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Negreanu's disaster results in High Stakes Poker

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Posted on 24 May 2011 by "T".

High Stakes Poker has since it started back in 2006 been one of the most popular televised poker cash games, and the show is still going strong today after 7 seasons with another one on the way.

Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu is one of the biggest names in High Stakes Poker, and he has been on the show since the very beginning. But even though Negreanu is second on the all time money list, his results in High Stakes Poker is a disaster. In fact, Daniel Negreanu has lost $2,182,850 and is by far the biggest loser in High Stakes Poker history.

Below are the top 10 winners and losers in High Stakes Poker history

Tom Dwan +1,756,500
David Benyamine +904,150
Doyle Brunson +782,300
Mike Matasow +609,350
Patrik Antonius +418,490
Phil Ivey +332,400
Eli Elezra +312,650
Barry Greenstein +277,600
Erick Lindgren +273,550
Mimi Tran +251,400

Mike Baxter -200,700
Todd Brunson -202,400
Jamie Gold -217,140
Daniel Alaei -222,300
Shawn Sheikhan -243,900
Antonio Esfandiari -273,050
Dario Minieri -328,400
Ilari Sahamies (Ziigmund) -362,150
Phil Galfond -406,300
Daniel Negreanu -2,182,850


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18 comments on "Negreanu''s disaster results in High Stakes Poker"

 shokaku24/05/2011 12:07:20 GMT
If one runs into quads so often like Negreanu did on HSP, a big loss is the result. A bit surprised that Jamie "the best bluffer" Gold did lose only $200k.
 Flippedchips24/05/2011 12:25:00 GMT
thats a pretty sick loss! phil galfond losses are pretty bad to he never has any luck on that show and dario is just a maniac Smile ive not watched the last few of them need to catch up. I was not a big fan of gabe kaplan but this new guy is terrible and it seems a bit boring now i think, most of gabe's jokes were crap and the very odd one funny but he did know what he was talking about and the new guy would bore you to tears
 LooseKiddie24/05/2011 13:02:35 GMT
I'm not really following HSP, but I agree - it's sick loss when you look at $2M! Then you look on the second worst losses and you see -$400k... and Daniel's loss is twice as sick as it was before you did it Tongue Anyway he is a great player, I like him and I think he can lower those losses on the next season Tongue
 madicIvan24/05/2011 14:30:36 GMT
Daniel just has no luck on HSP. Think its time for him to stop playing it, because he now will play more strange hands in order to win back lost 2mil. & thats never good game, he should know better when to quit! Sad
 Niklas9124/05/2011 16:18:52 GMT
It is in some way great to see this list with really good players in both the top 10 and in the bottom 10.. Really shows that even if you're an pro within the poker world, you still have bad runs and there is always space for improvements Smile But very tough luck for Negreanu.. He hasn't been that lucky for sure in HSP.. Sad
 GIOMi624/05/2011 17:37:18 GMT
That is a lot of money to lose over a period of seven seasons, well I think that his bankroll can withstand this downswing, so I shall be watching for the upswing.
 dozn0124/05/2011 17:48:48 GMT
does this mean live poker is rigged Confused
 SuperNoob24/05/2011 19:38:00 GMT
think daniel just keeps bumping into mosters and has bad luck in many big pots.
a big loss for him and bit way off when u look at next biggest loser. nice to see tom dwan at the top with around 2 mil profit
 Fakiry25/05/2011 14:02:11 GMT
Daniel is ranked second in the all time money list and first in the all time loosing list. He works for the rankings Big Smile he really likes to show his qualities! But now, serious, this is a phase, it will pass, he will soon start recovering from this breakdown, its like a big enterprize managment, things start running bad, so they give themselves as bankrupted, change the name of the company and start all over again. Daniel will not going this far, he needs to convince durrr and Patrick Antonius to play some HU with him so he can start recovering. This is my advice for him!
 Cliffem25/05/2011 14:34:52 GMT
I like DN but on HSP he tries to show off for the cameras and makes bad plays + runs Uber cold,not good Sad
 jbrooksie25/05/2011 14:51:12 GMT
Posted by dozn01:
does this mean live poker is rigged Confused

No, only televised poker. The cards are probably CGI'd so can be changed by the TV director as required Big Smile
 arhitekta2626/05/2011 12:16:41 GMT
That is what happens when you are showing off... In poker nobody is winner all the time... It has to stop sometimes...
 timborep28/05/2011 22:59:01 GMT
daniel will make it back, even the best hit funks i'm sure by the end of the year he'll be way up in the plus best of luck to him
 aryana0829/05/2011 16:05:19 GMT
he is the best
 vip7vip7vip29/05/2011 16:09:17 GMT
daniel will make it back, even the best hit funks i'm sure by the end of the year he'll be way up in the plus

I love egranu is my favorite player.
 arhitekta2629/05/2011 18:30:10 GMT
I don't like the way he plays... Because i think he waste to many chips... He is aggressive all the time... And also I think that he will not get back that fast..
 xxxYUMIxxx30/05/2011 08:25:51 GMT
well, i don't reckon Daniel to be that good as compared to the rest in terms of cash game, but he makes it up in consistant tournie results.
 $k14/06/2011 11:01:37 GMT
good to see doyle is winning he was down like 200k on 1 show of the big game

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