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Happy New Year!

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Posted on 31 December 2012 by "K".

It feels like it was yesterday that I wrote a similar news item, like this one, but for 2011. I guess it's true what they say, time flies when you are in good company, and if there's one thing us at the BankrollMob administration is, then it's being in good company, with thanks to our almost 500,000 members!

If you want to take a quick stroll down 2012 memory lane, check out our just-posted A look back at 2012 news article.

On behalf of the entire crew here at BRM headquarters, I would like to wish you all and your families a very Happy New Year - and be careful out there if you play with fireworks!

See you in 2013.

/ BankrollMob Crew

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21 comments on "Happy New Year!"

 bullettooth131/12/2012 13:59:29 GMT
Happy New Year everyone! hope 2013 is really profitable for everyone who is not sat at my table. lol Blink
good luck on and off the felts all Thumbs Up
 pochui31/12/2012 14:05:00 GMT
thanks brm for being the way you are- best no deposit site on the net Thumbs Up and big thanks to the great forum members that i have spend a lot of time in 2012- wish you all a great year, whatever dreams you have will come true in 2013 if you work hard & put in the effort- see you next year Thumbs Up
 lukasb31/12/2012 14:11:49 GMT
Happy New Year! This last year was a big learning year for me and hopefully, with the continuous help that we get strategically and money wise here from bankrollmob, the next year will be much better.

Best wishes for all members and staff!!!
 rbdflyboy31/12/2012 14:20:27 GMT
Happy New Year to all. Had a great time here this past year, great people make for a great forum. Plan on playing more BRM tourneys this coming year (The Rigged Place). Good Luck and all best to members and staff alike.
 Mysik8631/12/2012 14:33:35 GMT
Happy New Year! And I wish that 2013 will be better than 2012 Smile
 Terroreffekt31/12/2012 15:19:52 GMT
Hello people, I am new to this forum and wish you all a Happy New Year 2013 and good luck in the upcoming tournaments!
 qzmag31/12/2012 16:13:59 GMT
Happy New Year 2013 to be better than 2012
 pinku13531/12/2012 19:48:18 GMT
Put back all your Bad Beats and downswings aside and have a prosperous new year filled with mega grinds and upswings Smile

A very happy new to one and all ... mobsters and BRm Smile
Congrats Brm for your great offers , wish you all the success in the new year Smile

Once again a very happy new year to everyone .. Smile
hope everyone have a very successfull year
Good luck at the tables Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
 Fakiry31/12/2012 19:54:09 GMT
Happy New Year for all you. I will be entering 2013 in 4 hours and 10 minutes from now, just hope everythging runs well like i hope it have ran with all of those who alreadfy are living 2013 and also of thosae who will only be entering the new year after me. May the poker gods be with all of us during the next year. I will be trying the new year at the tables 16 hours after it had begun, in a tourney at 888 with a big first prize and paying the first 500. I think we will be about 10,000 players, but there sure be many with such a hangover that will put them aside the reality, so the chances of getting the paid prizes increase. Lets see what the first day of the new year reserves for me at the tables. I will tell you all about it tomorrow! Be happy!!!
 nipitiri331/12/2012 22:29:14 GMT
happy new year to everyone (00:30 here) gonna win milions this year lol
 uhhcallmi31/12/2012 22:41:06 GMT
Happy New Year to all mobbers out there... !!!!!!

here in holland 20 minutes to go...

23.40 hours... almost 2013 !!!!

woohaaa fakiry... hit the final table at midnight and ship the thing...

 jakobusss31/12/2012 23:15:28 GMT
Happy New Year all.

Let's make good start this year by getting in the money in this tournament from the BRM.

Greatings jakobusss
 takingdrugs01/01/2013 04:37:47 GMT
happy new year everyone
 RoninHarper01/01/2013 08:57:27 GMT
Happy New Year Mobster's

I truly wish us all well in 2013. Let the good times roll along.
Peace and Joy to you all. Smile

May the bad beats be non existent in the coming year.

Be cool! Run Hard and Run Deep.

Ronin Cool
 Hellboy4201/01/2013 12:46:04 GMT
I'm glad to see the back of 2012 for personal reasons. However I'm positive 2013 is going to be a great year as far as poker is concerned.Got my goals and aim to achieve them.
 Weenie01/01/2013 13:12:15 GMT
Happy new year to all bankrolmob users Smile I wish you luck at the tables (not against me lol) and ofcourse more important, in your personal life. And the most important Smile good health.
 Kavaleits01/01/2013 23:58:11 GMT
Happy new 2013 year! I wish to you all good luck, happiness, health and wealth!!

 Fakiry02/01/2013 14:47:33 GMT
The midnight was really nice, will all the family around cheering and celebrating, but then, about 14h30 hours later, i log in my 888 poker acount to register for the Hangover tourney and i realized the registration was already closed with all the 10,000 places occupied. I didn't got that sad because it would be difficult to play it in serious mode, with all the family and some friends at my house, but still i would have loved to give it a try. Sometimes it appeared 9,999 registered players, but still i couldn't register. Just hope it has been for someone who did well at those tables deserving the prize, after all we are talking about $1,600. Not bad to start the year!
 lycans5502/01/2013 23:59:49 GMT
Happy new year! this is my year, the best of luck for me Smile
 seip0104/01/2013 00:05:43 GMT
Happy new year!
 stephensange04/01/2013 09:02:14 GMT
happy new year to you all may it be a great year for you and me and all our families but most importantly winning poker games! best of luck

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