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High Stakes: Ilari Sahamies only has €4k left

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Posted on 31 August 2011 by "T".

Last Sunday Viktor Blom crushed Ilari Sahamies at PokerStars nosebleed tables. In total, Sahamies lost about $1 million in the session against Blom, and it didn't take long before he commented on the session in his blog.

"I played very weak and it was fair that I lost my money. Only good thing is that those money went to Isildur, and not to any 'nit' guys. I was pretty unlucky, but Blom played much better than me, so no excuses." Sahamies wrote.

Sahamies ended the blog writing that he would grind $25/$50 PLO and also that he planned some "pokertrips". However, it didn't take long before the Finnish poker pro asked other high stakes players to lend him money. And according to a Danish poker site, he only has 4,000 euro left in his bank account and also he's playing for his entire bankroll at PokerStars.


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5 comments on "High Stakes: Ilari Sahamies only has €4k left"

 SuperNoob31/08/2011 08:18:44 GMT
just a rumor, no one knows what the bankroll of pros are. so hard to say if it's true though he has been losing lot of money this year.
 LooseKiddie31/08/2011 08:57:23 GMT
Well, first of all pros know how much do they have in bankrolls Big Smile He might asked someone to lend him money and that someone asked "man, how much do you have that you ask me for money?" and you know how it works Tongue
 Macubaas31/08/2011 15:00:59 GMT
This are just speculations, all these pros, especially the guys from the nord also play a lot on casionos there, Ilari included...

From what i remember he also did pretty good from live events this year, i def know he won 75k euros in a live tournament a couple of months ago.

I'm sure Ilari will be back pretty soon Blink
 doomdy31/08/2011 15:06:18 GMT
Imo he is allways too overagressive, combined with his tilt behaviour and yes matter of time he is busto or close too.

But deffo great to watch him.
 B1gfoot31/08/2011 16:17:31 GMT
Dont be silly, 4K and going to grind $25/$50 PLO.
Sahamies has being playing crap for a long time now, trashtalkers always tilt hard and he does it well, nice to see he did not blaim it on drink this time.

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