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2011 WSOP: Daniel Negreanu goes bananas (in case you missed it)

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Posted on 21 June 2011 by "T".

If you didn't read the news about Daniel Idema's $10k Limit Hold'em win yesterday, you really missed out on something! Yes, we didn't only write about the winner and the final table - we also wrote about when Daniel Negreanu went bananas and smashed his headphones. Below you can read what happened. Enjoy! Smile

Daniel Negreanu had a monster chip lead for some time during Day 1 of the $10k Limit Hold'em championship, but his downfall came during day 2 when there were around 27 players left. After he lost a big hand to Steve Landfish on the river, Negreanu shot up, accidentally tipping his chair over, and slammed his headphones on the ground. Pieces from the headphones flew all over the room. It was clear that Negreanu was extremely frustrated with how he lost the hand. However, he sat back down at the table with his remaining stack of 27,000 without saying a word. But it didn't take long before it was time for another bad beat....
Daniel had dropped to just about 20,000 when he decided to commit most of his stack pre flop when Tam Hang had raised in early position. The flop came JClubJHeartQSpade, and Negreanu pushed in his remaining chips. Hang called.

Negreanu: QClubASpade

Hang: 10Spade9Spade

Negreanu just needed to dodge a king or an eight. The turn card was the JSpade, giving Negreanu the full house. Negreanu said "well that does it" before stopping himself, realizing that Hang still had straight flush draw. Negreanu couldn't believe his eyes when the KSpade hit the river. He jumped out of his seat and nearly drop kicked the table. A frustrated Daniel Negreanu gave everyone a piece of his mind before leaving the tournament room.

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13 comments on "2011 WSOP: Daniel Negreanu goes bananas (in case you missed it)"

 Davoodoo21/06/2011 14:34:05 GMT
No video of the happening ?
 B1gfoot21/06/2011 17:15:04 GMT
That would never happen online, dont hink i have ever seen him chuck a hissy fit, as Davoodoo says a vid would be nice.
 T3ddyKGB21/06/2011 17:26:20 GMT
id like to see that vid too ! Big Smile
 Fakiry22/06/2011 10:08:46 GMT
This hand shows there's no such thing as rigged poker. It can always happen to anyone, if to Negreanu! But he really must have become bad after watching that Ks. I know he knew Hang had that possibility, but pros always like to scare away verbaly the odds against them, and that's just what he was trying to do with that declaration "that does it". But things can happen...
 xxxgandhi66622/06/2011 11:24:38 GMT
daniel nagreanu has the mike matusow virus cause daniel never flips like that
 shoveandtilt22/06/2011 13:33:40 GMT
 SuperNoob22/06/2011 18:27:57 GMT
pretty sick to go out of the tournament with that hand but when luck is not on your side you cant win. hope someone uploads a video showing the incident in the future
 TheFarSeer22/06/2011 22:32:02 GMT
Watch this video instead, you have to have them tight to survive this one
 richardd7923/06/2011 05:48:20 GMT
where is tat video.wher can i find it
 PetrusDaniel01/07/2011 23:51:02 GMT
Anyways, it was a semibad all in alltogether on Daniels behalf, he was forced by his stack to do so, i know, but u have a preaty big chance of geting hammerd just by a jack 10 in most hands.

And in that cas only another queen saves u or runer runer aces. So anyways he shouldnt have been so upset. He should have been exited he didnt run over a jack in hand
 Ignelis19202/07/2011 18:39:50 GMT
Are you kidding me, running straight flush. Daniel I think did pretty well handling it though.
 djpremier03/07/2011 11:25:30 GMT
Haha would be nice to see vide of this Big Smile
 fcumred06/07/2011 11:45:26 GMT
I can't see how he can moan. Look on youtube for the hand where he calls the two cards he needs to complete a straight flush and hits runner runner to do it.

He found it highly amusing then...

Not so funny when it happens against you

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