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PokerStars: Turbo Championship of Online Poker

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Posted on 26 December 2012 by "T".

PokerStars' popular tournament series Turbo Championship of Online Poker (TCOOP) will return in the beginning of 2013. A total of 50 fast-paced turbo events will be played between January 17-27 and $15,000,000 is guaranteed by PokerStars! TCOOP 2013 is for all types of bankrolls as the buy-ins start from as little as $7,50 up to the Main Event's $700 buy-in.

There are satellites up and running 24/7 on PokerStars already, so you don't have to wait until next year to win a seat in one of the 50 TCOOP events. Click here for further info. Good luck! 


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9 comments on "PokerStars: Turbo Championship of Online Poker"

 Fakiry26/12/2012 11:14:39 GMT
Now this looks more apropriate to my pockets. Starting at $7,5, i'm not thinking about for satellites, i would prefer to have instant money prizes on the top of these tourneys instead of tickets to play for higher flights. But if i want that i don't have to wait for any event in particular, i just have to go for the tourney list and search for what's more apropriated. GL for all mobsters entering on TCOOP action!
 shokaku26/12/2012 11:26:52 GMT
For a nit like me "Turbo" and "Poker" does not compute. But good luck to the mobsters, who want to play in those championchip tourneys. They will need it.
 lukasb26/12/2012 11:58:05 GMT
Im saving up some points and probably will try to join in trough some satellite. My purse is to small for those buy -ins... even the smaller ones would take a HUGE chunk from my current bankroll. A stellite is the way to go, nothing to lose ( except for some points which are doomed to go anyway) and the possibility to gain a lot. Blink
 Sorin88826/12/2012 15:56:16 GMT
This year possibly the greatest ever Cinderella story in poker unveiled as micro stakes player "maratik" took down the PokerStars WCOOP Main Event for $1,000,907.26.
The amazing thing about this story is maratik won his seat in the $5,200 event starting with a 40 FPP satellite, worth about $0.64.
Lucash you will be the next
 Kavaleits26/12/2012 16:31:26 GMT
Turbo tournaments are very good for those players who like fast game. but if the long-time good hand dont go to you , you can quickly end up your chips.
I prefer to play normal tournaments (blainds raise in 10 min or 12 min)
But sometimes i love too T! Smile
 pinku13526/12/2012 17:51:53 GMT
Tcoop is here .. Smile

i like to play turbo tournaments rather than normal ones ...
The buy ins are not in my bankroll budget range,, it hurts !!!
Even the fpp's are not enough for me to play some satellite to obtain a seat !!

Hoping to play it next year atleast Smile

Merry X-mas Smile
Good luck at the tables Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
 shaqelle126/12/2012 19:51:21 GMT
last year was fun, i play a few of the lower events (direct buy in)... i like the comments ^^^ this year i will switch it up and shoot for some of the smaller satellite's... good luck to everyone no matter if its fpp or the ft of a big 50$ tourney!

cheers merry xmas
 Fakiry27/12/2012 11:35:22 GMT
Looks like you got to feel what it takes to get to the paid places at TCOOP12, shaqelle1, was it that hard? You are now defining a new strategy for this year's event, prefering satelites rather than the direct buy-in, take it easy or that can end up making you spend more than if you would go directly to the subject. GL and then tell us all about it!
 shaqelle128/12/2012 15:39:30 GMT
that is very true, for example i usually like to sat to the "sunday storm" on pokerstars for 2-3 $ but if i dont win a ticket in the by 4th attempt.. ill directly buy then ive already burned through two full buyins! hahahah Hyper turbo sats are just as dangerous.. i personally love the TURBO (5minblinds) 9 person $15.00+1$ sat to The Big 55 on pokerstars... i made it to the final table off that sat!!!! lastmonth

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