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TCOOP 2014: January 23 - February 2 ($15 million in prize money)

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Posted on 24 January 2014 by "T".

The 2014 Turbo Championship of Online Poker kicked off yesterday with four action-packed tournaments. The fast-paced tournament series is running until February 2, 2014, with over $15 million in prize money spread across 50 events! TCOOP offers buy-ins for all bankrolls and (as always) there are cheap satellites to all events running around the clock. The Main Event ($700 buy-in) is scheduled for February 2 and the winner is guaranteed to take home at least $300k from the $2 million prize pool! 

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$600 Deposit Bonus

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Leaderboard ($21,400 in prizes!)


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12 comments on "TCOOP 2014: January 23 - February 2 ($15 million in prize money)"

 doubletop77724/01/2014 13:57:43 GMT
These online series are a great innovation and it would be nice to be able to win a piece of the pot. I will be entering some of the satellites and hoping to win big for a little outlay.Good luck to all those who enter
 bowie198424/01/2014 14:38:16 GMT
"The Main Event ($700 buy-in) is scheduled for February 2 and the winner is guaranteed to take home at least $300k from the $2 million prize pool!"

Something not cool here.
So, the ME buy-in actually more than three times as much as the Sunday Millions yet the guaranteed prize pool only two times as big?
I know thats on every weekend and this is only once a year, but still, something wrong with the proportions IMO.
 ddblt197024/01/2014 16:01:50 GMT
Obviously they expect a smaller field...
Anyways I have never seen a big tournament where the prize pool was only the guaranteed money.
Everytime the prize pool was much bigger...
 Heskor24/01/2014 16:28:07 GMT
First time I will be around when the TCOOP launched, i started poker the last april of 2013 and have not being in the han-feb-march promos, so no idea what events are there.

Looks like a good tourneys with lots of actions, will watch those replays!
 Theapple24/01/2014 19:27:14 GMT
"The Main Event ($700 buy-in) is scheduled for February 2 and the winner is guaranteed to take home at least $300k from the $2 million prize pool!"

well bowie, thats guaranteed money, so i suppose its gonna grow up a bit... most likely Big Smile

even if it doesnt, i could care less im happy playing my 1$ tourneys Tongue

bah just ended up as 2nd in tcoop #something satelite and got cash instead, which means im not playing it as long as its more than $3 bi Big Smile

oh well, gonna give it another shot soon, apparently theres loads of satelites for those big games, not sure how easy is to win a ticket that way though?
 noonlion24/01/2014 21:07:10 GMT
So tempted to take a day off work just to try and grind out a sweet payday. Just getting a top 20 is enough to be a serious takedown in the main event.

Plus plenty smaller events, so I'll see how things pan out, if I want to try and nail a satellite or two.
 damosk25/01/2014 09:19:37 GMT
Great event and got the weekend to take a look a the opportunities available to me s will head off over to PS soon ANSI see what's happening this weekend and see if I can get the chance to get into the action and take home a few quid. Good luck to all who play in TCOOP.
 noonlion25/01/2014 17:53:55 GMT
I entered event 10 and all I can say is what a crap shoot.
I was card dead as hell but some of the moves being made when I wasn't involved were atrocious, even from supernova players lol

One guy dumped all the way with AJs and rivered an ace against a legit flopped pair. I got dumped by a guy who was raising my BB every time, this time in MP so I blind shoved AI (turns out I had A5s) and he had 109o and hit a 10 on the flop. Dumb as fuck play, guess some people don't care to try and build a stack.
 Theapple26/01/2014 14:00:21 GMT
yea some of mtt play makes you want to cry inside really. Today i got kicked out by a guy who called my shove with Q6o, he got a full house ofc. QTQsomething and T on the river.

but thats not even one of worst hands ive seen, there was a guy calling every raise with just about any hand, once he won 3way pot with 36o, with pair of 6's which just shows what other people had and were shoving with.

all that makes you a bit sad because you are there trying to build stack, sometimes card dead and when you are forced to shove with something less than 'good', ofc you completely miss it and someone with 92o gets a fh or something like that.

it takes lots of selfcontrol to remain tiltfree but im good at staying tiltfree when it comes to mtts/sngs but cash games (zoom much more than normal ring games) make me go tilt in no time.

In fact i think i just played last zoom session today, ended up on 0 so havent actually lost anything. well, maybe my sanity but thats about it. Got rivered 2 times in a row with someone calling everything with gutshot, they just wont let it go regardless if they have to spend 10$ to keep their gutshot draw alive, on 2NL and ofc they get it almost every freaking time too -.-

end rant, not sure how i ended up talking about zoom on mtt topic, but ... just stay away from zoom. its evil, pure evil Big Smile
 Plexo26/01/2014 23:58:15 GMT
I lookep up the schedule and the only tournament that I really wanted to play was the event Number 1. Sadly I did not log in on time to play the sat, so I could not try to get a cheaper seat.

The remaing events have a pretty high buy-in for my bankroll and I'm not really interested in them, so I think I will be just watching the events instead of playing.

Gl to those who will play at leats one event!
 Macubaas27/01/2014 17:56:19 GMT
Sounds like fun, the buy in are okay in my vision considering that there are also tons of sattelites for all the events.

I will not participate to any event but for those that play tournaments on regular bases i think they at least deserve to try it out Big Smile
 ddblt197027/01/2014 19:34:42 GMT
Nice tournaments!
People, who want to play big prestige tournaments online, don´t have to play only 14 hour events anymore!

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