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Lost €170k Due To Empty Battery

Tags: bad beat, empty battery, high-stakes, larsluzak, sami kelopuro, Ville Wahlbeck, wireless mouse.
Posted on 29 November 2012 by "T".

On November 20th, we wrote about a Danish web designer who was leading Sunday Million for about 3 hours until he lost his Internet connection and eventually finished in 281th place for $583 (click here to read the full story). Now we have another, even more sick, bad beat story to tell...


The Finnish poker pro Ville Wahlbeck (on the left) posted a blog post (Folding the winner) last week in which he revealed that his fellow countryman and friend Sami "LarsLuzak" Kelopuro (on the right) once lost a huge pot (about €170k according to a Swedish news site) with the nuts because his wireless mouse ran out of battery.

"One of the cruelest accidental folds must belong to my friend Sami "LarsLuzak" Kelopuro. He was playing online in a highstakes heads-up no-limit game. He had nuts on the river, and his opponent went all-in. If you need to know, the pot was about the same value as a small apartment in Finland.

So there was Sami, licking his lips in front of his desktop and about to click "call." Until he noticed his mouse was not moving. He was playing with a cordless mouse and it had just ran out of batteries.

Sami started running around the house to find new batteries while the time clock ticked away in the table and the warning sounds started to beep. In the end Sami could only watch helplessly how his winning hand was folded in front of his eyes.

Lesson learned, once again. After hearing Sami's story, I ditched my brand new cordless laser mouse and got reunited with my old black Logitech. It has a nice two meter long cable running from its nose."


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33 comments on "Lost €170k Due To Empty Battery"

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» Lost €170k Due To Empty Battery

 Serpang30/11/2012 04:44:38 GMT
Posted by Johnny29Pt:
Unbelievable!!lol!This is worst then a bad beat definitely!!

Exactly !!!! Really tragic !! BTW, as long as I know, that's indicate destiny or luck factor.
Anything could be happen if you in luck or bad luck.
At this case is his bad luck and his opp luck, lol. I couldn't imagine how hurt his heart ? that's chance not everyday he get, I am sure !
 wewew30/11/2012 06:09:41 GMT
that is a costly lesson learned, battery cost = 170k
 thefly13130/11/2012 09:53:02 GMT
Just always nice to know that if you are using a laptop you have an alternetive for your wireless mouse.
I think it s really a nightmare when it happens, having the nuts ...., seen it , .... and folding due to a not working mouse or a internet connection that fails.

 pochui30/11/2012 12:12:39 GMT
so i guess this easily qualifies for Guinness book of records as "the most expensive set of batteries" Smile i imagine how frustrating it is to watch those seconds ticking away & knowing that you cannot change anything...that's cruel, one thing when u r holding just a strong hand, but when u have the nuts & it's nosebleeds...
 Impak00730/11/2012 14:49:07 GMT
that is why i dont use wireless mouses. I hate wires but wireless mouses are slower heavier and needs to charge. Sad story thought.
 Macubaas30/11/2012 14:58:23 GMT
There is a good reasons for which all top poker players and also are pro gamers out there use wired mouse and keyboard!

The story was really great an unfortunately realyl, really costly for Sami Big Smile

I think now he learned the lesson.
 Indo36M30/11/2012 18:42:44 GMT
thats terrible,but he is rich,i wunder ,a big hugh bankroll but not an touchpad,i would break internetconection ,after that i logged in whit a laptop or notebook,i guess that he have a laptop or notebook,any it sux,but 4 him its still pocket chance

so you see ,play poker whit thousends of dollars,but buy battery 2$,to expensive there?also the more money,the greedyer some will be
 berg5555501/12/2012 02:56:11 GMT
live gos on and on and on
 fcumred01/12/2012 03:02:40 GMT
I've been there so many times its unreal, but never for this amount of money.

In once instance though it went in my favour. I was in the Daily Dollar on FTP and close to the final table. I picked up AA under the gun and raised. Two players shoved all in and I was all set to call. Both of them had me well covered.

