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Brian Townsend to Run 156 Miles Through the Sahara Desert!

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Posted on 16 October 2012 by "T".

It's been a while since we've heared anything from Brian Townsend, but apparently it's not because he's been chillin' out at some beach or something like that. Believe it or not, but the American high stakes poker pro has been training day and night for an upcoming Sahara Desert Race and therefore had very little time to spare for poker.

Townsend is doing the race together with a friend who tried to convince him to take part already 2 years ago. In total, the two friends will be running 156 miles over 5 days through the extremely hot Sahara desert - starting October 28 in Egypt. Below are parts from his latest blog post: 

I am doing this race with my good buddy, Deyl Kearin. He first told me about this race two years ago. I remember looking at him and saying that he was insane for even considering it. Then four months ago I went to him and said we should do it, so that's how we ended up here. For those who don't know, this is a 5 day (technically 7 days but you only run 2k-10k the final two days) 156 mile race through the sahara desert where you carry everything but your own water.

Obviously running 156 miles in the extremely hot Sahara desert isn't going to be easy - especially if you're a poker player by trade! However, Townsend has been taking this task pretty seriously as he described his training with the following words:

Today I ran 20 miles in 3.5 hours. 7 miles were to Jericho beach in Vancouver and the remaining 13 were going up and down the same 3 mile stretch of soft sand beach over and over. The girls playing volleyball thought I was insane, but I guess I am kinda that weird running guy now. I have been wearing a 20 pound pack to train but lightened the load to 15lbs today.

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7 comments on "Brian Townsend to Run 156 Miles Through the Sahara Desert!"

 djpremier16/10/2012 20:58:54 GMT
Oh thats crazy! I've done a halfmarathon and this is about 10times as long and with a heavy load in the extremely hot sahara desert! Wow..i'm so impressed.
 Greenmohave16/10/2012 22:55:58 GMT
That's some extreme excercise / sports if I must say so myself especially for someone who is used to sitting around the felt to enjoy his time. It's good to know that there's guy's like this that are diversified enough to take on something totally out of the ordinary. At least it's unique to me!
 Fakiry17/10/2012 10:54:21 GMT
These are good news for Brian Townsend, it can only mean that his job at the tables is going so well that even gives him time to stop and have fun with his friends in other events not related to poker. I’m sure something thrilling like a race in the desert also makes good to the brain, helping him releasing the pressure that he is used to, because of his main activity. Just hope he don’t get hurt, after all he’s one the future promises of poker.
 Doarulle17/10/2012 19:33:53 GMT
Wow, he is awesome... run 156 miles in 5 days is very hard but nicely, what i can say when i will have enough money i'll challenge myself to run 156 miles in 4 days Big Smile
 Macubaas17/10/2012 19:36:34 GMT
Thats a pretty hard task if you ask me, always heat and cold are the biggest enemies when you are talking about a run.

I think now that full tilt poker will open again we will see him once again on the high stakes PLO tables Smile
 nipitiri328/10/2012 09:44:56 GMT
crazy mutta fukka lol ... respect geez i could not imagine i run even 100 miles in 5 days even if someone says u die if not run
 Mysik8628/10/2012 15:11:31 GMT
It's so crazy that almost hard to imagine. Run 156 miles - it's almost impossible to do that! That's nice advertisement for him. And I'm sure that he will be more famous for doing that!

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