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Todd Brunson's $2 million bad beat

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Posted on 18 April 2012 by "T".

That bad beats happen online and live and to poker pros as well as "hobby players" is nothing new. However, some bad beats are worse than others. Todd Brunson, son of the living poker legend Doyle Brunson, has been quite active on Twitter lately. A few days ago, he was bored and asked his followers to ask him questions. One of the questions was "What is the sickest bad beat you ever had?".

Todd answered that it was a hand in which the flop came 2-3-10 and he had 4-6. The turn card 5 gave him the nut straight and he and his opponent went all in. The opponent showed 5-10 for top two pairs and Todd was only 1 card away from taking home a pot of $2,000,000. But unfortunately a 10 completed the board and his opponent took home the huge pot with a full house. But even though Todd lost a huge amount of money in the pot it seems like has plenty of money left as, according to himself, he has won about $25 million dollars on live poker during his career.

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13 comments on "Todd Brunson''s $2 million bad beat"

 noonlion18/04/2012 11:11:57 GMT
Now that, would be hard to take. However I think when your opponent has a hand of two pair and up it makes it easier to console yourself.
 Fakiry18/04/2012 12:27:27 GMT
I think you shouldn’t think he is lying when saying we won about $25 million, he isn’t saying how much he lost, this doesn’t mean this $25M are the total of profits of his career. And that bad beat, that sure is a bad beat, straight against full house, and, worst of all (hate when it happens to me) beaten on the river. His was worst because of the amount in question. $2M, gosh…
 Serpang18/04/2012 14:00:42 GMT
Yeah, really sick and inevitable. As comparison should ask him, how many $ he won with hit nut ? look like he had luck in poker like his father. But I never saw him had high rank at WSOP. Is he good at MTT ? or just ring game ?
 pochui18/04/2012 14:59:40 GMT
now that's a great way to spend your fathers money Thumbs up go todd, another 23 millions and you can start glorious career of poker coach Beer i am sure people would pay you tons of green paper just to hear the awesome stories of how you played bravely and lost Hit PC
 victoryv11118/04/2012 20:19:38 GMT
Tuff1 but we can only imagine the private poker games he and his father have played against all those visiting/vegas high rollers who want to meet and prob lose to Brunson & son and daughter!!!
 GIOMi619/04/2012 01:15:55 GMT
That is in my opinion the worst bad beat ever considering the huge amount of money he lost, two million dollars wow that must have been painfull to swallow.
 Cliffem19/04/2012 14:45:05 GMT
sick beat
 jomull5719/04/2012 20:11:31 GMT
i have won about 25$ in my life time so i don't handle bad beets the same

wot about bankroll management don't play with all your money at the table how much has the man got
 Flippedchips20/04/2012 01:50:52 GMT
i doubt many players are using bankroll management at they stakes Smile
 brasso97723/04/2012 08:57:12 GMT
unlucky Sad
 Indo36M12/05/2012 22:13:09 GMT
bad beat 1000000000% but whit 25 mil in the back off the brain,if i have won 27 mil i stop whit the game,and make my dream come true,a cocktailbar in 2
beautifull islands,( keep dreaming man )
 comisaru12/05/2012 23:26:32 GMT
This is poker..
 Greenmohave13/05/2012 00:22:40 GMT
2 million on one hand! Hard to believe this type of stuff takes place. Wether I had 25 million in winnings I guess I'd be just like him in remembering that hand. Just sick!

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