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Check Out this Worst Bad Beat ever to Happen in Live Poker, Pot Worth $400,000

Tags: bad beat, bad beat jackpot, Jean-Robert Bellande, Rob Yong
Posted on 21 November 2019 by "T".

Full House loses to Straight Flush, Twice, for $400,000 total pot

The partypoker LIVE series in the Bahamas is now in full swing. A plethora of high-stakes buy-in tournaments run round the clock from November 15 to 24, including the $250,000 Super High Roller Bowl Bahamas. With such extravagant tournaments, there's a high chance some outrageous stakes will appear somewhere.

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partypoker's Latest Promotion will Have You Hoping for a Bad Beat!

Tags: bad beat, partypoker, powerfest
Posted on 24 July 2019 by "T".

Bad beats in poker are awesome to witness but absolutely no one would want to be at the losing end of that situation. The simplest description of a bad beat is when a poker hand that is a favorite to win initially, suddenly loses to an underdog hand that catches up and surprisingly beats it.

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Lost €170k Due To Empty Battery

Tags: bad beat, empty battery, high-stakes, larsluzak, sami kelopuro, Ville Wahlbeck, wireless mouse
Posted on 29 November 2012 by "T".

On November 20th, we wrote about a Danish web designer who was leading Sunday Million for about 3 hours until he lost his Internet connection and eventually finished in 281th place for $583 (click here to read the full story). Now we have another, even more sick, bad beat story to tell...


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Todd Brunson's $2 million bad beat

Tags: bad beat, doyle brunson, todd brunson, twitter
Posted on 18 April 2012 by "T".

That bad beats happen online and live and to poker pros as well as "hobby players" is nothing new. However, some bad beats are worse than others. Todd Brunson, son of the living poker legend Doyle Brunson, has been quite active on Twitter lately. A few days ago, he was bored and asked his followers to ask him questions. One of the questions was "What is the sickest bad beat you ever had?".

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High Stakes: Sickest hand ever? (VIDEO)

Tags: bad beat, high stakes, phil hellmuth, poker, sickest hand
Posted on 17 June 2010 by "T".

Phil Hellmuth hasn't been doing all that well at the poker tables in the past few years, and he has been criticized by some of the best poker players in the world because he refuses to understand that poker has changed and that he can't play the same style as he used to "back in the days" when he was successful. It's clear that Phil Hellmuth doesn't care much about what others think about him and his game, however, he loves to criticize others - especially after bad beats.

There are lots of video clips on youtube and similar sites where one can see Phil Hellmuth cry out loud, complaining after a bad beat. Even though Phil believes, like other successful poker players, that luck is just part of the game and that a good player will win in the long run, he still thinks that he's losing lately because of bad beats. Well, I have to agree with him after watching this hand, at the same time as I think it was a bad move from him to deal the hand 4 times.

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