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PokerStars All-Star Showdown

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Posted on 26 October 2012 by "T".

PokerStars has changed the concept of the SuperStar Showdown quite a bit since Viktor "Isildur1" Blom left. The new challenge is called All-Star Showdown and 8 players will face each other in a heads-up tournament on PokerStars running from October 27 - November 4 (starting at 18:00 CET). Each match will take place over 4 tables at once and the blinds will double every 3,000 hands. Each match ends when a player busts on all 4 tables. 

In total, 5 players have signed up for the All-Star Showdown so far. All players will pay $100,000 each to enter the competition and Isaac Haxton, PokerStars latest signing, is one of them... 

"I'm excited to start my tenure with Team PokerStars with the chance to win a big title and a lot of money in my favourite form of poker," he said.

"There are no titles or champions in heads-up cash games, just winners and losers. This tournament will change that by crowning the first All-Star Showdown champion."


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7 comments on "PokerStars All-Star Showdown"

 ayaraled26/10/2012 14:34:00 GMT
this is going to be a great one ....seeing some games last time with blom was really good...hope they can keep up the pace like blom did...
 nipitiri326/10/2012 15:48:45 GMT
ya isildur won most of em what he played 15 outta 18 or something like that not very sure about number but i think i seen that somewere
 pochui26/10/2012 17:42:03 GMT
well the concept itself is nice- 4 tables at once at hu poker doesn't suit my taste. i can barely play 2 hu tables max, so 4 would be way overboard- multitabling hu is totally different to sng's or mtt's. since they play at high limits rake will not have any decent impact, but i imagine same concept played at micro stakes- they would end up winners of the hu match but would have a little to show for it
 arredani26/10/2012 18:27:49 GMT
this is going to be great but i miss to isildur 1 lol
 Macubaas26/10/2012 20:28:32 GMT
I think i like better this challenge compared to the old format of this kind of challenge...

Something tells me that at the end of this year we'll have some sicker action on ftp than on pokerstars Big Smile
 Fakiry29/10/2012 12:44:16 GMT
The four table concept can be a bit weird. What happens if each one wins on two tables? It can happen, one can't put this aside, so, will there be a tie? It doesnt make big sense.
 SirPoncho29/10/2012 15:42:24 GMT
EPIC MATCH yesterday
Ike haxton defeated Alex "Kanu7" Millar after nearly 17 (!) hours Shock Shock Shock

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