My mouse died on me, and frantically I was trying to find my spare mouse. I watched as I was timed out, screaming like hell. Eventually I was timed out and my hand folded. The two players who were lal in both had lower Pocket pairs, and both hit a set. No ace came, so I ended up saving my game from it. I got my spare mouse carried on playing and finiished in 4th place earning a cool $500 which was $420 more than I would have done if I'd called.

So in my case a screwed up mouse saved me....
 usebrains01/12/2012 07:00:46 GMT
Yes worst then a bad beat definitely sad sad sad !!!!!
 Sorin88801/12/2012 10:10:49 GMT
This story sounds like a legend.In the iPoker network is not plausible,because you can use F1,F2,F3 buttons from keyboard to make calls on game.Just a click to fortune.
Good luck
 Fakiry01/12/2012 16:12:58 GMT
Gosh, internet connections on Eastern Europe are really winning a lot of bad publicity with all these news. If there's any company available to secure a good service, they can think of picking up on these cases to make that kind of advertisments that talk bad about the competitors to win space in the market. And this would work just fine.
 PeteRePeter01/12/2012 17:40:29 GMT
with no mouse can one not just use his tab key to move??
 irishgilly02/12/2012 03:43:50 GMT
Not being very tech savvy, I have zero idea if one can use a key to move instead of the dead mouse. What a horror story though. As for all those making fun of him for not having a spare battery for the mouse- give me a break- this could happen to anyone using a wireless. How often have you thought you had extra only to discover you had just not quite enough...of anything. Batteries, eggs, cigarettes,one can easily run out of any thing. Chances are very good that he thought he had more batteries. I don't think I would sit down to play a tourney without spare batteries right next to me, but some times people forget the most important things. I really feel for you dude. I was once playing break the bank at a micro casino. I had been playing with dollars. Kept losing. Got down so low, had to switch to pennies. On the first penny pull I won free spins, which led to me winning 750,000 coins. Had they still been dollars, I would have been ever so happy. Since they were pennies, well, not so much...
 Doarulle02/12/2012 04:13:37 GMT
That's weird... you must know when you start to play some high MTT... when i played MTT i have both notebooks with 1 stick of net... and both baterry full... in case the current goes or the internet... immediatly change the notebook and internet connection... that just for few $ buy-in... when you playing a MTT you must know how much will during and the rest...
 Gun2her03/12/2012 19:18:52 GMT
I have no sense of empathy so this is just wildly amusing to me. Laughed my ass of reading this.
 maxima19105/12/2012 16:01:38 GMT
That's what wrong with people and technology if it's not broke works good don't upgrade it
 rv08/12/2012 16:12:14 GMT
I have lost so many $ due to bad connection and other pc fails. Those situations are more painful than bad beats.
Bring more disc protection time !!!
 victoryv11120/12/2012 14:17:24 GMT
i just use pad on laptop if this happens simple.
 Tooned21/12/2012 02:46:32 GMT
hahaha! same happened to me,a few times, cordless mice suck big time! never lost 170k though!:s more like 1.70! lol
 uhhcallmi21/12/2012 03:09:23 GMT
i got me a wireless mouse with 2 batteries,,, 1 always charging.. so this won't happen to me..

my biggest problem is ,,,losing internet connection to te pokerclient...has not happened for over 2 month now..but always afraid it will happen again...
 flushnut3321/12/2012 03:46:54 GMT
wow huge pot, if that had happened to me i would have restarted my router to give me more time through disconnection protection, and made SURE i got some batteries in time..but saying that now would i really have thought of that during the situation????
 soeoner1829/12/2012 04:27:13 GMT
no puede ser ke koraje me daria kedarme si bateria pero si me apasado en un freeroll

no kisiera ke me susediera komo ese sujeto 170 k Blink

no kisiera ke me susediera komo ese sujeto 170 k Blink
 rbdflyboy29/12/2012 06:29:16 GMT
happened to me once as well. Had a spare right beside me. Changed out the bad one and was good to go. After that, have a hard wire mouse ready to plug in.....just in case.
 feto77729/12/2012 10:40:40 GMT

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