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Isildur1 wants his money back

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Posted on 28 December 2009 by "T".

Not long ago, Brian Townsend got his red pro status at Full Tilt removed after that the poker site found out that he had been using a non-allowed poker program to collect hand history against Isildur1. Townsend had also shared the information he had collected using this program with Brian Hastings and Cole South. However, neither of them got any kind of penalty from Full Tilt poker. This made Isildur1 really upset, and now he wants his money back, or at least some of it according to what he said in a recent interview.

"I do feel like I deserve to get something back. I feel that Hastings had a big edge over me due to the hand history database. They were able to dissect the exact way I was playing because they analyzed the hands so precisely, and it was impossible for me to adjust, as I had no idea they were doing it.
Even though this information is not out there, since they admitted to sharing hand histories, how can I be sure that all three of them did not have input on the hands while we were playing?"

Isildur1 about the future and if he will continue playing at Full Tilt poker after the scandal.

"Well, honestly I am going to stay quiet for a while now. I am planning on putting in the request to Full Tilt to look into this further, and until I hear back, I don't plan on playing much poker on the site."


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39 comments on "Isildur1 wants his money back"

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» Isildur1 wants his money back

 psycokiller29/12/2009 00:11:59 GMT
It's not entirely FTP's responsibility to reimburse Isildur for the incident, it's Townsends,Hastings and South's. I see court action in the works over this one.
As for FTP (and all online sites for that matter) , they need to find better ways to monitor (and block if possible) programs that are used for unfair advantages. Penalties for being caught using these programs should be enforced to the max, regardless of who u are
 KeefBurtons29/12/2009 03:25:09 GMT
Throw the Poker bible at this Monkey. Ban him from every site or send him to China. Illegal software is illegal software. Bet he's not the only either.

Unbelievable that there are idiot's that actually believe Isildur1 has no right on his money back or at least part of it, these are probably the guys that will never roll at HS poker to get cheated.

Online poker is different from live poker and should remain that way. Brians Edge here is far greater from an online game where they rattle through excessive more hands an hour.

 jevo29/12/2009 05:17:52 GMT
I'm really not getting this.

Why hasn't he already got his money back? it's obvious they shared the information. FT has made one of them the scapegoat, a previous cheater, and given him a bs suspension. Who are they kidding?

Give him his money back you immoral cheating scumbags!

The sites that are selling hand histories should be had a word with, as it's very shady that they're so readily available to anyone.

 ZmxPowah29/12/2009 06:00:58 GMT
If someone steal cash like them from isildur is it breaking the law?
Could he go to prison or something like that? Tongue
Would be interesting... and kinda funny ;>
Anyway Isildur1 is really slow , tooks him time to realize he want his cash back Tongue
 watoba29/12/2009 06:09:50 GMT
thats why i´m not playing high limits online player without skill using programs to win .
Only in live games u can be sure that u can win with the better skill and not by beating from cheater´s or other programs
 SuperNoob29/12/2009 06:29:26 GMT
now fulltilt are in a tight spot, they tried to get away from the situation with a stupid punishment to townsend. lets see what hastings has to say after this
 LaBaiz29/12/2009 09:06:30 GMT
I agree with Isildur1 as a red player was caught cheating, took lot of money from him and just got the red status removed for a month. That doesn't sound like justice.
 ih8usukouts29/12/2009 11:57:37 GMT
I was wondering "when" he was going to demand he get his money back, not "if." The Fulltilt rules have been broken by "Fulltilt pros" and should be dealt with accordingly. After all, if one of us average Joe players did this our accounts would be froze and all money taken from us. Now if Isildur1 was caught breaking the FT rules and took $4M from the FT pros you can damn well bet his account would be closed and money seized. I just laughed when I saw the punishments these guys "didn't get" oh I mean "got." Maybe Isildur1 should go to a poker room like Cake, where you can't use software like this. Oh wait, about a week ago I did see a player with the name "Isildur1" but he wasn't any good
 Raggamann29/12/2009 19:47:27 GMT
i think this scandal was the worst that could happen to the highstakes on full tilt. what i mean is: which new highstakesplayer will risk his money when he knows that the players will cheat on him if he is too good?
if i would play there i would make some multiaccounts just to get sure nobody can see all my handhistories.
the "punishment" makes it look like it's okay to cheat and for a pokersite it should be the most important thing to be reliable, otherwise players will move to other sites
 racpxt29/12/2009 20:02:30 GMT
@ fcumred
Getting hand histories from games you didn't played is illegal. Sharing tips about the opponents isn't.

