 680$ aussie millions satelite
 wontbluff6724/12/2011 14:40:01 GMT
200 mob points last day ty
 labanda00724/12/2011 15:00:03 GMT
A big greeting to the entire community BankrollMob and my best wishes to all who have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Worship Worship Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
 BGPKAV24/12/2011 21:10:55 GMT
still no luck
 lukasb24/12/2011 21:23:06 GMT
For the last day lady luck decided to reward my persistence in opening every single door every day and so, for all my efforts i was awarded 500 mob points. Thanks BRM!!!
Lets see if my tickets for the draw on the 27th will give me a late extra Smile .

Merry christmas to all Smile
 udzens24/12/2011 21:53:27 GMT
mdf donk bankrollmob

i won nothing idioti

fuck you
 juxtox24/12/2011 22:42:18 GMT
i won nothing, too but i hope next year i have more luck.
merry x-mas Smile
 lukasb25/12/2011 01:02:01 GMT
Posted by udzens:
mdf donk bankrollmob

i won nothing idioti

fuck you

To be honest after reading ur nice post, im really happy u won shit... it would be poorly given otherwise.
 ierons25/12/2011 06:35:23 GMT
24 days in a row....



fuck !

RIGGED !!! Big Smile Aww crap! Confused
 p199421925/12/2011 07:47:36 GMT
I tried 24x5=120 times.... I did not win nothing. Happy Christmas for everyone!
 LestatG25/12/2011 08:36:08 GMT
Nothing for me too, but the fun is in the 'chance' or trying for me Smile

Great Christmas to all Big Smile

Anyone know anything about the xmas freeroll????
 jessthehuman25/12/2011 12:50:56 GMT
Posted by cuirtom:
i won 680$ aussie millions satelite



GL in the satellite, be sure to let everyone here know if you win a seat!
 bambuchea25/12/2011 13:09:52 GMT
Where will be the exclusive 1,000 freeroll ?

 Fackinas25/12/2011 15:23:58 GMT
Posted by bambuchea:
Where will be the exclusive 1,000 freeroll ?

I would like to know this too ! And I want to say thank you BRM for this opportunity as I can see some of mobster won great prizes as Aussie million ticket/party poker million or sunday tickets ! I wish they will win something big and we will see it on BRM news ! GL
 schwabo25/12/2011 18:41:34 GMT
I know that next year I wouldn't open any doors because some members don't have any reward and same member won 3 tickets to big tournaments and few rewards for good behavior and some members said it's 370 000 members why you angry when you not won something,because 369 000 was here only once in life and never after registration,and because of that if is "370 000 members" how one member can won 4 or 5 times,Merry Christmast to all !!
Only I get from BRM was rejected for my PKR gift which is requested after 3 days of playing to be ended to Christmast, and everything is ok with my request but it's 2nd time when I request gift that is rejected and after they give me that gift but before I must send 5 e-mails with account page of pokers where is gift,I must do they work,they must check that and when they rejected my gift I send them proof on silver plate,thank you.
 fewri26/12/2011 10:56:19 GMT
i didnt got nothing Sad
 damosk26/12/2011 11:11:53 GMT
Wow what a Christmas Calender. No one knew who was going to win what or when. Isn't that just the excitement of something that involves no skill, just pure luck and where some people win nothing and some win something, even more than once. All in the spirit of Christmas, not just giving everyone something, a bit like the teacher in my local school who gave all of the children an A+ for their assignment, even the ones who deserved a D-. I can't believe people moan they didn't win. It cost nothing to play so those who got nothing lost nothing. Christmas is about giving and not taking. Peace to all.
 pretty4126/12/2011 16:41:14 GMT
Congrats to all who won more or less and GL to all who will play BRM turnaments in the future, as well.
 x_press2027/12/2011 07:21:52 GMT
Where will be the exclusive 1,000 freeroll ?
 smaffie27/12/2011 12:59:06 GMT
Posted by x_press20:
Where will be the exclusive 1,000 freeroll ?

I'd like to know that 2. where and when will it be?? ADMIN??

by the way, i won 2 times. A SNG $12.50 ticket (ended in the bubble) and a 100 safe shots. thnx BRM
 kisrics27/12/2011 14:21:36 GMT
yes, when will xmas freeroll play? Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
 byng027/12/2011 15:37:18 GMT
Posted by kisrics:
yes, when will xmas freeroll play? Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

Yes when will we be told please

Smile Big Smile Cool
 cheero8428/12/2011 12:21:08 GMT
I won only 200 MobPoints Big Smile
 ricardo66621/12/2012 17:55:45 GMT
today it was finaly bingo after 21 days i won

You won:
888poker freeroll #1 for $525 WSOP APAC ticket
yeahhh tnx bankrollmob
 lilo040505/12/2015 10:26:12 GMT
Good game all

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