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Daniel Negreanu's Back With A Rant

Tags: black friday, daniel negreanu, full tilt poker, howard lederer, the lederer files.
Posted on 16 October 2012 by "T".

Daniel Negreanu has been very busy as of late with travelling, playing poker tournaments etc. However, now he's back home and even took some time to put together a rant that he released yesterday. His latest video is about one thing, and one thing only, The Lederer Files (the video interviews with Howard Lederer about the Full Tilt Poker scandal).

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13 comments on "Daniel Negreanu''s Back With A Rant"

 Fakiry16/10/2012 10:41:11 GMT
He is reallu angry! He advices all Lederer’s defenders to take a look at the material he gathered so they can realize who they are supporting, I’ve never seen him doing such thing like this, he is taking a position and calling others to follow his position. That almost looks like some kind of politic move, does Daniel think that Lederer can come back to the online poker world as taking a big role on a big company, again? I don’t think so, I think the best he have to do is to move apart from this world, trying to erase the experience he had from the portfolio. “You’re such a liar bro”, says Daniel. Tough! But probably true.
 WinAllDay16/10/2012 16:20:39 GMT
I love daniel. he always cuts it to you the way he sees it. I tend to agree with him on a lot of things.

its hard to tell what is true and what is not true when dealing with anything about the FTP case but one thing daniel does mention is about respect. how howard returned to the vegas poker rooms to early and I have the same opinion. millions of people have millions of dollars tied up because of ray bitar, chris ferguson, and howard lederer and these people cant play. to see howard start playing in the vegas rooms now that a deal has been made is a little upsetting to me. he could have waited until november-ish when the rest of world players get payed, or even wait until doj remission period is over to start playing. just as a sign of respect to the players.

I feel like howard is a big part of having player funds tied up right now and it doesn't seem in good taste to be gambling high stakes at this point in time.

I dont hold this verdict for all the FTP pros, only chris, ray, and howard. It doesn't bother me that Dwan and Ivey and the others are playing because They didnt play a large role in this whole thing.

anyway, thats just my 2 cents (and 10 points)
 Fakiry17/10/2012 10:54:48 GMT
Posted by WinAllDay:
anyway, thats just my 2 cents (and 10 points)

You only had 2 cents at FTP and 10 points and you can still remember about that? That’s funny. I’m registered in so many sites and I know I have some cents in a lot of them, and for being playing there a couple of months I also should have made some points, but I can remember about that. I also know I have money and points at FTP, but i will have to wait for November 6th to see how much is it.
 SirPoncho17/10/2012 15:54:55 GMT
'I don't know'.......
 Doarulle17/10/2012 19:49:01 GMT
Daniel Negreanu is Daniel Negreanu he is awesome, he can say anything, no one can comment in front of him... This is why he's romanian origins Big Smile
 WinAllDay18/10/2012 01:57:33 GMT
Posted by Fakiry:
Posted by WinAllDay:
anyway, thats just my 2 cents (and 10 points)

You only had 2 cents at FTP and 10 points and you can still remember about that?

lol 'just my 2 cents' is a saying that means thats just my opinion, or that is my input.

and the 10 points is from BRM for posting the reply.

I believe i had around 60$ on FTP. They were the only only gaming site that i could use my credit card on. pokerstars would block it as a gambling transaction. this should have raised some flags pre-black friday to me lol.
 cretz24/10/2012 05:56:34 GMT
watta liar this lederer
 Macubaas24/10/2012 20:26:14 GMT
This weekly episodes of Daniel Negreanu are becoming really popular Smile

I think this is also a great opportunity for Daniel to tell some things that in other circumstances would not be possible, and here i'm talking about all kind of things that were not known by the public.
 Greenmohave24/10/2012 22:26:36 GMT
Definitely an enjoyable piece to hear and to learn from. I guess before one takes to much in from the various story lines out there Daneal reiterates the fact to go back and read some of the information posted or captured from a one Diamond Flush.
I know if I were Lederer it would be difficult to show my face around the poker tables without at least getting a facelift and losing some weight so that he's not recognized by many. There has got to be some really angry people out there that lost more then $168.00 like myself. I can laugh that away, but anything above $10,000 I'm afraid would mean alot to me. That's not near enough to get in trouble by busting the man up, but if there's people owed $100,000's then he better watchout. Unless PS covers these losses and saves this man's rear.
 Sorin88825/10/2012 14:26:42 GMT
On the heels of Daniel Negreanu's Lederer Files rant, the majority of responses from people within the poker community have had a common theme when it comes to Howard's performance in The Lederer Files, and that is: "he's obviously lying".

There are 3 questions that come to mind when reviewing the majority opinion:

1. What makes the general population qualified to make that assessment?
2. Is there anyone within the industry qualified enough to determine whether or not he was lying?
3. Was Howard lying in The Lederer Files?
 teddybears7325/10/2012 14:29:51 GMT
i always read what daniel has to say as i think he says it as it is.never one to mince his words and funny too,well i think he is.
 uhhcallmi26/10/2012 07:53:48 GMT
i have 300 playerpoints at ftp and under 20 euro in cash...will i get it back??? damn,,,i want interest... Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

they borowed our money longer then a year,,,they should pay interest...

or do i want tooooo much?????

5% would be fine... Agree Big Smile Smile Tongue
 Impak00701/12/2012 15:21:54 GMT
id dont know, if is comeback of full tilt poker good move, because kots of players are tilt from it, and im not sure, if they will continue playing on this site with now owners, or change place to play.

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