Townsend did both and got a stupid 1 month ban punishment. Ridiculous, many players get banned permanently for using illegal software and get their funds frozen, so why not to apply the same penalty to a pro. Good example comes from above.

If it stays like this: Crime pays you back.
 MANUEDO29/12/2009 21:00:45 GMT
I think he has to get something by Fullt Tilt because it allowed this scandal happen.
Instead FT decided not to punish him......
 Exiles29/12/2009 23:05:47 GMT
Rules are rules, hope Isildir gets some of his cash back, was very interesting to watch and a shame cheats have forced him to play less.
 JordanBomber29/12/2009 23:48:16 GMT
these players need to be punished, its only right
 fcumred30/12/2009 00:38:51 GMT
Posted by racpxt:
@ fcumred
Getting hand histories from games you didn't played is illegal. Sharing tips about the opponents isn't.

Townsend did both and got a stupid 1 month ban punishment. Ridiculous, many players get banned permanently for using illegal software and get their funds frozen, so why not to apply the same penalty to a pro. Good example comes from above.

If it stays like this: Crime pays you back.

I dont know if you are aware, but using hand histories on players is NOT against the rules. Far from it.

There are countless serious players who use hand history databases to keep their eyes on players. You would be very hard pushed to find a serious poker player who doesnt do it.

Certainly every pro will have some form of software to help them in their game, and that is 100% legitimate.

Townsend had a database of 20,000 hands on Isildur, the indiscretion he made, was to obtain a further 30,000 from someone else.

These he analysed, then discussed with Hastings. Sharing what he felt were pertinent facts about Isildurs game.

What he did is was a breach of the rules, but its a rule that has never fully been implemented, and those that say Full Tilt close accounts and take money, for those that have been caught doing it, are completely wrong.

Pokerlistings offers you the very same information that Townsend had access to. So its public information. How many people on Pokerlistings use that information ? Most probably thousands, every single day of the week.

How many of us go to OPR or SHARKSCOPE to track a players ROI.. Most probably 90% of us... That is illegal. Do we get our accounts locked for doing it.. Do we heck....

The rule he broke is a rule that is broken by a good 50% of poker players every single day, the only difference is he openly admitted doing it, and thats why he got a 30 day ban. Not because it was a serious case of cheating ( which it wasnt ) but because Full Tilt have to make an example of him to show they do uphold their rules if they need to...

 leroi2130/12/2009 02:35:49 GMT
red pros have free ticket "out of rules" or what the rules is simple your banned when you share poker hand history
 haarten8730/12/2009 15:10:58 GMT
He must get em' back :O
 friday42030/12/2009 15:28:46 GMT
All online play has cheats and software use going on in my book you cant expain how some calls all ins and hit runner runner to beat you
 DAGOR16/01/2010 00:09:13 GMT
This story proves one thing we can be a good poker player, but not very smart also ...

Isidur because he says he quickly sensed that something was wrong. Why continue this case and to reduce over 4 million dollars (tilt, ego ...?)?

Hastings because I'd like to know what is the point - how small it is - to boast having shared HH in this story, knowing that this is not tolerated ...

PS: I think we overestimate the advantage Hastings has been having access to HH enemy. The Holdem is a game of perpetual adaptation.
I doubt qu'Isidur always plays the same way, regardless of its opponents
 Bigkris16/01/2010 01:08:35 GMT
where to get that software ?
 paulparadiis16/01/2010 01:25:08 GMT
Anybody knows where does he play now? Really miss him. I enjoyed watching him quite much, hope he'll be back soon! Club
 volatile8816/01/2010 12:13:44 GMT
 martita1518/01/2010 19:32:55 GMT
Isildur have to get money back... that kind of software is forbidden
 pmgignac20/01/2010 17:43:59 GMT
sorry for him but I realy dont think he is gonna get is money back
 GabeKaplan21/01/2010 22:27:11 GMT
ya right there going to give his money back
 robkey6922/01/2010 00:03:38 GMT
wow wow wow. i was thinking y brain was not red no more.

full tilt and other site talk crap with the tracking site becasue the offer the tracking sites money for players to site the trcking sofaware.

A Spade

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