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Titan Poker: 2 x $150 freerolls in May

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Posted on 17 May 2011 by "K".

Titan Poker freerollsWe have two $150 freerolls scheduled at Titan Poker for the rest of this month. Depending on your time zone, they are either on Sundays May 22nd and May 29th or Mondays May 23rd and 30th.

They start at 23:00 GMT (01:00 CET) and you must have signed up at Titan Poker through a BankrollMob link or bonuscode or through our old website, TitanBacker, in order to register for the freerolls.

More details:

If you do not yet have an account, check out our free $150 no deposit bonus for Titan Poker today and get your free bonus!

Good luck!

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13 comments on "Titan Poker: 2 x $150 freerolls in May"

 SuperNoob17/05/2011 15:04:49 GMT
didna sign through bankrollmob so not eligible for these freerolls. gl to everyone playing them. and didna know about bankrollmob's past - titanbacker , but this new name is much better Blink
 Niklas9117/05/2011 16:23:03 GMT
But still a great name? Tongue Should consider joining these though! Big Smile
 GIOMi618/05/2011 02:37:05 GMT
Well guys good luck at the freerolls, because I can not play none of them, I already have a TP account, so good luck guys.
 Macubaas18/05/2011 04:16:52 GMT
Great news but i don't have an account on titan poker or on the ipoker network. Now if i would be eligible for the no deposit bonus of 150 dollars on titan poker i would have definately register on titan poker and i would give it a shot at those freerolls too. From what i know the traffic on titan poker is limited so it means there aren't too many participants on this freerolls.
I'm also glad you finally included this option, that you need to be registered using a bankrollmob code in order to participate to the bankrollmob freerolls, way too many peopole register knowing the password, even though they didn't even had an account on bankrollmob.
 scaramoes18/05/2011 06:11:32 GMT
i was always on partypoker freeroll but latley they stopt,and by titan i didnt no that the freeroll.thanks for that.
 LooseKiddie18/05/2011 15:56:58 GMT
Like @Macubaas I wish I would be elgible for the ndb on Titan Poker Sad It's sad that these bonuses are limited for few coutries, in Poland there are many poker players and also few of them are really good so I think Titan could get some customers, but well... it's their choice Smile

I don't have account on Titan, but good luck & have fun for all who'll play those freerolls. Well, if I woul have I wouldn't paly it either, because it's little bit to late for my time zone Smile
 arsenej118/05/2011 16:11:40 GMT
these freeroles are usally pretty good sometimes as low as 30-40 ppl Big Smile
 MIGO1419/05/2011 07:44:56 GMT
Would love to participate in these and sign up with Titan through the BRM offer.
But unluckily the starting time of these freerolls are so late for me as german guy that it does not makes sense for me to participate in these.
 LittleJulia20/05/2011 11:34:31 GMT
Nice i will start playing on titan this weekend. Big Smile
 timborep28/05/2011 23:43:14 GMT
hmm gonna have to download titan tonight is whats up
 Doarulle01/12/2012 00:56:48 GMT
Time for play on Titan Big Smile if i'm from romania can i get that bonus Big Smile?
 fcumred01/12/2012 00:58:41 GMT
Posted by Doarulle:
Time for play on Titan Big Smile if i'm from romania can i get that bonus Big Smile?

Why have you dragged up a post from a thread over 18 months old ?

Seems a bit of a strange thread to rejuvenate given that the freerolls in question have long past.
 Doarulle01/12/2012 00:58:44 GMT
Moderator please delete my comments, i'm tired and don't read good the date of news... i arrived here from and clicked :
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