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The Mental Game With Daniel Negreanu

Tags: 2015 PCA, Daniel Negreanu, mental game.
Posted on 14 January 2015 by "K".

Daniel Negreanu, and many other big names in the poker world, is currently on Paradise Island in the Bahamas for the 2015 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. On Monday, he took the stage in the Player's Lounge to talk about the mental game of poker and also to answer questions like"What do you think about taking notes at the table?" and "What differences have you noticed between online players and live players?" Enough talk. Check out the video below!


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4 comments on "The Mental Game With Daniel Negreanu"

 klash2314/01/2015 15:36:08 GMT
This would have been a great chance to listen to Daniel Negreanu speak about poker and I would have loved to have been there but who wouldn't like to be in the Bahamas playing poker?Can't get much better than that for a holiday.
 Heskor14/01/2015 17:15:30 GMT
Well he is one of my favorite player of all time, so i wish him all the best in this Bahamas competition, hope he does really well, maybe he would go and wins it, who knows he could keep going just like in 2014 so good luck to him, also it will be a fun tournament to watch as we will see lots of great action. Anyway have fun watching the Bahamas tournament and good luck guys at the tables if you playing!
 bowie198415/01/2015 14:55:16 GMT
Well, obviously Negreanu didn't go there to chillout or bake his tummy on the sun - he is sooo serious now, he even've gotten himself eyeglasses which transform him from a humble poker pro into a braggy pofessor. Honestly a couple of pros could live off of these presentations if they wanted to, but none of them would do this 24-7 if they were able to choose, 'cuz talking about poker and playing it are two different horse and only one of them is thrilling, the other probably not so much...
 bowie198417/01/2015 16:13:31 GMT
I am kinda interested in how many of them (pros, high rollers etc.) go to talk with therapists between sessions. We talk about mental (game) a lot and in the US of A almost everybody have their special one who listens to all of their problems so seems not too far to strech this onto professional players and their 'mental needs'.
I thought this is kind of interesting. Also how many of them have a girlfriend who is a psych major in her Uni, we probably could find a couple if not too many. Pro's can be hard to live with.

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