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WPT Montreal Hockey Challenge

Tags: antonio esfandiari, daniel negreanu, phil laak, WPT Montreal Hockey Challenge.
Posted on 28 November 2012 by "T".

In case you missed it, the World Poker Tour Montreal main event saw a record field of 1,173 entries - the biggest tournament with a buy-in of $1k or more in Canadian history. While the event was played, some of the well-known players took part in the WPT Montreal Playground Poker Hockey Challenge.

The challenge was a prop bet between Antonio "The Magician" Esfandiari and Phil "Unabomber" Laak to determine who was the better goal keeper, and Daniel Negreanu, Marvin Rettenmaier and a few hockey pros helped out. Negreanu scored 5 out of 5 against Laak, but still "Unabomber" managed to save more shots than Esfandiari and win the challenge.

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6 comments on "WPT Montreal Hockey Challenge"

 Impak00728/11/2012 13:22:06 GMT
But still very bad performance was given from both of them. They was usefull like scarecrow in a field. But it had to be a very good fune.
 Fakiry28/11/2012 18:30:01 GMT
These guys are so crazy, it really should be a lot of fun to have the chance to pass a couple of days with them. Always doing different stuff, i don't know if this hockey thing was related to some kind of promotional campaign to the poker event or not, but even if it wasn't, it was something nice for them to do. And who would say they would score that many!
 Greenmohave29/11/2012 00:08:06 GMT
Yeah, these guys seem to have a lot of fun. I'm sure Negreanu played hockey at one point in his life. He just seem's like the kind of guy that was in to that, but then again maybe they all played and that's what brought about this challenge.
 rbdflyboy29/11/2012 02:09:55 GMT
With all the outdoor rinks in the winter, not to mention all the road hockey, and ball hockey leagues here in's hard not to play hockey growing up in Canada. If you didn't get enough as a kid then there's always the slow puck leagues one can join as an adult. ( no hitting, no slapshots) Not surprised to see Negreanu score on all his shots...the goalies didn't know how to play the angles right. It's hard to move fast with all that gear on so playin the angles is important...was fun watching. Bet they were both very tired at the end of it all.
 Sorin88829/11/2012 09:46:12 GMT
To make the show more atractive UFC announcer Bruce Buffer found time to introduce the hockey shootout.More fun with friends and more advertise to and everything
 pochui29/11/2012 10:12:31 GMT
well another pr campaign- what wouldn't you do for your sponsors. i guess if they told poker players to eat their poop publicly some would seriously consider this Big Smile well the prop bet was cool enough- at least they had a chance to try out the sport which they might have seen only on television before

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