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PokerStars TCOOP: Brazilian brings home $82,562!

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Posted on 25 January 2012 by "T".

One tournament, 7,818 players, 15,365 Rebuys, 3,956 Add-ons and a total prize pool of $542,780. Sounds crazy, hah? Well, maybe not if you have taken part in one of PokerStars' Turbo Championship of Online Poker events. The event we are talking about above is Event #27, which was played yesterday.

Play moved quickly towards the money bubble, which bursts after about 2 hours when Sono Luminus got knocked out in 991st place, which left the remaining players guaranteed of taking home at least $124. At that point there were quite a few PokerStars sponsored players left. But unfortunately the last member of Team Online, Anders "Donald" Berg, exited in 88 place.

After about 4 hours of play, only 2 tables remained and the action quickly moved towards the final table. The action didn't slow down though the two table were on hand-for-hand play and everyone knew that the top 7 finishers would get 5-figure profits.

When the tournament was down to only 3 players, Mcolombo from Brazil had a huge lead over the 2 remaining players. It didn't take long before all 3 players were all in in the same hand.

Blinds 500,000/1,000,000
antifulltilt had the dealer button and moved all in for 16,6 million. arron8 made the call straight away with his remaining 10.6 million, and it didn't take long before Mcolombo called as well.

Mcolombo 2Spade2Club
antifulltilt 4DiamondASpade
arron8 8SpadeADiamond

The flop came 4SpadeAHeartJDiamond and antifulltilt made two pairs. The turn card 3Heart gave both Mcolombo and arron8 more outs. antifulltilt just needed to dodge the lower cards to take home a 33 million pot. But the river card was the 5Club and Mcolombo took home the pot and the tournament with a straight.

Final table results:
1st place: Mcolombo ($82,562.18)
2nd place: antifulltilt ($61,062.75)
3rd place: arron8 ($43,422.40)
4th place: Jamie_KK ($29,852.90)
5th place: ozzyrocks111 ($22,796.76)
6th place: bally29 ($17,368.96)
7th place: wolf0008 ($11,941.16)
8th place: VicksMyDawg ($6,513.36)
9th place: kidious23 ($4,206.54)


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4 comments on "PokerStars TCOOP: Brazilian brings home $82,562!"

 Heinar25/01/2012 09:53:18 GMT
JOKERSTARS special the last hand ususal
 Chartoule25/01/2012 10:48:46 GMT

The turn and the river are Pokerstars in a pure state.

Congrats to Mcolombo for the winning. 82k in a MTT... this guy begins the year in the best way.

Pd. In 2nd position 'Antifulltilt'.. maybe they change after the river, lol.
 Fakiry25/01/2012 14:53:14 GMT
The prizes gone up 2,5 times since the beginning of the tourney till the last add-on, I have never saw any statistics regarding so many rebuys and add-ons like on this tourney. And we have to consider there may have been several players who haven’t done any rebuy nor add-on, which means there were players investing a lot to keep on this TCOOP event till the paid places. Poor Sono Luminus: like if it wasn’t enough to be the bubble, he still is reminded for that, new opponents can use this to try to upset him at the tables. And what a nice final hand, it didn’t got to the heads up.
 Macubaas25/01/2012 17:22:43 GMT
NIce win, i was also tempted to participate in the pot limit omaha event actually...

Still, i really think you also need tons of luck to win something on these event not just poker skills.

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