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Big One for One Drop: The $1 Million Buy-in Tournament Will Return In 2014!

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Posted on 31 October 2012 by "T".

Big One for One Drop, the biggest buy-in tournament in poker history, took place in Las Vegas during the 2012 WSOP and attracted a field of 48 professional players and amateurs who put up $1 million each. The tournament was won by Antonio "The Magician" Esfandiari ($18.3 million) and raised a total of $10 million for charity.

On Monday night, during a live broadcast of the 2012 WSOP Main Event final table, Guy Laliberté, chairman of One Drop, revealed that the tournament will return during the 2014 WSOP and that there will be a Little One for One Drop, a $1,111 buy-in bracelet event with unlimited re-entries, at the 2013 WSOP.

"It's amazing what you can achieve when you dream," said Laliberté. "We took the concept of a $1 million poker tournament and turned it into the most successful poker initiative ever held. As a result, over 100,000 people will be positively impacted. Projects in Honduras, El Salvador, and West Africa have already put to use the money we raised in the initial event.

"With the ‘Little One' and the ‘Big One' on the horizon, we can continue to greatly impact the lives of those in need, while at the same time raising awareness of the impact water has on our planet."


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7 comments on "Big One for One Drop: The $1 Million Buy-in Tournament Will Return In 2014!"

 Fakiry31/10/2012 14:14:09 GMT
It seems very nice that the Big Drop have a return. It had to be that way. And there's nothing wrong if it starts taking place every two years. Some may say it's not fair for the biggest winnings annual ranking, but one have to look at this event like Champions League and Euro League and National Championships in football. If one's good enough, he will have the chance to win more. In poker things are even more democratic, because one doesn't need to have a previous victory to enter such an event, it only needs one thing: money, a lot of it, $1 million. Anyone who's able to put on the table will have the chance to multiply it by a lot (by 18, in Esfandiari's case).
 uhhcallmi31/10/2012 16:47:32 GMT
i'll start saving right away ,,maybe i'll make it in 2014...if i save enough Smile Smile Smile

Blink Blink Blink Tongue Tongue Blink Blink Blink
 Macubaas01/11/2012 12:29:52 GMT
It's pretty surprising that such a mega-roller event attracted so many participants and even better there will be another one in 2014 Smile

I think in 2014 many participants will be stacked considering the huge amount of money that could be won.
 WinAllDay01/11/2012 15:51:09 GMT
I guess im starting my 0-1,000,000 challenge
 pochui01/11/2012 15:56:14 GMT
well if they made the history, and tourney was such a success, then why the hell do they change the concept, and skip one year? i guess they want to try new things out, but hey you can do this on top of the current one...why couldn't they just kept same tourney for 2013 & added a side event with lower buy-in
 WinAllDay01/11/2012 16:38:34 GMT
Various poker podcasts discusses this topic and the answer they came to is that its a lot of money from the poker economy, obviously not many can afford it. the ones who can afford it are not likely pro poker players, but rather businessmen who have played casually for years.

the reason that was givin from the pokercast is that they felt it would take to much money out of the poker economy if one of these amateurs won first prize.

Just imagin is Guy won 2012 1-drop. sure 18 million more would be going to his foundation, but 18 million would be coming out of the poker economy.

I think the WSOP is doing everything in its power to build ratings, and peek interests of the non-pro player, but at the same time not trying to hurt the game from a huge hit-and-run.
 Impak00728/11/2012 14:18:34 GMT
gonna be interesting to see if, if there will be 100+ players at 2014. Gonna be tons of money for the winner

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